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  1. Instead of saving it as a text file, why not export it the way you want as an operation file?
  2. myemail

    Lathe Simulation True Threads

    That's what I was looking for. I thought this used to be on the simulation age.
  3. myemail

    Lathe Simulation True Threads

    I thought there used to be, but I cannot find it.
  4. Is there a way to get the Mastercam Simulator to display the true thread shape (helical) instead of the straight rings when using the thread op?
  5. myemail

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    2 programmers for every machine. And, you pay them very high wages.
  6. myemail

    Adding a Peck Field to the Toolpath Tap Menu

    IF, yes. However, chances are, it may just be a matter of turning it on in the control definition. Typically, that is the problem. Secondly, if it is a post issue, it is a simple task of adding pecking by copying the pecking sequence from the peck drill sequence. No resale rep needed.
  7. myemail

    Best way to using views in 4-axis milling?

    In order to do that, every part would have to be designed, merged and oriented the same way. It's possible, just very improbable. Do what 5Axis says. Make a template utilizing viewsheets. It makes your life so much easier.
  8. myemail

    Adding a Peck Field to the Toolpath Tap Menu

    Not always. This could be a control definition issue. Make sure it does not have "" in the appropriate field in the TEXT definition of the control definition.
  9. Instead of using G52, why not use your system offset variables?
  10. myemail

    Help disabling the Hardware Acceleration.

    Do it in the registry. Go here: You can create a little .REG file executable to do this.
  11. myemail

    mastercam glitch

    Who you callin a fairy? I don't live anywhere near Frisco anymore.
  12. myemail

    titan DNC

    I just tried out my new Titan DNC gadget today. It works great. I just take this portable gadget right to the cnc, plug in the RS-232 and make sure the settings jive. Actually, the defaults worked the first time out of the box. Pretty nice for about $200 on ebay.
  13. We tried both. Manually worked much better. It's a psychological thing.

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