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  1. Old_Bear

    mmd & control files

    THAT is messed up. But oddities are becoming far to typical these days
  2. Old_Bear

    Setting default holders for a machine

    Nope, not unless you merge them into a tool library...no way to default a specific holder library
  3. Old_Bear

    MC 2020 QUESTION

    Already did, twice
  4. Old_Bear

    mmd & control files

    Typically when I've seen this, it's mostly been a boned update by the user from the previous version... Sight unseen, this is just a guess but I would think updating your files again from the previous version might clear this up...BUT there's an outside chance if you did what I think you may have done, you might have corrupt versions now in the previous version as well.... Here's what I do to update to the newest version... I create an Update folder on my desktop... Inside of that folder, I create 2 folder structures for the previous and newest versions Time saving tip...I'll create the first structure and then copy and rename to the proper verison... Then take ALL of the files you wish to update and copy them to the correct version folder... Then use migrate and select the source folder as the previous version folder that is on your desktop and the new version folder for the destination folder... Files that are typically copied and migrated... .mmd .cmd .pst .psb - if necessary .tooldb .materials once all updated copy to the new version...as you built the folder structure, it is easy to know where it all goes back.... Some may scoff at this and say just do this or that...that's fine, there are other ways to accomplish this BUT I have been doing it this way for many, many versions. Once the install is complete, I can be up and running in 20 minutes, few, if any issues. DO NOT EVER migrate your config file.....copy your .workspace file for you RMB and menu layouts JM2C YMMV
  5. Old_Bear

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Could still be the arc move causing the main issue....though you're seeing the result of the bad move at that position that you point out Run the tool safely above the part and single block it thru that section to find the exact position in the code
  6. Old_Bear

    MC 2020 QUESTION

    I contacted the reseller, no joy in mudville... Let's just say I have a slightly different situation than is norm... if you're a traveling programmer and work from different locations...beware, you might have this same issue. At this point, I'll be uninstalling 2020 and sticking with 2019...I can't have setup screenshots going out like that.. Maintenance next year, I'll not be footing for it.
  7. Old_Bear

    Dynamic OptiRough

    This was a pretty good hashing out over it too...
  8. Old_Bear

    Dynamic OptiRough

    I believe the problem lies more in the control...the machines controls arc tolerance is set too tight and can't handle the end points being off my a .0001" As it happens and is not related arc size, as it happens on larger arcs, that kind of negates the arc setting in Mastercam
  9. I would say it depends on your work needs... We have 2 Mazak i100 BARTAC's that have 4" thru spindle and they run constantly...
  10. Old_Bear

    Adding Coolant Event to Tree

    No, it's an either or...
  11. Old_Bear

    Adding Coolant Event to Tree

    V9 style can only have 3...if you want or need more, you have to move the X style coolant
  12. Old_Bear

    Mask on Arcs drilling

    I no longer have X9 installed, that's 4 versions back, so from memory.... Select Mask on Arc, Click to match the Arc Window all Arcs Hit enter
  13. Old_Bear

    Rigth angle head and holes on circle

    Call your reseller and get a quote for a custom
  14. Old_Bear

    2020 not using wcs

    You could do a Template file with basic planes created and set to 0...additional planes would still have to be set...no way to give planes a default work offset

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