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  1. Old_Bear

    mind blown

    Thanks, faster for me in most cases just to use the stl's
  2. In the config there's a chord height setting, it can help, just be careful how much you turn it up... At least it's there in the full version but I would imaging it is in the HLE as well and be aware, on board graphics cards are not supported and under perform as well as most need hardware acceleration turned off ust to function
  3. Old_Bear

    mind blown

    and I have had too many times where the stock model has "holes" in it..... Which has caused issues... There are times stock models work just fine, VMC flat work....once you get in rotary and multi-axis work....most times you'll find you have to modify your gameplane...stl's still work and for the most part, that's what I use as well as the bulk of my work is HMC/Multi-axis or Mill/Turn
  4. What resolution is your screen set to? That's the only way to get better look is to run as high a resolution as your screen and card can handle
  5. Old_Bear

    Machining approach

    Rolldie...looks like a cam slot....good application for it I think
  6. Old_Bear


    What database? Mastercam doesn't have a database in that kind of sense... You can output reports, there are several methods from Active reports to .set sheets, X+ and several other ways as well
  7. I prefer to set mine up like so... ptap$ #Canned Tap Cycle pdrlcommonb pitch = 1 / n_tap_thds$ #added 7/2/07 ADDED Peck Tapping option -09/05/2018, result = newfs(17, feed) # Set for tapping Feedrate format pcan1, pbld, n$, *sgdrlref, *sgdrill, pxout, pyout, pfzout, pcout, [if peck1$ > 0, *peck1$], prdrlout, *pitch, !feed, strcantext, e$ # changed from *feed to *pitch, !feed 7/2/07 pcom_movea
  8. Old_Bear

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    I use it when transform parts in a strip on verticals mostly
  9. Old_Bear

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    Mastercam considers by default a new plane, a new work offset... Set them to what you want...if only G54 is desired set the work offset value to 0
  10. Old_Bear

    Adding a Peck Field to the Toolpath Tap Menu

    If the logic has not already been added to the post, it's a 100% post issue....the control def fields are just the method of inputting the data. If the post doesn't know what to do with said data, it will do absolutely nothing different
  11. Old_Bear


    Use wear and be done with it
  12. Old_Bear

    Hello looking for help

    Nope, they, the HLE's time out purposely... It's 4 versions old, soon to be 5....Hopefully they're using a later version by this time
  13. Old_Bear

    mastercam glitch

    There are no glitched in Mastercam The are fairies with pixie dust that makes magical things happen or deranged gnomes...never really sure which at times
  14. Old_Bear

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    Set the depth to the top of the surface to be chamfered, then click on the calculator button next to the depth box, set the diameter in there, set to "Add to"
  15. Try these settings on the next page set a number, set a distance it you want to visualize it on the screen

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