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  1. Does the mastercam event log show a resource error? Does it show the function being launched?
  2. I took a quick look ( I have Mastercam 2020 now) I believe you need to enable pre-drilling in fbm. Next to ensure you have the right tool only include the drill and reamers you need in your library.
  3. Hi, does anybody know how to do this? this : ->Launch a Nethook on McStartup each time ->Rename the Machine Group or Toolpath Group to the username.
  4. This is important so I can easily package my scripting system into one dll, even if the c++ stuff has to be loaded from a separate dll, it doesn't affect the deployment, 1 dll that will be able to loaded any scripts the user creates.
  5. I didn't manage that method,it seems like what the compiler does with the dynamic keyword is beyond me at least for now, however this helped me a lot :
  6. //CallScript.cpp //reference needed to Microsoft.Scripting & IronPython void main() { auto pythonengine = IronPython::Hosting::Python::CreateEngine(); auto scope = pythonengine->CreateScope(); pythonengine->ExecuteFile("", scope); auto scriptrunner = scope->GetVariable("Scriptrunner"); auto scriptrunnerInstance = pythonengine->Operations->CreateInstance(scriptrunner); auto result = pythonengine->Operations->InvokeMember(scriptrunnerInstance, "runscript"); System::Console::WriteLine(result);//no dynamic cast auto stringresult = dynamic_cast<System::String^>(result); System::Console::WriteLine(stringresult);//dynamic cast System::Console::ReadKey(); } #calling iron python from c++/cli project ^ class Scriptrunner: def runscript(self): return 'Python script function activated!' #iron python code ^ Hi, I found an easier option than what I was attempting to do before, I posted it above. ^
  7. That's, really cool, unfortunately there is a lot of red tape for me to get templates installed, so I have to build from scratch every time.
  8. The first time you build the project is the hardest, after that it gets easier.
  9. Cool, thanks for clearing that up, any news if the C++.Cli templates will be part of that update?
  10. Is this different from the .props file?
  11. Is there a function to break spines into lines and arcs yet?
  12. peter~

    Transform toolpath in random locations

    Okay, it seems like a good idea, although I do not trust transform because I have seen in incorrectly translate surfacing toolpaths, it handles most things quite well.

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