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  1. Old_Bear

    machine simulation

    No... There is NO substitute for time in front of a machine
  2. Old_Bear

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    I added this to one of my posts in this section psub_call_trans #Translate level calls from toolchange, user I run internal subs so in my case it works YMMV result = nwadrs(strh, main_prg_no$) #altered to get H output, 03/22/2017 main_prg_no$ = main_prg_no$ + 40000 #alter to push subprograms #'s into the 40000 range All of my programs have 40000 subs but as they are internal to the program, it doesn't matter that all programs have the same range
  3. Old_Bear

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    Call your reseller
  4. Old_Bear

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    NOT in Mastercam,,,in the stand alone, correct? Use the ? (custom Tool) tool option
  5. Old_Bear

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    What version...that worked fine for me in 2019 tool manager? For the DXF use the standalone Tool Manager
  6. Old_Bear

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    Both formats work perfectly fine as long as you follow the proper rules for each...they ARE different layouts
  7. Old_Bear

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    2.756 Perfomax Drill SD542-70-175-40R7.dxf 2.756 Perfomax Drill SD542-70-175-40R7.mcam Try that dxf
  8. Old_Bear

    Custom Tool Creation Issue

    wrong orientation for dxf format.. Rotate is 90° it so it is in the X-/Y+ quadrant Tip of the tool at 0,0
  9. Old_Bear

    Plunge Milling cycle or c-hook

    As I said, Surface Rough Plunge
  10. Old_Bear

    Plunge Milling cycle or c-hook

    Surface Rough >> Plunge
  11. 2018 it's here, middle of the dialog
  12. Mask on Arc Click Mask on Arc, select an arc, then window all the arcs and accept...you then can sort them
  13. Old_Bear

    141,732kb .stp file - tips and tricks to opening

    Once you get it open, try using the Model Prep > Disassemble command Then grab a sandwich
  14. Old_Bear

    How to rotate a axis for contour path

    % O0000 (1) (MCX FILE - C:\USERS\JOHN\DESKTOP\BACKUP.MCAM) (PROGRAM - 1.nc) (DATE - MAY-11-2019) (TIME - 9:43 AM) (T1 - 3/8 SPOT DRILL - H1 - D1 - D0.3750") N100 G00 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90 N110 G91 G28 Z0. N120 (COMPENSATION TYPE - COMPUTER) N130 T1 M06 (3/8 SPOT DRILL ) N140 G00 G17 G90 G54 A-360. X.8085 Y0. S2200 M03 N150 G43 H1 Z1.749 M08 N160 Z1.564 N170 G94 G01 Z.749 F23. N180 A0. F1759.42 N190 Z.799 F333. N200 G00 Z1.749 M09 N210 M05 N220 G91 G28 Z0. N230 G28 Y0. A0. N240 G90 N250 M30 I only have 2019 check these settings and set your planes to Top/Top

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