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  1. Old_Bear

    Mazak HCN6800 B Axis

    Full 4th.. though our older PFH4800's function the same on the lock codes
  2. Old_Bear

    Mazak HCN6800 B Axis

    I might try it without the M46/M47....the lock on positional moves,on our machine locks automatically We have 11 HCN4000's on the floor and not on any do we use it
  3. Old_Bear

    Mazak HCN6800 B Axis

    The only thing I see that even indicates a possibility is the R values..... and even then it seems strage to me but that's all I got
  4. Old_Bear

    Mazak HCN6800 B Axis

    I notice R values...I've never seen them cause that but I only run IJK values on arcs on our HCN4000's... Can you share the particular path exhibinting the issue?
  5. Old_Bear

    Stock update

    Is it defined? I have seen this also if a tool is not properly defined
  6. Old_Bear

    Mazak HCN6800 B Axis

    Is there a B value in the work shifts? a gcode snippet could be helpful if not
  7. Old_Bear

    Default shortcut for section view

    It's available for mapping, so you can make one
  8. Old_Bear

    .xt files

    Yup... Mastercam 2019 is newer than SW 2017... So you are saving it as a newer version than SW's can open... Do a Save As in MCAM, there is an options box, pick an older version of parasolid....try something like 5 or 6 version older
  9. Old_Bear

    backplot a and or b values

    There is not, no,
  10. Old_Bear


    It worked yesterday you say, you don't say if that was at home though.... If you're connecting to it via a VPN while it's connected at work, the license may have gotten hung up....if so, you'll need to go into the administrative services on the compluter that hosts the Nethasp and stop/start the hasploader service... If you brough the Nethasp home, you may need to go into the nhashe.exe utlity and set it to local.. If you're trying to go through a login service as gotomeeting you can't start remotely, though if left running on the computer in the shop it will run but you cannot restart over the network.. So it kind of depends how you're trying to do it
  11. Old_Bear

    Reverse taper endmills

    I think this might be what you're looking for... http://internaltool.com/products/mill/108/back-draft-cutters
  12. Old_Bear

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    Center of ball always....it it's behind something, I'll add a second ball to the fixture to be able to easily set...
  13. Old_Bear

    G10 Output help please......

  14. Old_Bear

    Minimum Arc Feed

    Lock all the operations that you do not want to change, then change the arc feed regen to set the ones you do want to change and unlock the rest
  15. Old_Bear

    Cannot create custom tool from this geometry

    I'd try a 3 point arv, click start point, end point, then midpoint...you can mess with that for a best fit Typically feedmills are given a tool radius arc in the information as well

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