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  1. Daxman77

    MC 2019 Contour ramp

    Actually that is one way that I have overstated the problem by using a lead in. It works enough
  2. Daxman77

    Errors with osai controller

    Could you elaborate
  3. Daxman77

    MC 2019 Contour ramp

    I found the problem. I have “router entry” which does not have ramp function and a whole slew of other opt great tools. We can’t justify spending $5000 to upgrade to “router one is there any other way of achieving the ramp function. Or would I have to modify the gcode.
  4. I’m relatively knew you CNC routing. I notice I’ve been errors on my osai controller when I use certain functions in certain tool paths. Lead-in/out , pocketing, and area mill. I’ve pin pointed that it has somethingto do with I,j,k in the gcode. I get an error message saying “different radius between initial-final points”. I’ve come to an edjucated assumption that it has to do with I,j,k values. It seems to happen anytime they are used. I’m in the process of learning gcode so I can make changes when I need to. Is there a way I can execute the same path using R Instead of ijk anyways here is a snap of the controler And also a snap where the error occurs highlight is wher the error occrrrf
  5. Daxman77

    Preferred method for routing holes

    What I don’t understand is under pocketing operation there is ramp entry and helical entry options. But no ramp for contour. That seems odd to me. Upgrading to the next router level will cost about $5000. I don’t see my boss going for that. Just for a ramping option
  6. Daxman77

    MC 2019 Contour ramp

    I actually have the same question. I have mastercam router entry (first level of software). No mater what I do there is no option for ramp on contour. All I have is the option for 2d contour or 2d chamfer. No ramp option. The person that sold us the equipment said it’s not available on router entry. I find that hard to believe given I can I ramp on a pocket tool path. Any help would appreciated thanks
  7. Daxman77

    Preferred method for routing holes

    Thank you. I’ve gotten a little farther. Still learning basics. Again much appreciated. Does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to up grade to level 2c
  8. Daxman77

    Preferred method for routing holes

    I have router level one 2019. There is no option for ramp contour. Under contour type in cut parameters.

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