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  1. byte

    What's New Mastercam 2021 videos

    Is that what 3D pdf is!!? That's amazing, this is going to solve a lot of our problems. Thanks 4 sharing.
  2. byte

    Verisurf Most Used Free Tools

    F.Y.I. c# scripting is also available now!
  3. McCSharp source code now available on GitHub ->
  4. byte

    For Developers

    To programmatically add surfaces to an operation you need the c++ sdk function : ◆ surface_manager() DllImpExp void surface_manager ( long op_idn, CHAIN ** chns, short mode, short saction, bool * succf ) Purpose:add, replace, append or retrieve msurf toolpath entities (If using SRFMGR_CHN_ADD then chntype will always be set to TP_CHN_DRIVE. If you wish to set chntype to TP_CHN_TCB use chain_manager(). See AssocVarCH.h for other chntypes)Parameters [in] op_idn operation id to edit [in,out] chns ptr to list of chains if using SRFMGR_CHN_*** [in] mode what you want to do [in] saction 0=drive & check, 1 = drive, 2=check [out] succf true = everything went ok
  5. byte

    For Developers

    For what operation type?
  6. byte

    For Developers

    Replace all selected in his case I think.
  7. byte

    measuring spindle runout

    No add it to your stock to leave on wall/drive.
  8. I'm interested, what is the criteria for using multiple cores for lets say 2d dynamic hmm? Multiple pocket boundaries?
  9. //C# script example //VerifyOperationsByToolNumber.cs //reference nethook_3 #r"C:/Program Files/Mcam2020/chooks/NETHook3_0.dll" //get a list of the nethook supported lists in mastercam var List = Mastercam.Support.SearchManager.GetOperations(); //loop through the list of operations foreach(var operation in List) { //if the operation type is not nesting if (operation.Type.ToString() != "Nesting") { //get the operations toolnumber var tlnum = operation.OperationTool.Number; //write the tool number to mastercams event logger Mastercam.IO.EventManager.LogEvent(Mastercam.IO.Types.MessageSeverityType.InformationalMessage,""," ToolNumber : " + tlnum.ToString()); if(tlnum > 0 ) { if(tlnum < 100) { //if the operations tool number is less than 100 set it unselected operation.SetSelectedState(false); } } if(tlnum > 100) { if(tlnum < 200) { //if the operations tool number is less than 200 and greater than 100 set it selected operation.SetSelectedState(true); } } if(tlnum < 300) { if(tlnum > 200) { //if the operations tool number is less than 300 and greater than 200 set it selected operation.SetSelectedState(false); } } } } //verify the selected operations Mastercam.Support.ExternalAppsManager.RunFTCommand("OMverifySelectedOperations");
  10. //C# script example //OpenMastercamPartFolder.cs //reference nethook_3 #r"C:/Program Files/Mcam2020/chooks/NETHook3_0.dll" //get the current filename var ret = System.IO.Directory.GetParent(Mastercam.IO.FileManager.CurrentFileName); //write the current file name to mastercams event logger Mastercam.IO.EventManager.LogEvent(Mastercam.IO.Types.MessageSeverityType.InformationalMessage,"",Mastercam.IO.FileManager.CurrentFileName); //open the folder containing the current mastercam file in windows explorer System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(ret.FullName);
  11. byte

    What did I do?!?

    If the problem happens again, gcodes suggested to run file->repair file is a good one.
  12. byte

    What did I do?!?

    You can test if it's a sheet solid by attempting to use model prep functions like modelprep menu functions : -> optomize -> repair small faces ->simplify along with model prep move/push pull etc. The first three would be your best bet to fix up your model if it is a true solid.
  13. byte

    Locking multiple sessions of the same part

    All of the NETHook API only stuff I have built has worked on my lowest version x9. I am unsure about X7-X8
  14. I think Zaffin_D made some kind of a patch for the issue, I will look for the post.

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