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  1. David I sure do appreciate your help, this worked perfectly!!
  2. Hi! Our mill/turn lathe is not able to handle a decimal point in the drill cycles that use a "Q" for the peck amount, rather it uses "peck amount / .0001", Where am a able to change my post so that it does this calculation and post the Q out without a decimal? Attached is a Z2G with a sample peck drill cycle. Let me know if any more info is needed! We have the Fanuc Oi-FT control, and are using a modified version of the "Generic Fanuc 4X MT_Lathe" post.Thanks a bunch! SMI Sample #2.ZIP
  3. Thanks Colin, unfortunately im not real tech savvy in this area so your method above seems pretty complex to me. I was hoping there was something i could easily alter in my PST file for a quick fix to duplicate feedrates.
  4. Good point, attached is the zip2go. Thank you! Sample.ZIP
  5. Hi! Could someone point me in the right direction on where to change my post file for our mill-turn lathe? We have the Fanuc Oi-FT control, and are using a modified version of the "Generic Fanuc 4X MT_Lathe" post. When i post an operation that does multiple cutting passes (that use the same feedrate), it posts the feedrate on each line that has the feed move (G01) making editing of a feedrate a long process because there is a bunch of the feedrates in the NC file. Our older post for a 2 axis lathe posts out just one feedrate per operation (if the feedrate is the same for all the passes) but im unable to determine how to change my new post to do the same. Example nc file attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! t1.NCt1.NC

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