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  1. medaq

    Dynamic optirough issues

    Do a phony .02 facing of the top of the stock. Let the stock model process that and see what happens.
  2. medaq

    Tool database?

    I was afraid that would be the answer. I hate having to maintain multiple tool manager database's. Would love to switch machine and select tools and tool holders that are already defined.
  3. medaq

    Tool database?

    Just curious how others are handling their tool data base ( tool manager )for multiple machines? Are you building a data base for each machine? I wish the tool manager had an option to select which machine I was working on and share the data base. So not have to rebuild tools that are already built? Or am I missing an easier way to share tools through machines?
  4. medaq

    Mx330 problems

    I also have heard of the 20k spindles have been way better. We are feeling because they are air oil spindles they are lasting much longer.
  5. medaq

    Mx330 problems

    I was very curious about this post do to my own problems with matsuura. I have gone through 4 spindles within 4 years on our hplus300. This is a 15k greased spindle. I have also had others message me and tell me they are also having spindles fail on them through Instagram. Since recently I made a post about matsuura spindles failing from light duty work. Last spindle I even changed nearly all my programs to run 10k max and still lost a spindle in a year.
  6. medaq

    2021 crashes on fillet

    I have posted on the Mastercam forums about crashing. And I have been going back and fourth with Steven and Brian. They have logged into my computer and watched me crashed it regularly. They have scoured my system and are still stumped. Last I talked to Steven they have a hopeful idea they want to try out. But crashing is happening.
  7. Crash 4/29/2020 15:41:27 McUex: Mastercam raised a unhandled Exception
  8. Just crashed again, by accepting the geometry selected in Surfaces finish. If I had to guess, I feel it has to be something to do with the data base mastercam uses. How as a user can I fix this?
  9. I thought about that also, But I need excel for a lot of things. Hard to remove such a necesary program.
  10. Not sure what I can do as a customer to have a more stable platform to use mastercam than I already am using and doing. Brand new top of the line computer and components, fresh install, limited programs installed to only work releated files, mostly mastercam and excel. This is as clean as a system can be. Thing is I can crash/autorestart for the stupidest things. Mastercam will process a 100 meg 3d files of mine. But make a 2d geomtry fillet and change the radius, and bam crash. I dont think this has anything to do with our computers. This has something to do with Mastercam. Everyone makes comments They have simliar issues.
  11. I crash/auto restart all the time and way to much. I crash/restart on 3 seperate computers pretty consistantly. I run them basic, with basically only mastercam loaded. I do run files stored on a Nas, and have tried to bring the files local. But everything else is pulled from the local c drive. I brought this up many times, and because I have 3 computers that all crash, and apparently everyone elese says they are stable. It was implied it was the way I setup the computers. I wish Mastercam would work on reliability for one round, and fix all the outstanding issues people have been begging for. I would rather have a stable solid platform, than the newsest gidget, that will most likely add to the crashing/rebooting problem.
  12. medaq

    3d mouse

    Yes sir, Even says Mastercam X on the lcd screen. I ran the 3dxtest.exe to check buttons functionality. All the top buttons are reading in the program and are functional it seems. Just nothing configured seem to be responsive inside mastercam. Even the pre set keys like escape, delete and enter. The menu button on the mouse pops open the configuration program no problem. Seems like I am missing something inside mastercam? to see the mouse buttons.
  13. medaq

    3d mouse

    Did that, downloaded latest drivers from their website. Nothing other than the mouse controller seems to be responsive.
  14. medaq

    3d mouse

    Any tricks to getting buttons to work? I can not seem to get any buttons to function properly. Tried setting up my views to the top buttons alt+1,2,3,.... and so on. Nothing is working. Trying to just map enter and delete keys still no function. Must be something I am missing?
  15. medaq

    3d mouse

    Ordered the enterprise version today. Didn’t want to need more buttons later on, and not have them. Figures all my set too, front, right, ..... views on those hot keys buttons up top.

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