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  1. content creator

    Mastercam 2020 Constantly shuts off without warning.

    The SDK team found a memory leak in one of my chooks, soo maybe that was the problem, if that's the case its weird it only affected Mastercam 2020 not 2018, there was a function I was using called ps_tag_to_mc_ents, I guess it is allocating memory with malloc and I missed the note where it said I needed to call free()
  2. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

    I see the troll horn sounded and they are gathering.. ^
  3. Unless NEThook has updated it does not support lathe or wire operations, like many things this would probably require c++ If you explain in great detail, what you are trying to do, I could write you a wrapper class for it, that you could use kn You could import operations thats about it..
  4. content creator

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    I read some of the old topics, I saw how you tried to help.. You are one of the good guys g..
  5. content creator

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Its funny, today I made a part with a little groove in the top same as that part, my pocket operation had the same little gouge from the tool trying to pass... I just drew a little rectangle to trim it, I don't see that I would have saved any time this way..still cool tho
  6. content creator

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Seem like fun! Some kinda nci driven op that uses virtual lines to trim the path, nb nb
  7. content creator

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    I am no computer whiz, but I am pretty sure that's what mastercam does. Uses the gpu and cpu to render your gcode, rather than writing it by hand.. I think the dude was confused..
  8. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

    Okay, you have everyones attention, shoot.
  9. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

    Not gna lie that made me laugh. No you should call mastercam.
  10. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

    Badmouthing your reseller on the forum is a no no.
  11. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

  12. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

    He probably had his monitor off.. "The screen locked up!!!"
  13. content creator

    Multiaxis crash

    yOU need to stahp, laughed so hard I spilled water all over my gamer keyboard.
  14. content creator

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    You musn't speak the dark lords name!
  15. content creator

    Did you know Mastercam has "hidden" 5-axis toolpaths?

    I linked my topic on installing the required sofrware and creating the most basic add on here, I will gradually be adding more advanced tutorials... at the moment I am very burned out so progress is slow.. but it will pick back up What do you cad in the other 95%? You may have told me before but i 4got.. Just curious what the pros are using these days..

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