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  1. yosip1115

    Mcam For Solidworks Lathe Stock Transfer

    That would be great, I'm dead in the water and have to use a manual code entry to get around it in the meantime.
  2. Anyone have any luck doing this? I can select solid geometry for transfer if I am creating mastercam toolpaths in a solidworks PART file, but I am unable to do this in a solidworks ASSEMBLY file. I'm working on a system to allow me to do ever aspect of programming our multus in one place. This happens to be in a solidworks assembly. I am a solidworks guy. Been using it since 2012 heavily and have been using mastercam for solidworks since 2018. I find it to be very powerful and smooth for me. I'm able to do more with both the solidworks and the mastercam tools at my disposal. My goal is to get a complete multus setup done with no hand editing or inserting code of any sort. Import part solids, import main and sub chucks and jaws. Load stock file STL of castings or use round/square for billet work. Program main spindle work, transfer stock, program sub spindle work, post out as one complete program ready to run (or as close as POSSIBLE since the multus does have a lot going on...) Only thing I'm missing is the lathe stock transfer feature that I lose when I am working in an assembly file. (2019 SW and 2019 MCAM).
  3. yosip1115

    MCAM For Solidworks Glitch Support Thread

    Zip2go is mostly sorted out thank god. Funky, but I was able to back up my work. It seems to be zipping the glitched assembly out too, but the one I need is in there and it works so that is all I need. The "cummins 411 3 axis cadcam assembly" is the three axis one that I lost the work in. The "cummins 411 cadcam assembly" is my 5 axis assembly that I opened to zip2go, and no, the 3 axis assembly was not open at the time... And this is after a CPU restart. Very, very weird, and probably related...
  4. yosip1115

    MCAM For Solidworks Glitch Support Thread

    I should re-route for peace of mind. We do have security scans here that may be causing this, although my temp folder looks OK, there are files that date back to August in there. Hey Ryan, Guess I posted in the right place. That is my ticket. I have identified a BUNCH of tickets since I started in the uncharted mcam4sw territory here. If you have any ticket history to look at, look into it, I am curious what you think. The support at my VAR is bar none, but can't help me when the software craps out... Like right now, I'm trying to do a zip2go to back up my other assemblies, and it is zipping out a different file than than the one I have open... Things like this scare the crap out of me. I have months of work teetering on this software... And sometimes it just decides to drop the ball. Now my plan C is failing... can't even zip2go!!! Edit: zip2go is sorted out. Glitch still not. As far as recreating the original issue goes, it is so intermittent that I can't pinpoint any input on my end that causes it and I haven't been able to recreate that popup scenario. I am not 100% on the "locked object" thing, but then again I have never seen that in the years I have been using SW. I think it was OK when I ex'd out of that locked object popup, but maybe I hit OK instead of ex'ing out when it decided to glitch. I had an issue that was similar minus losing a bunch of work immediately following my mcam4sw install. About half of the GUI buttons wouldn't work, either my VAR sorted it out with me, or I ended up starting a new solidworks assembly. I think maybe the same thing happened here, only after I had created a bunch of toolpaths this time since the gui is acting up again...
  5. Hey guys, I am a manufacturing engineer at one of the largest purchasers of Masuura VMC's in the US, though I program Okuma M560V VMC's primarily, and have a few more of them coming during Q1 2019. I run Solidworks 2018 and Mastercam for Solidworks 2019. I'm the only one here using mastercam for solidworks, our other programmer uses standalone. I am a CSWP so I justified the investment, and it has paid for itself. Unfortunately, I have ran into enough glitches in the past few months to make my head spin. Luckily my VAR is usually able to help me resolve 90% of them, but some are left unresolved. I figured some of you may have seen some of the unresolved issues that I run into, and that I can maybe get lucky here. That goes both ways...I use MCAM4SW for both 3 and 5 axis programming. I do full machine simulation to verify holder clearances, machine travel limitations, workpiece/machine interferences, and offline optimization of 5 axis (non-simul) programs. I specialize in deep hole drilling, and have a good amount of post processor development experience. I will try to browse around for others here who use mastercam for solidworks or who run Okuma VMC's so we can scratch each other's backs. Anyway, my reason for starting this thread... An unresolved glitch that just costed me about 1.5 weeks of work... I went back into my mastercam tab in solidworks after editing a sketch that was driving a contour (far from the first time), and my entire part program was missing. No machine definition. No stock definition. No toolpath groups. Nothing. I am unable to create new toolpaths in that solidworks configuration, the buttons on the GUI do not work, so that helps me rest assured that it was not entirely my fault. If I switch to one of my other operations in other solidworks configurations then the toolpaths appear just fine and the GUI works. It seems to be some sort of GUI glitch. I did try resetting the solidworks GUI in REGEDIT with no luck, perhaps there is more I can do in there? I am frustrated with this addon sometimes, but can't imagine going back to standalone since I am so familiar with the solidworks interface and have realized how much more I can do when the two are combined; using configurations to keep all operations in one neat assembly file, driving mastercam toolpaths off of solidworks created entities (2d or 3d sketches), using solidworks measurement tool, using solidworks assembly mates to set up jobs, there is SO MUCH mcam4solidworks helps me accomplish, with confidence. If anyone can offer a hand or has any questions that you think I may be able to help with, please let me know. -Mike

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