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  1. Was your machine setup so your x0z0 is in the center of the rotary table? If my center of the table is at x87.9955” and z-117.129” then what would my half offset be? I entered those values in for the center of rotation positions and left the half offset empty. I tried to activate g54.2 but it obviously didnt work. Do I need to enter my work place coordinates in the dymamic tool offset page? or does it automatically add it once I select which workplace im using eg. G54.2 p2 for workplace g55?
  2. My shop recently installed a new tos horizontal with a fanuc 31i model b controller, and a 3+2 head. Im wanting to setup dfo to work on a circlular part with several ramps to be cut with the 3+2 head. I want to turn the table the to each ramp location then use twp(g68.2) at a 30* angle to cut the ramps. Im pretty new with the fanuc controller. I looked in the parameters 19700 and found that tos didnt set the center of rotation. I know the location of the center of the table using a test bar but I I am confused on how to enter those values to work with g54.2. My x is 87.9955, z-117.129, and the top of the table is y-.003. Im unsure what a half offset is. if someone would please help me out with this. I thank you greatly in advance.

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