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  1. Peter Evans

    Mastercam 2020 Mask on Arc bug

    If these issues continue I would personally recommend to develop your own function using a CHOOK or NETHOOK it wouldn't be a lot of work.
  2. Hi all, I am looking to create active reports setup sheets for large MCX files that may contain many duplicate Tools,I would the setup sheets to filter out the duplicates for the tool list, however i'm new to using this feature, any advice would be great.
  3. I am currently looking for information on creating stock setup and accessing the dimensions of the stock using a Chook or Nethook (or both if necessary). I'm not sure if this functionality exists in the chook SDK or NETHOOK_3.This would be for use in Mastercam 2018.
  4. Peter Evans

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    If indeed you saved over it you could try to "restore" the folder it is located in by right clicking on the folder selecting properties and selecting "previous version".
  5. Peter Evans

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    You could try merging the file into a new mcx and importing the operation geometry.
  6. Peter Evans

    Machining a slot in inconel

    If you do go the machining route you might try evacuating the bulk of the material using a drill prior to milling.
  7. Peter Evans


    Yes, in the mastercam help file there is a list of the chooks supplied with mastercam and their functionality. Search Chooks in the help file then select Chooks and Nethooks :: Chooks provided with mastercam . Here is the mastercam 2018 list. Input utilities DXFRescuer Loads and converts non-standard DXF data from AutoCad® files Digitize Enters points, lines, and splines from a digitizer Machine Probe to Points Converts 3D (XYZ), 5D (XYZ AB), or 8D (XYZ AB UVW) probe center data into splines. Used for reverse engineering of machine probe position data. Wireframe geometry Arc MultiEdit Resizes multiple arcs simultaneously Asphere Creates the geometry for an aspherical lens BreakCircles Breaks full circles into smaller arcs DrillPt Draws point entities at the center points of your arcs FindOverlap C-Hook Finds and deletes overlapping entities Fplot Plots a mathematical function Gear Creates one tooth or all teeth of an involute spur or internal gear GridPock Fills a pocket with points or circles or draws points along its boundary Hole Table Parameters Creates a table which categorizes, counts, and labels holes or circles MedialAxis Generates geometry on the medial axis of a closed pocket boundary Points to Circles Creates circles around all selected Points PullUp Parameters Repositions nodes of a parametric spline in positive Z direction Sort Circles Sorts all full circles in the part by size and plane Sprocket Creates the geometry for a sprocket Please Select a Font Creates single lines of text on lines, curves, and other geometric entities WholeSpline Converts a trimmed spline into an untrimmed spline of the same shape vHelix Creates a helix with a variable pitch zSpiral Creates a spiral with a specific height and diameter Surfaces and solids ConsToSpline Converts surface curves to parametric splines CoonsSurf Creates a surface from a grid of curves, called a Coons surface CreateBoundary Creates a 2D or 3D boundary curve around a set of surfaces or around the theoretical machined area for specific tool sizes CreateFillets Creates fillets at surface and solids intersections FlattenSurf Produces a planar surface from a 3-dimensional non-planar surface Map Maps a surface curve from one surface to another Rev2Rev Converts a surface to a new surface based on a specified number of U/V patches STLHeal Repairs gaps in an STL file Toolpath utilities AgieReg Provides data entry for AgieVision controls Arc3D Converts linear moves into 2D or 3D arcs Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) Add-on A NET-Hook that imports part files and automatically assigns toolpaths to the geometry and nests the toolpaths. This is typically used for cabinet applications Comp3D Adds surface compensation vectors to 3-axis surface toolpaths to support machine controls that have 3D tool compensation Rolldie Creates toolpaths around a rotary axis Swept2r Adds roughing passes and a choice of one-way/zig-zag cutting to a swept 2D toolpath ThreadC Creates a thread on a selected chain Tool holders Checkholder Tests tool holder against part geometry for clearance Multiaxis toolpaths Focus5ax Modifies the tool axis of a 5-axis toolpath so that it points through either a line or a single point Posts, machine definitions, control definitions MpbinX Utility Encrypts all or part of a post as a binary post Update Post Upgrades post processors from Version 9 or earlier to work with Mastercam. Optionally creates machine and control definitions from earlier posts Steady Rest Component Boundaries Defines the boundaries for an existing steady rest machine component for lathe machine definitions MD_CD_PST_Rename Renames the post processor, machine definition, and control definition Screen and views BlankDuplicates Locates duplicate entities and blanks them, instead of deleting them Metafile Saves the contents of the graphics window to a .EMF file Support utilities Control Definition Compare Compares two control definitions (or their post text) and highlights the differences Zip2Go Gathers and compresses the open (current) Mastercam part data into a .z2g file. This file can then be opened and viewed with most zip/unzip programs such as WinZip™. Use Zip2Go when you need to transfer a part file to a technical support contact.
  8. Go to and request a 2018 HLE demo you will need to provide your information then they should be able to accommodate you.
  9. Peter Evans

    2D Start Point

    In the chain manager right click on the chain and select start point to dynamically change your start position,
  10. Peter Evans

    auto selecting drill point

    After clicking the first arc drag a "window" around the area where your circles are located.
  11. Peter Evans

    auto selecting drill point

    Use Mask on arc to drill holes at the center of all the arcs whose diameter matches one that you select. Click Mask on arc, and select an arc from the graphics window. Mastercam reads its diameter and displays it in the dialog box. Mastercam you can select arcs whose diameter is within the specified tolerance to the first arc. Use the Selection Bar options (like window selection) to select the other arcs. Arcs can be either open or closed.
  12. Cool, I didn't want to give an incomplete example. I'm sure you will get set up no problem.
  13. I added two more repositories on git, the wrapper example and the nethook example. FYI the DLL generated by the c++/cli project will need to be stored in the same folder as mastercam.
  14. My GitHub is Crazyturtlez if you give me your username I will access you to the project, I couldn't upload the whole C++ project, it's very large .The header and cpp files are there, the rest of it is just. a c-hook wizard file set static library with references to the sdk headers .lib files etc.
  15. So I made 3 projects a C++ project that exports sdk functions in a static library (.lib) a c++/cli project that has a definition of the functions in c# and c++ and exports the functions to a dynamic link library, and a c# project that imports the functions from the c++/cli project.

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