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  1. Make sure there aren't any filters on when you select the tools
  2. ajmer

    Tolerance offset

    Or use model prep and pull the diameters to the correct mid tolerance values you want.
  3. ajmer

    5 Axis Tool Cutting Into Part

    hey Tyler, long time no talk.
  4. ajmer

    5 Axis Tool Cutting Into Part

    i added collision check and removed extend tool to infinity its not gouging now but it does a wierd move Sample.mcam
  5. ajmer

    Overlap cut lines with nesting?

    try this open a new tool path nesting click the exclamation mark then do your nesting operations
  6. open the pst file look for this brk_mv_head : 1 #Break the 5 axis moves to remove gouge and change to this brk_mv_head : 0 #Break the 5 axis moves to remove gouge
  7. You have to initialize the variable Add this somewhere near the top of the post, it needs this for it to work. Or look for other initilized variable and put it on a line by itself macroprogno : 0
  8. ajmer

    Creating Points in Mcam 2018

    Hit the space bar and the box should pop up
  9. ajmer

    To many retracts!

    Check your misc values 1 of them is making it retract between passes
  10. ajmer

    Graphics in Simulator Choppy

    in the verify tab go to file options make sure that it is set to always use 5 axis engine
  11. ajmer

    Opti rough never cuts faces?!?!

    try making the step up the same as the step down that should take a pass at all the flat areas
  12. you will have to repeat the X and Y position on the G83 etc line N49 T3 M6 N50 G0 G90 G54 X-6.3706 Y1.9734 A0. S900 M3 N51 G43 H3 Z1. M8 N52 G98 G83 X-6.3706 Y1.9734 Z-2.9 R.1 Q.25 F1. N53 Y.9547 N54 Y-2.5492 N55 Y-3.5679 N56 X-2.0199 not sure what post you are using but most posts have this line force_dpts : no$ #Force XY output on all drilling lines including cycle call? change to yes$
  13. ajmer

    Cycle Definition text files

    it is probably the language that windows is using check to see if it is using Canada English or Us english open the pst file of the one that is causing you grief search for language in the file change the Ca to US or the US to CA in the offending file save the file then reload the machine def
  14. ajmer

    Solid problem PLEASE HELP!

    take a look at this file I used the 2 rail method that leigh mentioned I did it in 2018 so I saved it as a step aswell ajmer_ihs_rotary die.stp ajmer_ihs_rotary die.mcam

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