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  1. The switch is in the new unified 5 axis tool path. It is right under the select library tool button on the tool page.
  2. I’m running a custom post ability post for a Mazak variaxis i700. This is a morph 5 axis tool path with all axes moving on a very weird shaped piece of wasp alloy.
  3. I have a part that I have programmed and wanted to add tool inspection every so often. The switch appears broken. I contacted my reseller and he said this was a known issue and supposed to be resolved in the next release. Was wondering how many of y’all have had issues with this.
  4. No worries crazy^millman. I sent the post back and am waiting on their response. My lead in lead out is not an arc.
  5. The post would not post out a G41 at all. We are using wear comp. I sent the post back to the post builder to hopefully get it resolved.
  6. Has anyone tried to use cutter comp to thread mill holes on a haas 4 axis that uses G254 for 3+1 positioning? My post isn’t turning cutter comp on and I was wondering if it is even possible? thanks
  7. Hey Chally72, I watched both of the videos and they were really helpful especially the 5 axis finishing where you added the points. I did have a question about the roughing video. You said in the video you set stock to leave at .02 on the walls and floors of your optirough path. What do you typically set your arc filter tolerance to, and do you use the smoothing settings? thanks
  8. We are looking at a job that is nickel 201 forgings. Anyone have any experience cutting this? Doesn’t sound very friendly from what I’ve read.
  9. I keep backups of all my posts and machine defs in a personal folder. I will try to copy it over on Monday.
  10. Yes. The whole shared MCAM folder is on the network.
  11. I am running mastercam 2020. My miscellaneous values keep losing the names that are supposed to be there like shape comp and high speed. I had my reseller look at it once and it was fixed. That lasted about two weeks and now it’s back to just generic misc1, misc2, etc. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? It’s only one machine that does it. thanks.
  12. I was told from my reseller that it would be fixed in 2021. I guess we will see. I wish active reports was easier to customize.
  13. I quit using active reports in 2020 mastercam. It won’t display images with the tool path on them. I was told it was a known bug.
  14. I’m having a problem with the setup sheets. It’s not putting the part in the picture with the tool paths even though I’m clicking the little arrow and selecting the part. It works fine in 2019. Is anyone else having this issue?

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