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  1. Invalid tool

    Guys we absolutely need to see the custom tool and it being used in a failing operation. Please send it in to
  2. The New Verify

    Rickster - You are correct the fast forward to end button is analogous to the Turbo mode in old verify.
  3. The New Verify

    bedwards, At the top of the operations manager there is a button called Backplot Verify Options, in there there is a setting to turn comp on or off.
  4. STL is even more horible

    We have isolated the issue you are seeing. It is not a conspiracy to get everyone to move to the stock model tool. It is the side affect of fixing another issue that resulted in the normals in the .stl file being defined differently. The .stl data is perfectly valid as OneYankFan1 has seen when he used the .stl model in the simulator. The issue is in the rendering done in Mastercam. We already have a fix for this in X8 that you will see in the first public beta in May and we are working on a solution for MU2.
  5. x7 Mu1 verify and compare not showing minus stock condition.

    Robert, Looks like a bug in the 3 axis engine. I logged it as D-13699 and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  6. Mastercam Verify 5x mode

    Yes we did add this to .xml file for those people that really need it. However doing so may cost you time on simpler parts as the biggest benefit to the 3 axis engine is speed. For the vast majority of people the automatic selection is the best option.
  7. Live tooling issue in Verify

    Hi Jack, We have this issue fixed in our daily builds. It did not make the MU2 release because we didn't fix it quickly enough to make the cutoff date for MU. It was bit more involved than we had anticipated which caused the delay. You can see a version with this fix in it, when X8 goes into public beta which is on schedule for the first half of May. This was fixed under issue D-08857.
  8. X7 Verify settings - Solid model

    You can also turn off the collision checking between the tool and the stock with the pull-down on the Home tab. Each section of the tool can be collision checked, by turning off all but the cutting length you would be bypassing the problem with the shoulder on the tool.
  9. X7 verify compare stock

    Greg: We do not at this point have a way to have a defaulted external .stl, the default state is to use the workpiece (whatever is displayed in Mastercam when entering Verify) as the default item to compare. I will add a request on your behalf to allow this to be defaulted.
  10. Verify glitch?

    BBprecise - This was a bug that was fixed in X7MU2. This will be released shortly to the public, we are just finalizing everything for the installation at this time.
  11. X7 verify background color

    Chipman: I already logged it for you.
  12. X7 verify background color

    It is automatically assigned the same color as Mastercam. You don't have independent control at this time.
  13. X7 Verify - Doesn't Verify Ghosted Operations?

    The development of the new backplot and verify tool gave us an opportunity to take a step back and determine what we are trying to achieve with these tools. The ultimate goal is to give the user a visualization of the in-process through to the final part. Identification of gouges and undesirable motion, and confirm the part is ready to manufacture. Mastercams operation manager is not a sequencer, meaning all operations aren't necessarily posted and output. We asked why people ghost items in the interface and we received feedback that it was to prevent the items from being posted, often these ops are 'what if' scenarios or alternate methods to machine so keeping them is desirable. In backplot/verify we wanted to respect what the user was intending and by ghosting we are being told don't output. If you have a large number of ops and take the time to ghost some, we still want the user to be able to select all and have the ghosted ops not verified.
  14. Saving an STL from Verify

    Dodgerfan - Lathe stock technology is based on a 2D spun profile. The software updates the stock with every move of the tool which requires the lathe stock to be recalculated each time. Lathe toolpaths typically have less moves than a mill part. In Mill we cannot assume a 2D stock model and updating with every move would be horrifically slow without much benefit. That's why we implemented the stock model as an operation type of tool that gives you the power to decide when a stock model is needed.
  15. BACK BORES, O-RING ugh...

    Cementhead - Please send in a part with the tools you are using to I would like to see why we aren't supporting the tools you are using. Also please let me know which version of Mastercam you are using.

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