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  1. #3901 M30 count 1 #3902 M30 count 2
  2. JParis

    Mill Turn You Tube video

    Quote me often?
  3. JParis

    transform toolpaths

    There's actually a couple ways to go about it...there is not though I "1 button" solution. You can use transform to copy the cut to a new location based on your fixture distance, then you can transform the originating toolpath again, based on the next distance and continue in this manner.... or... I post all my toolpaths and manually add macro checks to run the different allows the guys on the floor to turn off locations and/or sides if necessary. Both ways a little more work but both ways will get it done
  4. JParis

    Concave tool holders

    Yup I don't worry about it, the length is correct...
  5. JParis

    Fanuc macro - WHILE

    Fanuc B does... Implemented on other Fanuc like controls it may not be available
  6. I find it extremely useful to have an environment for our Mazaks... We have a couple versions of i100's, none have a 2nd turret but as an offline programmer, being able to simulate what I am programming is huge.... We have 2 i150W's that Mastercam cannot simulate, and could not provide an environment, so I use a Postability post processor....the gcode is good but flying without that simulation, suffice to say I made it clear I would do everything I could to avoid things that go "bump" but I wouldn't guarantee that an issue couldn't sneak past me...
  7. It's located in this folder C:\Users\"user name"\Documents\My Mastercam 2021\Mastercam\CONFIG
  8. save the Mastercam.workspace file to a seperate location or zip it up to maintain a copy
  9. JParis

    Multiple Surface

    In cases like this I will create a flat surface above, run a flowline on that, then project that toolpath down onto the surfaces I need to cut...
  10. JParis

    Otirough overcut gouge

    Have you checked the solid to see if it's watertight? I have had solids with bad faces that I usually patch over with surfaces and that gets me suspicion if the solid is crap...
  11. JParis

    post x y on g81 always

    The MPMaster is already setup to this this with a simple switch change Make a copy of your post... Open your post and look for this line near the force_dpts : no$ #Force XY output on all drilling lines including cycle call? change no$ to yes$ save it and try it, see if that's what you need
  12. You contact you reseller
  13. JParis

    Cannot access Mastercam U 2021 courses

    Some courses are free until the end of June, not all of them though
  14. JParis

    Off-Topic: My house and car were destroyed last night

    Good Luck Colid and the Mrs. Just kicked in as I could....

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