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  1. Well, my guess would be that what you have is a puchased post? If so, the post writer could certainly build that option in for you...Postability or IHS I would guess
  2. I can't say, I don't know... What I will say is, it's Autodesk, it wouldn't surprise me one bit
  3. Just my suggestion...I have several small 5 axis machines in our shop...our post sends the tool home on every axis change....with the work envelope, I wouldn'r consider changing it.. I don't know how big that mnachine is but that just sounds like a good safety move.. JM2C YMMV
  4. There is likely a 2nd Toolchange section...scroll down and you should find it
  5. I didn't get a a chance yesterday to look at this...being my last day before leaving on a short vacation, the demands on me were high... Observation from quickly looking at it...I agree with crazy^millman...threadmill it and be done.. I glanced over the topic title, missing the ID....with a .354" ID doesn't seem to me that you can do much more....
  6. I would say it's most likely NOT a 5axis path...generally a 5 axis comp move can't be done(with exceptions) That said, it's most likely it was a rolled toolpath which could be comped.. No file, no real idea what was or wasn't done previously
  7. 100% agree...also...if you get any splinters or cuts from it of chips...make sure it is all cleaned out and disinfected...you can get blood poisoning from it as well...
  8. That my friend is the cold, hard truth....either they give us good geometry, provide us the info to be able to create good geometry or we spend time programming it, trying to get a good path on shoddy information...that may or may not be the end reuslt that's desired.
  9. The biggest question I 'might" look to answer....does the model the engineer created, truly confer the design intent or was there a hope that the machines would give them what they want... The biggest reason I would ask is simply how bad that geometry is....it makes me think someone just didn't know how to get what they really wanted out of the software and into the model.
  10. I fear Ron is right...that is some ugly a$$ geometry...
  11. Any chance you might be willing to break out the wals & floor geometry to share? or maybe just to top 3curves and floor surface?
  12. I think my 1st attempt at this, because of those very walls and they are not looking a great drive, would be a 5 axis curve using the floor as a "Normal To" surface
  13. Reseller or Official forum https://forum.mastercam.com/ Downloads there..you will need to link your account if it's not already done.. BTW, you may have a copy of the necessary files if someone made a z2g file at some point... Otherwise...backups?? Which then leads to, are you sure the file is set up to post properly...
  14. Try this..notice the quotes copy "C:\Users\johnp\Documents\My Mastercam 2023\Mastercam\CONFIG\mastercam.workspace" "C:\Users\johnp\Desktop"
  15. The little icon that looks like a keyseat cutter.(right furthest)..there's a dropdown arrow...click that and change the view setting
  16. It "used" to be able to.....been a long time since I tried... "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2023\Mastercam\Mastercam.exe" /noL /noW / noT "john.config" That's the commmand if memory serves me with the config call at the end Just copied my config......renamed john.config. Started Mastercam and it loaded the config.. Can only have thew 1 workspace though
  17. This means that with a Machine Definition set up with proper travel distances, addresses, rotational directions, that Mastercam could be aware of what toolpaths settings won't work on that machine that is being programmed...it would also allow backploy/Mach Simualtion to be more accurate
  18. Yeah, strange behavior that's not "normal"....typically I'll shut down Mastercam and restart it... Seems to me at times they are still chasing a memory leak...but what do I know I'm just a programmer ;)
  19. No doubt that what you are seeing in strange behavior... I'd restart, might try a new file...just to see if it's something of an anomoly or if it is something that you can reproduce
  20. Dumb question...have you tried shutting down Mastercam and restating?
  21. Just for grins, are you by chance in 2D? It really shouldn't affect that but I'm curious... might that geomtry you click be a spline? If so, add a point at the end and try to click the point instyead of the endpoint of that spliine
  22. The 1st thing it prompts you for is to click the "Center Point"...I just did it in 2023 and it worked as expected I'm guessing something in your order Click >> Create Arc Polar >> Click on the center point >> set arc parameters

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