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  1. You can tie Setup sheet with a certain machine. Go to Control definition -> Files and there is SS Template.
  2. Hello My friend is looking for a nice plastic milling part for a school project. At least one side of this part must be finished on a vacuum pump. He will make his own vacuum pump, so the part can be in various shapes. He doesn´t want just a simple thin plate with holes and windows.. Most of the programming he wants to do in Heidenhain iTNC. It would be great if the part had a specific use. He will be glad for any tips or examples. Thank you
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Thanks for illustration. I suppose if there were a link between in, it could be changed.
  4. I need to get NC file name into File name in saving Setup sheet as PDF. It currently takes Description from MD manager.
  5. What's the toolpath you are using? You mean rotary axis page in 2D toolpaths? I have tried it with several setups however with no result.
  6. I don't want to just rotate WCS 180 degree. I need to simultaneously control linear Y axis with rotational C axis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPM-W93TyBo Sth like in this movie. My part is rectangle shape. I want to finish face in whole distance with Y linear axis and rotational C axis simultaneosly. The face mill should starts on some C axis angle, moving forward (Y+) together with C axis. The part should rotating during that moves and the face mill should ends on the same Y position as it starts. I hope it's understandable. Tough to explain.
  7. I'm working on a part that's a bit bigger than machine's travels so I must do one side in half and then turn the table by 180deg to finish the other half. I'd like to try some more efficient way especially for face roughing, something what looks like if you turn on Force head and table rotation in Simulation post settings. I presume if the part were in the right position it could stay within the travel limits. However I have no idea how to do it. Is it possible to do it only with CAM or is it necessary to turn on some parameter in the control system (iTNC)? I'll be glad for any advice
  8. Unselect Highlight geometry - Wire frame in Displey options (right click in toolpaths window).
  9. No worries about the verify. I like the simulation for its "smooth" feed moves. It's not so important however I can't figure out why the tool is mirrored. That's the main reason that annoys me.
  10. It is only one standard OD finish line. It's neccessary to attach the file? I'm trying it with mach simulation. Yes I know it does not work well but I saw lathe simulation on yt where it seems allright.
  11. Hello all I'm having trouble with MC X9 simulation. I want to simulate an turn (2 axis) operation in MW simulation. Toolpath is okey however tool is rotated around its tool tip by 180 degree. Spindle is oriented to left but tool looks like prepared for right spindle. I've tried to do my own machine and rotated "holder transform" in machine tree settings but the result is equal. In Verify there is the tool in correct position. Does anyone know what is wrong? Thanks in advance for answer.

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