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  1. c++

    Why does mastercam work in reverse?

    Lol u blasted him tho.
  2. c++

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    I cut honeycomb panels and wood plastics, solid surface etc, so this doesn't benefit me at all!!(Simple Drill No Peck) but I am happy for you guys lol
  3. c++

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    I know just the guy to break Mastercam, I actually sent you guys one of his "Masterpieces" via my reseller IHS, I don't know if you would have seen it, a circle mill toolpath bigger than the moon, anyway this dude breaks everything, I'll have to have him sink his teeth into 2021 when It becomes available.
  4. c++


    Ex-plane! Was that a pun Jayson?
  5. c++

    Creating curves from solids

    I believe what you are looking for is the Transform->Project function. If it gives you an error no projections found you may need to restart Mastercam.
  6. Hi Roger, Converting a single spline to a single Arc. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there was a "simplify spline function that could render spliney circles into arc? I noticed this one -> 24 DllImpExp short remove_nodes(ent *old_sp, bool color_them, 25 double max_error, ent *new_sp);
  8. I am going to start to work on a scripting API for Mastercam, I know the available options for me are vbscript(already has an extensive api) C# script with roslyn or a user based interpreter, f# script , possibly some kind of c++ script, or python for .net script with Iron python. A new interpreted language would also be possible. Even something that is a new form of .net language depending how many years I plan fot this to take. I woild appreciate any suggestions.
  9. Hi all, I created this thread so that we can share what projects we are working on if we want/are allowed to share. I am working on some toolpathing functions personally, tou can see my work on the api_tools thread.
  10. c++

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    Yes, this is very good for deep hole drilling, I can't sah that I have ever tried the custom cycles but I will take your word for it that it is complicated. I can't wait to hear more of what's new! Drill is only one of the areas where mastercam needs some work. Would be nice to see some enhancements in FBM toolpaths and Nesting. Also would like to see osciliatilon motion in pocket toolpath.
  11. c++

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    Looks good Colin , is this a *new operation?
  12. I believe so yes, if that is the case then all your users could point to the same network location making it easy for you to update, although I do not recommend this since the network delay may cause you problems.
  13. Hi Karl, I would start by checking if the path on the end users computer is set to the "local" location on the users computer : File -> Configuration -> Files -> Custom Add-In (dll)
  14. Check out the latest version of my project here : https://github.com/Crazyturtlez/api_tools

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