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  1. JParis

    Solid Model - Hole Axis

    Ok Then I guess I'm just a dumb guy.
  2. JParis

    Modeling in Mastercam 2021

    Yes You will use all 3 techniques and the biggest help will be for you to get some training
  3. JParis

    Solid Model - Hole Axis

    It's not anywhere in the config so I would say there's currently no method
  4. JParis

    Modify a PMesh

    Make a dummy op to mill them away, then save to your pmesh....ghost the op so it doesn't get posted or delete it as its purpose is served
  5. JParis

    Surface Flowline surface orientation

    Use 2 separate toolpaths
  6. JParis

    Screwy arc output

    That's just a rounding error...take it out to 5 places and you'll see the difference
  7. JParis

    Screwy arc output

    Yeah, it seemed to me a control def setting, that was why I asked about the backplot move too
  8. Via your Mastercam reseller, there is a nominal fee for the upgrade, it's low 3 figures
  9. JParis

    Screwy arc output

    Try going into the control def >> arcs and let it break arcs... also, in Mastercam, with backplot set to show distance moves, not endpoint moves, is it actually going around in an arc?
  10. JParis

    Silhouette Boundary

    I've never found Silhouette Boundary to be accurate enough for finish geometry. I only use it for rough and rough boundaries Sounds like in your use, Create >> Curve > Slice would be a better option
  11. JParis

    2020 - Automatic planes creation stacking

    Right Click in Plane Manager >> Delete >> All Unused
  12. JParis

    2020 - Automatic planes creation stacking

    I do when I create drawing on different planes than Top Especially if I lock to a 2D depth
  13. You can't run gcode into Mastercam... If you have Cimco Editor Pro you can save a dxf out of that and import that into Mastercam :Mods, can you move this to the correct Forum....
  14. Are you trying to open a newer SW's file? 2020 will only go up to SW 2020 I believe...

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