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  1. tazbierek

    XY position

    Thanks again guys . My first project is done. Simply but it is.
  2. tazbierek

    XY position

    Ok its not bad now. Mby its just me thinking that in fusion is way better. Thank You sir
  3. tazbierek

    XY position

    Hi all, one quick question I want to put some points how to define xy position like here ? I need to put some dimensions between point and that enteties There is no option dimension between that enteties and point? is it really hard to do that? I dont want to put position from origin because i need to calculate it, and i can just delete mastercam and use calculator. also i dont like if i have to need create new origin or plane, because i will lost with that, there will be so many other origins then which i dont like i just want simply dimensions.
  4. tazbierek

    Fanuc 10T

    Hey man did u find solution for drip feed with that machine ? I have same problem
  5. tazbierek

    Fanuc 10m and DNC

    I can't see. I spend on it many hours and nope. Mby its just me can't see that . We have more machines and they have tape mode and its easy but no that one but I need it. I can't see remote
  6. tazbierek

    Fanuc 10m and DNC

    There is no tape mode thats the problem I know but I don't know which parameters should I change . I hope there is someone to help me
  7. tazbierek

    Fanuc 10m and DNC

    here is rsst of photos . As I said there is connection cause I can semd it to my machine but for memory I have to click punch on my machine but I need to run it from dnc because of low memory
  8. HELLO everyone. I need help to configure my dnc and parameters on my machine . I dont have tape mode on my machine so its hard. I can send it to my machine and from machine to dnc but I have no much space for programs and o need to run it automatically from my DNC with USB port. Can anyone tell my how ? I'm using rs232 port which looks like that one . And here u can see my dnc and my control panel
  9. tazbierek

    New Level and shortcuts

    I want create new level so i type 10: and letters andhere is my problem, by typing New in E letter i have extruding shortcut and its turning it on so i can normal type, i can do that in menager bar but can do that in organize . any idea ?
  10. tazbierek


    Ok i got it
  11. tazbierek


    Ok, so I created a solid. Why i have just 5 entities ? Is entities just what i draw inwireframe? then why 5 if I draw 4? Can someone explain me that? Cause i can select entities like here but here: I cant select it as separated entities. Is it norma? Can someone explain. I create a rectangle and extrude it in -.5 depth. Is it because there is no line but its just solid?
  12. tazbierek

    New WCS and some dimension tips

    Got it. Again thank you guys
  13. Ok next question 1. I dont like that Z axis , i just want to see X and Y axis position. 2. I have simply rectangle, but i want to work on it in another setup. I mean I want my X axis going parallel to 175 degree line and ofcourse Y axis perpendicular to that line, also i want to show me the points of that rectangle Like here Ok for question nr 2 i find the rotation option which is cool even better in fusion. BTW how can i work in 2 files in 1 time? i thought its viewsheet but when i create new it shows me same file. Thanks guys
  14. tazbierek

    G Code

    I know but i dont want to do that alll the time
  15. tazbierek

    G Code

    Beer for you

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