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  1. HAAS also has a setting to retract above the R plane. I think its #52 or 53. Example: If your retract is set to -4.0 to start in the hole you can set this value to 4.1 and it'll fully retract to clear chips.
  2. I've been using a 60 deg indexable one from 9 Nine. The inserts hold up well for me. I run it at 7500 rpm @14-17 IPM in 316 stainless. I usually end up about .006-.008 DOC. http://everede.net/documents/archived_documents/2013_nine9_catalog.pdf
  3. http://www.helicaltool.com/cms/millingadvisor_367.aspx
  4. For C axis milling, try activating G112 in the MISC parameters page
  5. I've been using the MPLMASTER my reseller gave me in 2012. It's solid on the Y axis code, but it still has a few issues. I tried to post a program once with the 4x MT Mastercam post in X9 and it had problems. I don't remember what they were. My reseller just sent me the ST 4x MT for 2017 and he said it's been working good. I haven't tried it yet.
  6. Thanks. Harvey is my go to also for stuff like this. They just changed the material to 464 Naval Brass which makes things much easier.
  7. I have a custom Schrader Valve body to machine. The .210-36 taps for the internal thread are available off the shelf. Does anyone know if there's a form tool available that will cut the internal features? The tool will look similar to a MS O-ring port tool. There's a conical seating surface below the threads that is critical on the surface finish. I have a 1000 parts in 316 stainless to make so having a custom tool made is no problem. I figured I'd check with you guys before getting quotes on custom tools. Thanks
  8. I agree there isn't a norm for this kind of stuff. It'll all come down to the length, weight, material, jaws, and part support. There's too many factors involved to give a recommendation without having all the specifics.
  9. Lathe threading tools should always be defined on the edge. I redefined my threading tools years ago and never used a tool defined on center since.
  10. Mike@Dive Lab Inc.

    lathe tool path

    You'll need to enable the plunge parameters tab and make sure your stock is defined
  11. HAAS lathes have a setting in the control to enter the C axis diameter. That may be something to look at on your machine
  12. it's in the stock update tab under the comment box
  13. Mike@Dive Lab Inc.

    lathe thread question

    Look in the HAAS settings. Our ST20 has a exit angle setting.
  14. Mike@Dive Lab Inc.

    Verify - C-Axis cross drill

    Here is mine. The point is clearly selected above the part. It's a single hole spot. Backplot show good and it posts good. Am I missing something here?
  15. Mike@Dive Lab Inc.

    Verify - C-Axis cross drill

    I had the same thing happen Thursday. On a Caxis cross path spot and drill. Verify would show the holder going through the part and cutting it off. Backplot and the code was good. This happens to me sometimes also. Not sure why it happens. I only mostly only use verify when I have Y axis milling paths. I'm using X9. I'm not saying this is a software issue, but lathe is so far behind the curve on a real update.

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