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  1. veteranbicycle

    Feature Based Machining

    I did not model this particular part. I noticed that in other non-Solidworks applications, I get a similar issue too.
  2. veteranbicycle

    Feature Based Machining

    Looks like those are features introduced after X5.
  3. veteranbicycle

    Feature Based Machining

    Getting acquainted with X5 (long story but it's from aquiring another company's assets). I'd like to try FBM (Feature Based Machining) on a mold half, but right away I am confronted by an error: This is a STEP file exported from Solidworks 2018, however it came from a surface model, and created as a save body feature. Is there a better workflow in Solidworks for creating solids that I can use FBM in Mastercam to machine?
  4. veteranbicycle

    Facing in X5

    This is my first post in this forum. I learned Mastercam X7 in school several years ago, and now at my job I'm using X5 after not using Mastercam for a while. It's taken a couple of days of refamiliarization, but I've got WCS down, and now I'm writing my first toolpaths. I have experience using other platforms, mostly from Autodesk but also Solidworks Cam. In facing, I'm having trouble controlling how many passes it makes. No matter how much stock is above the part, it always takes one pass. I setup the stock with Z +5mm, and set the depth cuts to be 1mm max rough step (0 finish cuts, 0 finish step), expecting to get 5 roughing passes, however I still get only one pass. Clearly I'm doing something wrong. What would prevent facing from having multiple roughing passes? If I set the rough step to be 0mm, and 5x finish cuts at 1mm finish step, I get 5 passes. My expectation would be to have multiple roughing passes and a single finishing pass, like I said above I can't program that for some reason. Any ideas?

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