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  1. CG Innovation

    Mastercam 2018 lathe flip part G54-G55

    Go to your Lathe option, Make sure that you have your first side to one level, then when you are ready to flip to the second side have other level ready for your second side, been a while since I use mastercam. Now I use NX Siemens
  2. CG Innovation

    Question about programming for 4+1

    If you have Mastercam 2019 with Multiaxis. you should not have a problem. What are you trying to do first ? How long have you been using Mastercam. The best thing you have is Multiaxis. Remember make your planes your best of friends because in Multiaxis you will be using them alot.
  3. CG Innovation

    Macro For Pallet Change

    Thank you the info was very helpful.
  4. CG Innovation

    Macro For Pallet Change

  5. CG Innovation

    Macro For Pallet Change

    Thank you for the Info this does help.
  6. CG Innovation

    Macro For Pallet Change

    it"s Toyoda Horizontal Machine. 4 Axis. with two pallet
  7. CG Innovation

    Macro For Pallet Change

    I am looking into this. Because I am trying to write to two difference program for each pallet, Because our cnc operator had to do a MDI to change the pallet. I need the operator load one pallet hit cycle start then when the other pallet is done the second program will start. While he is loading the part into the fixture, the first pallet is in the machine (machining) Once he done. I do not want the operator to do A MDI in order to change pallets and then he has to load difference program for the other pallet.Is there a macro that I need to set up because I am using M82 for Right Pallet and M83 for Left Pallet. Thanks
  8. CG Innovation

    Macro For Pallet Change

    No Operation or programming Manuals. Toyoda CNC Machine, 4 Axis I have M82 Right Pallet M83 Left Pallet
  9. Is there a macro for working both pallet . One pallet can be load into the fixture. then hit cycle start then second pallet can go into the machine while the first is coming out from the machine, Because every time I need to enter M90 to change each Pallet. The Machine has a Fanuc Control. Can someone advice. I can put M90 into the program, But it gives a alarm.Thanks

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