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  1. JParis

    Need some advice milling deep slot

    For starters, I would use several endmills to get there...each being longer than the next...ultimately the longest endmill would only be nibbling at the depths but it would be limited in cuts to only what it can reach.. I would use a drill to remove as much material as I could, using something like a 65-70% stepover... Finish by using ramp cuts to keep the tool engaged..speeds & feeds will be varied by the different reach tools...lonest crawling along
  2. JParis

    Cutter Comp on G2/G3 Error

    Click the "Perpendicular Entry" box on the cut parameters branch
  3. JParis

    Codemeter vs Hasp

    Thanks Pete.... We did figure this one out
  4. JParis

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    Bill, the code you seek is in most of the newer Gen Haas posts...
  5. JParis

    Sketches for toolpaths

    If you can export them as a dxf file perhaps, that'll get it done
  6. JParis


    Filtering your toolpath.... Though it it's not in a plane that can create can still filter but make sure your tolerances are tight... I typically run a .0006" total...this is on a .047" ballmill with a .0025" stepover
  7. JParis

    As the day wears on things slow down

    The files I work with tend to grow to hundreds of megs.....I end up restarting Mastercam at least a couple times a day... It's been that way for so long it's something I no longer think about, just end up doing it...
  8. JParis

    2022 files backward compatible

    Mastercam files cannot go back to previous versions of Mastercam...
  9. JParis

    5 axis toolpath advice

    It's usually better to share a Mastercam file setup up the way you need it, as 5 axis cuts are particular
  10. How about sharing a Mastercam file instead...
  11. JParis

    Is it possible to scale parts

    Xform >> Scale Looks like a .4 scaling value
  12. JParis

    Display backplot X as D

    You can also set it to default for a particular machine in the machine def
  13. JParis

    Sandvik acquires CNC Software

    From what I have heard, CNC Software will continue to operate as its own entity...I guess we'll see how that plays out of the short & longer terms
  14. JParis

    Cut face using the -A- axis.

    Here's a sample using Axis Sub N1 N100G20 N110G0G17G40G49G80G90G94G98 N120G0G28G91Z0. N130(1 INCH FLAT ENDMILL TOOL - 1 DIA. OFF. - 1 LEN. - 1 DIA. - 1.) N140T1M6 N150G0G54G90X-11.05Y0.S534M3 N160G43H1Z11. N170Z6.1 N180G1Z3.5F6.42 N190G41D1X-10.5 N200A180.F105.06 N210A360. N220G40X-11.05F6.42 N230G0Z11. N240M5 N250G0G28G91Z0. A0. N260G0G28Y0. N270M30 % 360 cut.mcam
  15. JParis

    Turbine Fir tree milling using Form tool

    You can use Peel MIll with a single line, you just need to tell it the width... In that tools case, you would use the smallest diameter on the tool as the defining tool size..

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