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  1. Thank you so much!!! You have no Idea how huge this is for us, we have been bleeding on machine hours.
  2. I confirmed 100 % this was the issue a simple mistake but expensive, would any of you happen to know if this can be updated via edit common parameters?
  3. Looks like the Automatically set to post values was unchecked in some Template operations. I was able to find an affected program and operation once I knew what to look for. +1 Thank you very much Jjones and everyone who commented!
  4. My Mill page in control def looks like this --> pic2.bmp pic1.bmp
  5. Thank you for the info!! I will try it when I get back to the office.
  6. Start by displaying your lowest z depth and tool length in a textbox using the format in the example.
  7. No it is just an example. Your tool length will be positive and your z depth will be negative (usually). So you will need to account for that in your equation.
  8. peter ~

    Beginning Mastercam

    I prefer selecting views via buttons on the quick access toolbar which is customizable via right clicking in the top menu area and selecting customize, you can also map "hotkeys" from the same menu.
  9. Yes it is possible, we would need the variable names for your overall length and z-depth. Then write your function something like the following example : Dim overall_length As Double overall_length = -0.5 Dim zdepth As Double zdepth = -1.0 If zdepth < overall_length Then MessageBox.Show("Tool Overall Length : " & overall_length & " Z-Depth : " & zdepth) End If
  10. peter ~

    threading tool setup

    Logically, for your setup and code to work you would need to do both as you need both values to accurately measure your tool, which I suppose creates an "imaginary" point using the "Leading Edge" : Z coordinate and the "Point " : X coordinate . This point would be your reference of how deep to go into the part on each axis.
  11. peter ~

    Open avoidance region alarm

    I believe it is asking for a "closed" chain.
  12. Hi pcrobotic, You need to add the reference to winforms in order to use the function MessageBox: I don't normally use VB but I double checked the code you need to add above your function in order for it to work is Imports System.Windows.Forms '//then Sub ActiveReport_ReportStart MessageBox.Show("Message") End Sub I tested it the assembly for winforms is there so this will work, let me know if you have any more issues.
  13. Yes you are correct he did not copy correctly.
  14. Okay I will investigate further I am not very familiar with active reports, It is possible the Scripting language in use doesn't observe the same "rules" as for applications. I will get back to you when I know more.
  15. Its a reference to System.Windows.Forms are you able to add a reference to that assembly with your script compiler? then add using System.Windows.Forms at the top

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