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  1. That's, really cool, unfortunately there is a lot of red tape for me to get templates installed, so I have to build from scratch every time.
  2. The first time you build the project is the hardest, after that it gets easier.
  3. Cool, thanks for clearing that up, any news if the C++.Cli templates will be part of that update?
  4. Is this different from the .props file?
  5. Is there a function to break spines into lines and arcs yet?
  6. peter~

    Transform toolpath in random locations

    Okay, it seems like a good idea, although I do not trust transform because I have seen in incorrectly translate surfacing toolpaths, it handles most things quite well.
  7. peter~

    Drilling without drilling?

    I really like your idea, and it gave me a lot of ideas.
  8. peter~

    Transform toolpath in random locations

    If you could link your request we could all +1 it on the forum.
  9. peter~

    Transform toolpath in random locations

    What you could do, is make an operation file with your toolpath positioned on x0. Y0. Then import operation with geometry and select the corner of each pocket.
  10. peter~

    Looking for some suggestions

    Hmm, ok, I will open a ticket to obtain the project once my current tickets are concluded, I have been wanting to explore stock model functionality,if and when I come up with something I will notify you.
  11. I believe the base project is available on the visual studio marketplace.
  12. The projects can be accessed here ->
  13. peter~

    Looking for some suggestions

    What version of mastercam are you using? There might be a solution, I have seen cnc software say they have a chook project thay deals with pmesh/stl stuff, it might do what you want.
  14. peter~

    Drilling without drilling?

    I'm out of allotted space I added the .mcam 2018 file to my git -> github

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