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  1. That really depends on tool size...though doesn't it always. I've had to mill slots with .012" endmills..... 3x's deep.....let's just say we went through A LOT of tools to get that order done.... Saying you need to machine it is just such an open ended question in my experience...
  2. JParis


    Somewhere along the way, I seem to remember doing a custom drill cycle to do this...IIRC, it was just 2 drill cycles stacked on top of one another to achieve the result.
  3. JParis


    I literally just signed in to say what Ron just did... 3D contour...break the line, edit the path, post and go
  4. JParis

    2020 Flowline ribcut issues

    100 ways to skin that cat. Flowline would not be my choice...a 3D project, a 5 axis curve probablt the 2 I would go to first....maybe even a Blend, though getting a single pass could be tricky
  5. JParis

    2020 Flowline ribcut issues

    I look at the pictures and wonder why you're trying to use the Ribcut setting for that? Just a standard dlowline should get that providing the surfaces flow together. If not make new ones or a different path option
  6. JParis

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    For me it wasn't until Mar 2004....but it's been 16 years even still
  7. JParis

    mill-turn plugin

    Yes & Yes
  8. JParis

    Post Processor Change

    Most newer posts contain this switch tool_info : 2 #Output tooltable information? #0 = Off - Do not output any tool comments or tooltable #1 = Tool comments only #2 = Tooltable in header - no tool comments at T/C #3 = Tooltable in header - with tool comments at T/C Set appropriately and verify
  9. JParis

    mill-turn plugin

  10. JParis

    mill-turn plugin

    Nope, that is absolutely by's not like mill, lathe or wire....where any myriad of machines can be used within the mfg module... MT is VERY specific...when you purchase it, you purchase an a machine environment as well, it will ONLY work with that environment. So it is a very specific product for a specific machine that is only available as a purchase No oversight
  11. JParis

    mill-turn plugin

    Maybe not , I'm not 100% on the HLE menu but it doesn't have access to MT, that I do know
  12. JParis

    mill-turn plugin

    You cannot...
  13. JParis

    mill-turn plugin

  14. Software Licensing....instead of a physical Hasp, it's handled from the server via a software license instead...still need a robust network though
  15. JParis

    Impression of a solid

    Solids >> Impression

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