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  1. GooldenG

    Nesting and the order of operations

    Thank you all for your help and input I appreciate it. I will try it out.
  2. GooldenG

    Nesting and the order of operations

    So then would I need to go through and change all the tool numbers back after posting out the program, or could I just make my post processor do all the work? I guess I just wish there was a way to add the index numbers to the toolpath during the programming of the part.
  3. I am working on trying to nest multiple parts (they are all different) and making sure the toolpaths are in a certain order. The program will need to use the same cutters, but at different times throughout the machining of the nest. Due to that fact, I have to manually sort the tool paths and add machining index numbers to every tool path one by one which is quite time consuming. I am just wondering if there is a way to add the machining index number for the order of operations to the tool path when you are programming the part, or at least a way to add the machining index numbers faster than one at a time? Thank you
  4. So our company has several DMS machines with Fagor 8055 controllers, and fairly recently we received a Quintax machine with a Fagor 8055 controller from one of our other facilities, so the issue I am running into is setting C-Axis limits for this machine. I understood how to set the limits for the C-axis this way: #Rotary axis travel limits, always in terms of normal angle output #Set the absolute angles for axis travel on primary pri_limlo$ : -94.91 pri_limhi$ : 364.91 I am needing to set up an unwind when the machine needs to rotate the C-axis, and give a clearance height for the retract as it may need to do in the middle of a cut. Would I do it in this section?: #Force rotary axis reset at toolchange and other options frc_cinit : 1 typ3_brk_evn : 0 #Windup limit, use even revolution break position #Primary and/or secondary Or would I need to set it up in any of the sections here: p_safe_z #Safe Z retract move with reposition, see mr6 if safe_z_ret, [ gcode$ = zero za = safe_z_ret p_goto_pos ] mr6 - Absolute Safe height in Z for unwinds and toolchanges # (limits must be enabled and mi8, see 'use_stck_typ') # (set the limits to zero to ignore limits and use this safe height) # 0 = Off #When the tool repositions, an intersection is made to the limits and the #tool is driven around the limits to the reposition point as required. #Z upper limit is used as the safe transition boundary #Linear limits relative to machine base coordinates / part origin use_stck_typ : 0 #0=Off, 1=Stock def., 2=Limits I am just trying to figure it out. Thank you!
  5. GooldenG

    Mastercam 2019 Chaining Issue

    I had found yesterday he had the only display associative geometry button enabled, and I had completely overlooked it, I knew it was going to be something simple... Thanks for your input!
  6. GooldenG

    Mastercam 2019 Chaining Issue

    It is a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, with 16GB memory, we just tried to disable the hardware acceleration, and that didn't work. After he has worked with a toolpath and added the chains it doesn't do it on that part after that, but regardless of if you import the tool path or start a new one all the entities disappear, it seems like there is a setting turned on somewhere. We contacted or reseller over a week ago, but we have yet to hear back from them.
  7. GooldenG

    Mastercam 2019 Chaining Issue

    NVidia Quadro K620
  8. My coworkers and I are relatively new to Mastercam, so forgive me if this is a simple fix, but every time one of my coworkers goes to add a chain or change the parameters all the entities on his screen disappear, and the only way we have found to make them reappear is to go to the level manager and click the hide all button twice to make everything reappear. I am not sure if it is a setting, but we have tried replacing his configuration and workspace files to no avail the problem still persists. I would rather not have to reinstall Mastercam to fix the issue, so do any of you have any suggestions? I am stumped... Thanks,

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