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  1. So, I think this is unusual, or maybe I'm a newb. This is the first time I've run into this problem which leads me to believe I accidentally changed something without knowing. I'm selecting several toolpaths to post for my program. Mastercam wants to post one of my toolpaths by itself, it wont post with the rest of the group. What did I mess up here? Thanks Nick
  2. It's taken a little while to get a good solid but it worked. Thank you I appreciate it!
  3. I have an "interesting" part that has 3000 small holes in a plate. All of the holes are in the face of the plate but are all have different axis from one another, so no matching sets to group together to share an axis for multiaxis drilling. My question, is there a way to use the solid to reference the axis of the holes for an operation instead of creating wireframe and programing each hole since each holes axis is different? Thank you

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