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  1. JParis

    Robotics for mastercam

    There was RobotMaster that integrated with Mastercam...however, looking at their webstie now, I find no mention of Mastercam. That leads me to wonder if that partnership has ended.. Though then I find this
  2. JParis

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    and people wonder why I call of so many X5 users.... I know there are some legit ones still but at this point, it's almost a guarantee
  3. JParis

    Latest computer builds

    I am stubborn
  4. JParis

    Latest computer builds

    Wonder if you could still upgrade to Win7?
  5. JParis

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    Why not ask right here? It is what this forum if for afterall
  6. Many options will work but I prefer is KISS application
  7. JParis

    MC2020 stuck at "initializing menus"

    Win10 has wrecked havoc after several updates on occasion..might have to wind it back to the latest version
  8. On something like that I'd use a 2D Swept all day, every day
  9. Yup because I have seen some want to depth to the drill point and yet others want the depth to the full diameter.. Someone will have to clarify customer "intent"
  10. Welp, Mastercam V9 was put to death in July of did live a long & prosperous life between it's initial release date in the 2000/2001 timeframe...long by software standards today.. There is no support to be found for and most shops don't run it any long as the modern hardware and the hardware lock that runs it don't play well together... Training materials...maybe used on Ebay or the sort,.. Few people can help as I stated in that so few people can even get it to run any longer...
  11. JParis

    Best programming method

    I'd create a 2D contour above the geometry...toolpath with a 2D contour using the 6mm Ballmill and then project that 2D contour down onto the surfaces
  12. JParis

    Faster Programming 5 axis.

    You just need to get one of these But seriously, all mentioned above help greatly...just the experience factor just takes some time to develop :side note: I tend to stock with only a few standard stock sizes to minimize prep and for stock availability...the smallest piece of stock that if fits, that works for the process, that's what the part comes out of...sometimes you do remove a little more stock than you might but by having a prepper block ready to can have it on the machine pretty I have the luxury of programming off the machine sits and waits for me..
  13. JParis

    Mastercam Maintenance Codes

    A temp license WILL shutdown....that's why I never load them unless I need a new product that's in it.. a perm license barks about the expiring maintenance date but does not shut down

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