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  1. You have to go through the versions page. Go Diagnosis, version ,right soft key twice, then you should be able to type in the box. Type 1131.Then hit Diagnosis again then version again and now to the far right there should be another tab that says version hit it. Then its actually a Q parameter its the Q4 it needs to be set to 4 mine was on 1. I would power down and power back up as this may need that procedure.
  2. Bama


    Just dont want to step on my resellers toes by going over there head also. And I really like the PostAbility post they come already neat when you post and not cluttered up.
  3. Bama


    Thanks Colin. I will give him a call
  4. We just got 2 new 5th axis Robodrills. Im thinking the post is backwards we have the 5th axis mounted on the leftside of the table but I think its posting for either the right-side or with the A rotating in Y axis instead of the X. Is there a way to tell which one the post is for as I am at work and nobody is at my resellers right now to ask or confirm and im kinda needing to get this thing running. I've tried the Fanuc 5th axis post that comes with MasterCam but it doesn't post my G68.2 for my tool tip. Very frustrating. The post is actually a Postability post figured it would be pretty solid but not sure if anyone communicated which side our rotary would be on so I figured that had to be some switch to change in the post.
  5. Im trying to rename one of my integers and I keep getting an alarm that's says it is active but im not using it . Im trying to add one but really not sure where in the post to add it. Ive read the earlier post on it and can make it do it on every tool but I just want to be able to turn it on the tools that I want to as far as if the program runs the tool back to back. Im not wanting it to touch the tool off at the end every time. im wanting it for a tool break detect integer or real but struggling with where to add it in the post where it doesn't do it at every tool.
  6. Bama


    Yeah I just put my Start Angle and Entry/Exit arc sweep to 0 and check mark start at center and runs cutter comp fine for me as well.
  7. Bama


    Got it it was actually in the machine def
  8. Bama


    N2 G49 T2 M06 (1/2 6 FLUTE EM E3105) G00 G90 G17 G54 G00 B0. C0. M10 M68 G08 P1 N2 G49 T2 M06 (1/2 6 FLUTE EM E3105) G00 G90 G17 G54 G00 A0. C0. M10 M68 G08 P1 The top one is how it is now. The bottom one is the way I want it with the A & B swapped out.
  9. Tried looking to see if this had already been discussed no luck. I have a post for a RoboDril fanuc 31i. I think when the machine was installed they asked the installer or applications guy to change how it look at the B axis as far as how it read . Wether it be a letter B or A. they wanted it to read A. my question is is there somewhere in the post where we can change it to read A instead of B. not sure why they requested it other than to make it like our Mazak machines so it wouldn't be confusing for the operators. Thanks in advance
  10. got it Bud figured out where and how to put it and it worked thank you for you help it is much appreciated for sure
  11. and man I appreciate all the help! im wanting to learn this stuff so I don't have to lean on my reseller but I know there are things that are past my limits also.
  12. Where in the post does that go?
  13. Whats the best way to tap in mastercam never done it ive always threadmilled it but its a M2.5 x .45 thread and if I could tap it it be nice or would you single point it and call it a day? just really wondering how other people do stuff really. And how to tap in mastercam
  14. Bama

    2D Start Point

    Open your Geometry right click on the chain and go to start point then you can put it where you want it on the chain. Then what I do is go into lead in lead out in parameters and control it with that>

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