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  1. I would say going to the people that wrote the post is the next step.. If you've figured out what the machine needs then go to the post people and give them that info... If you don't know what the machine needs then you need to get with the machine people to figure that out first
  2. I would go this way, I'd bump it up to 64gigs RAM and 2 SSD's...that I9 will blow that Xeon away or Workstation 2: - HP Z2 G9 -- Intel i9-12900k (8C+8C/24T @ 3.2GHz) -- 32GB DDR5 (or 64GB?) -- Nvidia RTX A4000 - 16GB -- 1TB PCIe 4.0 nVm
  3. You can use a file to import them them... Set up your file with level names, then in the Level Mangler, right click sand export levels... you can then import it or create a seed file setup the way you want, open that, import your geometry and do a "Save As"
  4. It used to be available on the Verisurf website for downloading
  5. Well, you'll have to pardon the bit of boohoo on my end...there is a cost asscoaietd with it... Can it work, yes, the results of doing it are painfully slow...it would need to be left on the work system, Mastercam running and you would need to log into that system with a screen sharing app and run it remotely...it's painful, it's slow and no way to program remotely, if it crashes, you cannot restart it remotely...the other option is carying the HASP home and then carrying your files back & forth. To really be able to program efficiently remotely, a network license is really necessary....
  6. I come at this more from the support side of things...having done support for several years.... So many problems I saw were directly related to systems that simply were not up to the task....single biggest being video cards, followed by poor performance and long crunch times becasue the CPU & RAM..and to a smaller degree slow hard drives.... A business generally buys computers for the longer term. They don't replace them every year or two and as computer demands change they NEED to be at least slightly ahead of where they are NOW. What I would consider a minimal CAD/CAM system that's going to function well and not be outdated tomorrow is generally going to put you in the $2500-$3500 range. CAM systems like CPU clock & bus speed 1st, Video card 2nd and RAM 3rd.... My last system, which died last September and had been with me since July of 2015 we even still better spec'd than what you're thinking.... Spend it once and get something better or believe me, you'll end up buying another one sooner rather than later. JM2C YMMV
  7. You may have to go WAY into the training manuals, pre-V9...to find that kind of info any more... More or less, you can peel off edge curves, and using, Netsurface, Coons, Loft, Sweep...the Help file is somewhat reasonable of utilizing each of the different surfacing types... BTW, where in Nah' Hampsha'
  8. To answer your question more dorectly, no, you do not need to reprogram.... Your WCS is TOP, it stays TOP but your T & C planes are reflective of your actual part origin....so that all you would need to adjust is your G5? of G54.1P?
  9. IMO, short of changing CAM systems...this is one of the hardest and dangerous changes that can be made in a shop. There are just too many opportunities for an operator or a setup guy that's not paying close attention to be bitten....HARD! cncappsjames is offering a good way way to move down this path. The key will be to have something in the new programs that is different and WILL STAND OUT....that's an attention getter...the other big thing is to try to make sure that you use Wear comp in a consistent manner...this helps operators to transition in the new more easily, instead of having to wonder how it's used in this program...for me, I use wear only, I make all of my cuts using wear & G41 for climb milling....this means a consistent use of +/- wear values reacting the same way. On those only a handful of instances where a feature gets cut in a conventional cut, I use G42 and i note the hell out of the program so that it stands out. Trying to balance between the 2 uses will be fraught with danger.....make the change and automate as you can, loading offsets(G10) clearing diameter comp values, and notate, notate, notate.
  10. If I understand, that is where you would want to use some tilt or lead/lag angling to get the cut off of the tip and more on the periphery Walls of course being mostly an exception
  11. I've seen Mastercam used on Waterjets, lasers, depending on the output necessary, I imagine it is likely able to be accomplished.
  12. Who the hell are you? and WTF with all the "satan spaces"? :P
  13. I disagree... That will change it for all drill cycles...he has asked especially about peck drilling, that's exactly why I broke it out into the ppeck_2$ postblock
  14. OK, so I went at this a bit differently to maintain the absolute/incremental flexibily... I tested it quickly but don't fly blind with this until you've verified its accuracy across different uses. N100 G20 N110 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 N120 T124 M6 N130 G0 G90 G54 X-.0052 Y1.0964 A0. S1069 M3 N140 G43 H124 Z1. N150 G98 G83 Z-.5 R.1 Q.125 F4.28 N160 G98 G83 X1.0208 Y.1432 Z-.5 R.1 F4.28 N170 G98 G83 X.9948 Y-.7526 Z-.5 R.1 F4.28 N180 G98 G83 X-.125 Y-1.3307 Z-.5 R.1 F4.28 N190 G98 G83 X-1.1823 Y-.5964 Z-.5 R.1 F4.28 N200 G98 G83 X-1.2344 Y.4505 Z-.5 R.1 F4.28 N210 G80 N220 M5 N230 G91 G28 Z0. N240 G28 X0. Y0. A0. N250 M30 **Edit, quick screen cap change, I had left out the peck1$ by accident

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