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  1. JParis

    2021 crashes on fillet

    While frustrating, I agreed with what you gotta do and move on is my motto... Last thing I want is a guy complaining he can't get it done....I'll show him 10 ways from Tuesday to get it done
  2. JParis

    2021 crashes on fillet

    Oh it happens....might it be reflected in to 500+ meg file I am working, maybe....but it has happened to me as well
  3. JParis

    Machine undercut with lolly-pop cutter

    A file is going to make this easier...SFC and SFF will both accomplish it...likely need to see it to figure out what's happening
  4. JParis

    Machine undercut with lolly-pop cutter

    Make sure you define a straight shank lollipop....tapered shanks don't work for undecutting
  5. JParis

    Shop Network Security

    Currently have 45 Mazak spindles, will have 47 soon
  6. JParis

    Shop Network Security

    Ours just moved all of our machines to a separate internal network utilizing the Mazak MT Connect Boxes
  7. JParis

    2021 crashes on fillet

    You made a is what it is...I dropped maint on the seat I have at home, I run 2020.. If my company had made that decision, I would uninstall 2021 and stick with the last version of 2020 instead JM2C YMMV
  8. JParis

    2021 crashes on fillet

    Yup, seen this behavior I tried 4 times yesterday to get a fillet, finally after 4 crashes it took...why??? Who knows
  9. JParis


    and I would concur. While I have done my share of helping others over the years, I simply cannot deny that I what I gotten from this forum far surpasses all that I have done over those same years. Many of those people are still here willing to help those who really want the help.
  10. JParis

    Backplot save as geometry

    Do this ALL the time to get good clean path on otherwise ugly surfaces
  11. JParis


    Not ashamed at all, I taught it while working for a reseller and I teach it now to anyone in-house that needs to use it.. For people who sat through my training classes, they'll tell you, I didn't put lipstick on the pig....I'd let them know things to watch out for based on the class they were taking. Ain't nothing perfect in this life
  12. JParis


    Bottom line...I get my job done...efficiently, on-time and making quality parts that meet our standards...crazy as they are sometimes 2ax, 3axis, 4 axis, 5 axis, Mill-Turn, Live tooling lathes, wire...the job is done.. Yes, some things could be better but I have yet to not be able to do my job.
  13. Yup, several versions now...I lock everything now

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