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  1. O You Know

    No VBhelp file?

    Thank you I was also needing this.
  2. O You Know

    How to Program an Old toolroom Haas Lathe with Mastercam

    I think this is what your asking for. First you need to make sure your tool is set up right go to your lathe tool manager and right click on the tool your using the click edit then you should see this Then click setup tool. Change turret to bottom and mounting position to vertical. Here is a sample program if you want to take a look. I'm assuming your using the generic Haas TL 2X lathe. Haas TL Help.mcam
  3. O You Know

    Tool List Report.. Not working

    I believe all the setup sheet and tool list templates need to all be in the same folder try moving your custom report to the same folder as the default reports or move a copy of the tool list report to your custom folder. when done moving your files make sure to go to your configuration and make sure you have the right folder selected and the different report types are looking at the right template files.

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