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  1. JParis

    best end mill for aluminum extrusion

    For me, I spec and use Destiny Tools....their 3fl Viper is awesome Helical sometimes....
  2. JParis

    New laptop for Mastercam/Solidworks

    Right from the Driver download page
  3. JParis


    There may be another way but I always rename the z2g to zip and unzip it
  4. Surface Finish Blend Chain the inner first, the outer 2nd, define your surfaces and go
  5. JParis

    Video Card thoughts

    For what I do, th e4000 has been "okay" I just think when I put these in, if I could have gotten the 5000, my performace would be a bit better.. Believe me, this blows away the K4000 I previously ran.. I wouldn't shy away from card...
  6. JParis

    Video Card thoughts

    RTX A4000 Here...I need the horsepower... I am regretting not getting the 5000 but it's been "sufficent"
  7. JParis

    Spring pass

    Is depth filters on? If so, uncheck
  8. JParis

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    I handle it as such I name my tool and then create a different sub-group for each location in which it works...
  9. JParis

    MasterCAM tapered bores

    2D Swept
  10. JParis

    Change start points

    On round geometry, Helix Bore otherwise, Contour >> Ramp
  11. JParis

    5 axis heidenhain

    It's a 5 axis post, unless you want to start configuring a generic post yourself, you will be paying for it. People looking for 5 axis freebies raise red flags for me about being legitimate users
  12. JParis

    5 axis heidenhain

    They will leave stuff open for you to configure but some of it will remain locked...just gotta let them know what you want
  13. JParis

    Switching Resellers?

    As noted above by Aaron, for the most part, yes
  14. JParis

    Switching Resellers?

    You can "If" the area that you are in is served by multiple resellers...if not, then no

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