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  1. actually I found it. I created a z2g file and got it from there
  2. man I appreciate the help I think ill just ask our IT guy to give it to me im not seeing anything lol
  3. Wonder with it being on a server if its blocked out cause I do not see that under mine anywhere
  4. whats the number look like all I see is the ip address
  5. Hey where do you find your hasp as I am on a network and not sure where to find the #. just want to make my account legit do not want people thinking im pirating my MasterCam. This is how I feed the family. So the better I am the better we eat lol.
  6. Ok thanks I did that on my other post that wouldn't work as well for the older machines post and his idea work. Ive noticed that it says you used to do online post classes where can I find them to watch ?
  7. ok thank you and Colin that worked thank both of yall for the help much appreciated. thanks for the tip on the copy and paste as well I was looking for that lastnight when I was writing the post
  8. Im trying to figure out how to add G64 at the end of the tool after my G05 P0 turning off high speed to turn my High Speed Smoothing off. I see it in my post but its not turning the G64 on not sure why its not working I have a postability post that says the same thing and it works so im not sure just trying to add it to my other post for a different machine
  9. Bama

    TOOL #'S

    im actually in Tennessee but I bleed CCRIMSON!!!!
  10. Bama

    TOOL #'S

    one post that is a cnc post which is my generic 4th axis post. Then my 5 axis post is fro CadCam solutions so its a custom post from them that is IHS like you pointed out earlier.
  11. Bama

    TOOL #'S

    I have one that's cnc and one that's his. Its one that we got from CadCam solutions the other I think is one that the prior guys before me put together
  12. Bama

    TOOL #'S

    hanks I really appreciate your time and thoughts. is his class on this site?

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