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  1. JParis

    Ramp Contour with Wear Comp

    Perpendicular entry and be done with the bottom, if you're concerned about the retract...add a .005 to the ramp height on the out and it'll pick up as it pulls back
  2. Not if you don't have multi-axis tho' if you do, yeah, there's generally a better way to do it.
  3. Unless I am mistaken, a C-Axis Face Contour should do exactly what you need...C & X motion only
  4. JParis

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    That bites Bob...I would have hoped that by now the product would be mature enough as to avoid this kind of stuff. It's all well and great that your reseller is responsive but at the end of the day it just needs to work. That's something that Esprit and a couple others have just been able to do.... While our Mazak was real close out of the box....that doesn't take into account that there are a plethora of other popular machines. Good luck!!!
  5. JParis

    mazak high speed machining

    Not to poo poo on your kind sharing of info.... What you are stating is right for you..perhaps not others... We run G61.1 with K and R values depending on control vintage....we can run without it as well. We find it most helpful when a corner rad and tool rad are very close to size with each other... G5P2 is valid on controls that have the option
  6. JParis

    NTX2000 accuracy issues

    Bob, I can't speak to that particular machine, only my experience with late model Mori's... We had NV5000's that would grow on the Y axis by similar amounts as the machine warmed up during the day....I wound up writing a macro that would run for several minutes before going into production or after a break longer than 30 minutes...thermal variance can be a PITA..
  7. I did not...not something I have ever had to use... That said, just went in and did the 1st tool at 64k and got 7 errors
  8. No issues again, even using your post... Have you tried restarting Mastercam? Strange one indeed ZACK.NC
  9. As you didn't provide a z2g I can't test against your post but my 4 axis posted this with no issues at all Try again with a z2g file and perhaps a different result can be found
  10. JParis

    'Use Stock'???

    Yeah that's certainly one way to use it.
  11. JParis

    2021 Importing ops with geometry

    I have been dealing with this one since at least X8... You pull in OP's on the same work origin and angle and even though you check "use existing offset" it brings it in on a new work offset and renumber the new one to 2.. I have one customer where all I do for them is import ops for a similar file and I have to go through every op and set them...I sent it in years ago, though I forget at this point what the repsonse was to it
  12. JParis

    'Use Stock'???

    Think about "Remachining" That's typically where a user would use stock... another place is if you're starting with a casting and only need to machine certain areas. Defining your rough casting as stock can help in that situation. There are others as well I am quite sure.
  13. Spare me your indignation....below sent to me via PM..... Yes , it is written , do not defraud your neighbor by any means, also, thou shalt not steal. The situation brother is that I accepted Christ 25 years ago, and quickly cleansed some ill gotten gains from my possession. regarding this software, no, I did not steal it, The previous, , cnc operator/programmer did, n longer with the company, and lied to me that it was legal. now, my situation is this, by necessity, I've had to learn to run the cnc machine/and some gcode, however mastercam program is beyond me. If we need to get programming/mastercam work done, it's done by an outside source. my only ambition has been to perhaps learn how use mastercam, and using the version already installed, and with the old hardware seemed the wisest choice, however, the software being stolen, I have not bothered to learn it.  regarding mastercam, i've already been in touch with the mastercam compliance office and a reseller, and officers of my little company.  I came in to this forum seeking advice and counsel, at it is also written,. in the counsel of many is wisdom.   so maybe you should send a private message, before you publicly accuse people. Maybe you should pony up the money and publicly apologize. 
  14. JParis

    mazak high speed machining

    G64 It's right in the book
  15. JParis

    Gnomons on bookmarked viewsheets image capture

    I'm not aware of any method to turn that on off...that's the System Origin, and it's live use for creating new WCS coordinates...

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