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  1. jwvt88

    Restmill not going to full depth

    I use OptiRest as well.
  2. jwvt88


    Maybe that is a difference between companies as well. We have 3 USB hasps at my company and only 1 has multiaxis.
  3. jwvt88


    That would be correct depending on your options. Floating licenses vs HASP, and options within MC. Lots of addons available. 5ax alone is very pricey and has other things that aren't accessible without it. Productivity+ for probing is another addon. In all, MC is reasonably priced with others. Around the middle of the pack.
  4. jwvt88

    Looking for some suggestions

    Really hard to say man, as transitioning software is always a big and time consuming hurdle. What I CAN say in my (albiet limited) 9 month experience in MC, that if I was given a die shoe/post or an injection mold cavity to program in MC(my previous experience is in med/large molds like bedliner or bathtub, and class A dies, like hoods, doors, fenders), I would be overwhelmed. MC in my opinion seems to excel in the area where my present company is using it, where we have a lot of time to dial in toolpaths to shave literally seconds off parts. If we have a 3 minute production part we can shave a few seconds off of them then the bosses are happier(big deal when you have 100k or a million parts to run) and this is something that would be much harder to do in other software I think just because there is limited manipulation of programming(They dumb it down and make it a lot more user friendly). But on something like a mold or die where a few minutes isn't a huge deal, I could save literally days of programming in other software. I could do 6 shoes with posts per shift, it's scary to think how long it would take me in MC. I would say sticking with MC would be wise if your company is at a limited growth rate or stable. If you are rapidly growing and hiring a lot of people(think double the size in roughly 5 years), I think looking into other software could be a reasonable option as it would enable you to hire an expert in that software to ease the pains. If you stick with MC, it could be worth it to maybe hire a contractor for a few months to come in and really try to standardize your systems and set you up for success. If the company was already considering other software then an expense like this shouldn't be overwhelming.
  5. jwvt88

    Looking for some suggestions

    I agree, but I just think that MC should give an option when importing an STL to make it a mesh or not, it would save a lot of hassle. I've seen some similar things in the past in other softwares, but its generally due to file size, not like this.
  6. jwvt88

    Looking for some suggestions

    There's a lot to touch on here, but I believe your fastest solution lies within exporting the stock model from Mastercam, rather than the Simulator/Verify. That fixed this issue for me. The issue of your stock models not working, in my experience just means they're too big(which also means they're taking too long to calculate). You can resolve this by either loosening tolerances, or breaking them up. I use a lot of rest machining referencing stock models so I don't have this issue too much, but once you feel its taking too long to crunch a stock model, just create a new one, and reference your previous stock model in the new one. The biggest issue with this method is if you have to go back and edit something you're stuck re crunching a bunch of rest pathing and stock models again, but that's just part of it in MC I guess.
  7. jwvt88

    2019/2020 issues

    My colleague had a similar issue after changing to new stand/sit desks. He isn't super computer saavy and plugged his monitors into the board instead of the GPU so he was using motherboard graphics. For him it was simple change plugs and restart, but you may need to disable onboard graphics in the bios or something.
  8. jwvt88

    Mastercam 2021 Public Beta 1

    MC2021 Beta 1 WhatsNew.pdf ReadMe.pdf MCfSW 2021 Beta1 MCfSW_WhatsNew.pdf MCfSW_ReadMe.pdf
  9. jwvt88

    Mcam on my Surface Pro not starting

    I think that it should work but strictly as a viewer, since most companies won't pay for Vericut or NCSimul. Tablets have a lot of uses these days around a machine shop, I'm actually surprised there isn't a separate viewer already available.
  10. jwvt88

    Mcam on my Surface Pro not starting

    I would try running it in compatibility for Windows 7. My tool manager was crashing quite often(I would rush to draw a tool holder and sometimes not make it in time). I switched to Windows 7 and...it still crashes, but not nearly as often.
  11. jwvt88

    Creating Custom Holders

    Worked fine for me after I deleted the duplicate line on the y axis.
  12. jwvt88

    Making 2018 the default open application

    My coworker is having this problem but its not with his .mcam, its his .step files are opening in 2018. He just mentioned it the other day and I tried to change it and no luck, it just kept reverting to 2018. I go into that default apps by type, and it doesn't give him the option to select McamVersionSelector Executable. Any other ideas?
  13. jwvt88

    I know i'm out of line for this question

    I haven't used FeatureCam(yet), but I wouldn't be scared to try to learn it. I have pretty significant experience in PowerMill and Tebis, moderate experience in 3ax WorkNC and beginner GibbsCam, and now I still feel like a beginner in MasterCam. If you can program in one, then you can learn another. Fortunately MasterCam has a good forum for help since many employers won't pay for formal in-class training(grrr...). If I end up looking for a new employer in a few years I will definitely look for PowerMill or Tebis again. I've been using MasterCam since June 19' and it still takes me DAYS to program something I could have done in 3 hours before while simultaneously running 2-3 mills. Fortunately for me, my job seems to mostly consist of implementing systems to build efficiency, cohesion and standardization. If only I had unlimited funds for this and everyone on the same page it would be much easier. I do feel like MasterCam is losing its market share to other CAM softwares. To my understanding, Fusion 360(similar to FeatureCam), is the fastest growing(market share gaining) CAM software, partially due to their very low cost, and their (free?) licenses to many schools and students. I've always welcomed change and challenges, and I think it would be to your benefit to learn FeatureCam, especially if you're younger, anything to build a resume is good in this industry.
  14. jwvt88

    Machsim MCAM2020

    Yeah I'm in the same situation. Last Quarter they had me get quotes and compare different verification softwares. Now when MMS sends emails about them we forward them.
  15. jwvt88

    Machsim MCAM2020

    I've had this issue many times too. Couldn't figure out how to resolve it. But oddly in a large file(for this shop 200-300 operations), sometimes it would pick and choose where it wanted to start. It would sometimes start many tools down the list then go back and do other things. I've since resorted to just using the Verify instead since I don't have these issues there.

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