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  1. BobaFettup

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    This is what I inherited, it would just get copied and modified into each program requiring cutoff/transfer/eject. The machine is a DMG NLX 1500/500. I've just gotten into simple macros but nothing starting to approach this yet, but I agree a macro would be the most reasonable path since I do not have the corresponding post for the POCO.
  2. BobaFettup

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    Colin, was just curious if you had an opportunity to put anything together in regard to the POCO. Thank you
  3. BobaFettup

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    Thank you Colin, I appreciate that.
  4. BobaFettup

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    Thanks for the reply, our reseller is coming by next week to mess with a few of our posts, so I'll have him look into that. In the mean time regarding stock transfer are there any general parameters that need to be followed? I just took over the lathe programming side of things here and after doing some searching I haven't found any solid guidelines to follow to transfer the stock.
  5. BobaFettup

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    I'm having some trouble in MC2019 getting all the parameters set for stock transfer, If some could provide some clarity to this it would be appreciated. Also when selecting the POCO my MC tells me I need to edit my post. Is it more straight forward to just write a sub program for the POCO rather than use MC? Thanks in advance.

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