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  1. Thee Byte™

    Solid Model - Hole Axis

    Colin mentioned on another thread it only works if you hit it once, it doesnt seem to do much to mee..
  2. Thee Byte™

    Solid Model - Hole Axis

    lol, your words not mine,.
  3. Thee Byte™

    Solid Model - Hole Axis

    You could auto-fill it using windows with a hook or an application, but that goes for any window, and not easily done. Heck a smart enough guy might even get it done use vba in excel, since the windows api is available. Saying their is no method is misleading.
  4. Thee Byte™

    Config gremlins reset my config.

    I keep copies of my workspace files on my backup drive and have copies of them named different extensions I can rename if needed. I keep zipped copies of my mastercam and shared mastercam, there were some other files than .config and .workspace that were causing crash on startup, we opted to backup the whole folder rather than further trace the issue,
  5. You have to change the cplane to front view, on the icon with the green arrows in the plane manager, there is a dropdown menu, select the cplane follows gview option, it will help.
  6. Thee Byte™

    Config gremlins reset my config.

    The .workspace file in my mastercam/config is the one u need to backup.
  7. Thee Byte™

    Advice for Toolpath, Please

    Red and dark green are lead in /lead out/entry motion, blue is toolpath, yellow is rapid,light green is geometry
  8. Thee Byte™

    Surface Flowline surface orientation

    Ya do them as two separate toolpaths or reflow uv on one of the surfaces. I would take the opportunity and do reflow uv if you are in 2021
  9. Thee Byte™

    Screwy arc output

    The variable and function names used are very unclear. You probably won't encounter this very often if you haven't before, that being said, it might be a good idea to talk to the author about it.
  10. Thee Byte™

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    If you can duplicate this please send it to qc<at>Mastercam<dot>com with the step to reproduce this and a zip2go. If you can share it with me, I can look for short term workarounds while you wait for a fix.
  11. Thee Byte™

    Screwy arc output

    I mean, I guess not right! Is this a big problem for you Zeke?
  12. Thee Byte™

    Screwy arc output

    That's interesting, you would know better than me whats under the hood. Are you referring only to the contents of the database or..
  13. Thee Byte™

    Screwy arc output

    Not all values are stored as floating point types. You have the whole number types short - int - long - long long, which all store different sizes of numbers. Floating point numbers would typically be float(7 decimal places) or double(15 decimal places).
  14. Thee Byte™

    Screwy arc output

    So the lead in is the issue? If its set to pct maybe set it to a rounded value instead.

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