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  1. and that's exactly what the video shows..., I was thinking I was missing something maybe
  2. JParis

    Duel Hasps

    In a case like that, it is quite understandable....take where I work we have as an example 5 - Mill3 - We actually have 6 but a single seat is on a traveling HASP that the manager currently uses 1- Lathe 2 - 5 Axis 1 - Wire 1 - MT I am the only person that uses all of the licenses, though not at one time...though in the near future that is likely to change For us, it makes sense to limit the # of licenses and spread them around as needed Every shop has slightly different is nice that the flexibility exists
  3. Am I misunderstanding something? This looks to be done quite easily... I do not have lock speeds & feeds checked
  4. Read the forum guidelines, asking for a post here is not permitted. There is a generic MPMaster available from this site for free. You can also look on the main CNC Software Forum in the tech exchange for a post there...
  5. JParis

    Toolholder models

    Nope, it does not...though if you pay to tie it to the post, they say it works... For me, my post gives me a clearance Z jump that I have tied to the MR's so that at a WCS or Rotation change, it typically, I set my clearance heights way back knowing I'm going to get the Z clearance I need when I post...
  6. JParis

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    I don't know about anyone else but there is no way I am basing a quote on a CAM program.....there are just too many variables outside of the CAM system....and there is no way I am going through an entire process of programming just to get a quote...maybe a path or 2 if something looks tricky but that's it. JM2C YMMV
  7. JParis

    Keyboard Shortcut Planes/Rotate Incremental

    Doesn't look to be available
  8. JParis

    Toolholder models

    Wes is correct, this is how mine are done SHRINK FIT.dxf
  9. Shut down Mastercam, go into C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\My Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\CONFIG delete the mcamx.config(inch) or mcamxm.config(metric) mastercam.workspace file... Restart Mastercam it will make fresh new copies
  10. JParis

    Standalone Tool Manager

    mostly it's all about cleaning it up to just the tool profile, lines & arcs only, not overlapping entities and no geo hidden on any levels..
  11. JParis

    Standalone Tool Manager

    I find it easier to use when using dxf files to define holders..
  12. JParis

    Duel Hasps

    Yup.I've seen it done.... 1 seat...several users but only 1 license, a nethasp
  13. JParis

    Disappearing tool holders

    I define holders in everything I do... I have never lost them...not once
  14. JParis

    Duel Hasps

    You could look to your reseller to combine the seats on one hasp
  15. JParis

    Duel Hasps

    Far as I know, you cannot

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