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  1. tazbierek

    selecting contour

    Its casting,But thats true no sense joining them, Thank you again
  2. tazbierek

    selecting contour

    Ok guys i think i did it. i simply draw rectangle at the pocket and select it s a contour. idk if i have to did that but it works so it works
  3. tazbierek

    selecting contour

    this is real part, I have it on rotate table. first setup i will do bores, thenrotate 90 degree and do that part.the thing is i have to do thin on this setup so XYZ have to be as shown , I know i can be frustrating for u guys, but i have to say again i do that part on fusion 360 and it was peace of cake. but here i have like tons of questions. Sorry for that and english again and hope for your help
  4. tazbierek

    selecting contour

    My next problem is with selecting contour, I tried to draw a rectangle but always making a bad selecting. I need to cut this firs pocket using contour , after that i need using slot mil, but my problem is with selecting the geometry, how is the good way to do that ?
  5. tazbierek

    multiple depth with helix bore

    Yes but i see then i have same problem on top of cutting or mby i just doing something bad
  6. Hi! I need to define multiple depth for that model so the second bore not gonna be cutting as deep as u see .Is it possible?
  7. tazbierek

    drawing in mastercam

    I have to say that I even not speak english well, i came to USA for work i found a shop and start learning everything. Its hard but i want to learn and im happy when i solving new prolems. Im really glad that i found that forum and U help me because u dont have to do that, Probably most of U paid for that informations, for your knowalge, u use uyour time and money and u doint that for free, i hope one day i will be able to help you guys!
  8. tazbierek

    drawing in mastercam

    Yeah I know but I tried to draw it with but results
  9. tazbierek

    drawing in mastercam

    Hi Guys its again me, i have a little project. I draw it in Fusion 360 which take me around mby 10 minutes. Im trying to do that in mastercam and u know it take me now like 3 hours and i even didnt start Its really really hard for me, I know its too much but mby there is someone who can draw it for me in video ? I dont need the finish project but tutorial how to do that because in mastercam im lost right now I Hope u will help me. Thanks in advance
  10. tazbierek

    3d parallel

    It can be any finish model. i just cant see where i can set lea in and out in finish parallel. Can u explain me where?
  11. tazbierek

    3d parallel

    Ok now i have this I set Containment, so now i understand that offset tool which is not bad in my opinion, Still dont know how to set lead in and lead out, startting point looks like doesnt work
  12. tazbierek

    3d parallel

    Hi guys, i need to use paralelle on this project It looks ok but i need to put start point away from my solid, also i needput some additional offset from center of my tool , but whatever i use ( inside outside or center) the results are the same as shown on screen, can u help me ? And hope u know what i mean i see that There is (o) in conpeinment . Also i need to change lead in and lead out for the material / I see no option in surface finish parallel.
  13. tazbierek

    XY position

    Hmm okay. Anyway have to use it as cad too so I need to try
  14. tazbierek

    XY position

    Ok so i tried several options and, I select enteties, and usin dynamic transform, puting gnom in center of enteties, transform to midpoint nex enteties and after that puting values to set distance from that enteties, i dont know if its the simplest way but it works . But i have to say if its the best way then its a waaaaaaaay worse than in fusion where i can select enteties put d(dimension) and simply select enteties which i want and put values,. BTW Sorry for english, learning same as mastercam
  15. tazbierek

    XY position

    Thanks again guys . My first project is done. Simply but it is.

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