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    G43.4 and G68.2 Error Questions

    That was how our post processor posted the code out. I was just reading up on using FPM verses inverse time. Ill bring this up when I talk to our post processor developer about our other issues. Thanks for the info
  2. KevinMSC

    G43.4 and G68.2 Error Questions

    This post processor was bought for this machine through our mastercam distributor. I currently have a service ticket in with them but still haven't heard anything. While I am waiting I figured i could post here to see if I could learn anymore info and if it was actually the post processor or if I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the reply!
  3. I recently started trying to perform multi axis operations on our OKK VP600 5axis. Up until this point all of our 3 axis operations worked fine with our mastercam 19 post processor. Earlier I tried to run a simple multi surface code that when I ran it threw up error"PS5421 illegal command in G43.4/G43.5" on our Fanuc series 310is-model A5 controller. The simulation in master cam went fine and the simulation on the machine went fine. I've never had any issues running multiaxis codes on our other machines which have a rotating head as opposed to this machine which has a trunnion table. I posted a sample of my code below. I know this has something to do with TCP but I am unsure how to fix this. G00 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. M79 M11 G90 A0. C0. N1 T3 (0.5 SPHERICAL / BALL-NOSED ENDMILL) M06 G54 G17 G90 G00 A-90. C90. G43.4 H3 X0. Y-6.6062 Z5.85 S2139 M03 G94 G05 P10000 Z3.85 G01 Z1.85 F25. G93 C92.102 F472.46 C94.282 F456.31 C96.541 F440.02 C98.882 F423.9 Another code I tried to run used a rotated machining plane when I tried to run this code I got the error "0010 Improper G Code" when it hit the line with G68.2 G00 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. M79 M11 G90 A0. C0. N1 T1 (1/2 FLAT ENDMILL) M06 G54 G17 G90 G00 A-90. C-90. G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I90. J90. K0. G53.1 M78 M10 X-10.8459 Y.175 S2139 M03 G43 H1 Z10.1609 G94 G05 P10000 Z1.5625 G01 Z1.2157 F6.42 X-10.348 Y.2208 F32.09 G03 X-9.8958 Y.7645 I-.0458 J.4979 I am really looking for any help I can get right now. I am unsure if it is something I am doing wrong with the machine set up since this is our first trunnion table machine or if our post processor needs to be updated. Thank You!
  4. This is my first time trying to create a custom thread mill in mastercam 19. I followed some previous forms/tutorials and am still having issues. I am trying to get it to create a single point insert thread mill (Kennemetal 5593134). I have tried 2 ways so far first I tried importing the tool file that i downloaded from kennametals NOVO app which gave me the correct geometry however the threads that mastercam was overlaying did not line up. Second I brought in a DXF of the tool and sketched out half the profile then tried to create a tool with that but it came up with a different geometry and the threads did not line up again. I attached some pictures as well as the stp file of the tool. I would appreciate any help I can get on here especially knowing if this tool is even possible to use with mastercam thread mill tool path. Thanks! Thread Mill.DXF KTMDUED144L512Z3.STP KTMDUED144L512Z3 Tool Outline.mcam

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