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  1. ajmer

    Contour Skipping Sections

    the walls of your PAWS are vertical and the floor is horizontal if all you want to do is go around shape just use a 2d contour see attached fileajmer_ihs_Tiger Paw Convex_new.emcam
  2. ajmer

    Backing up the quick access toolbar in 2020

    try copying the workspace file in teh config directory C:\Users\user.name\Documents\My Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\CONFIG
  3. ajmer

    Project Curves offset issue

    seems that it doesnt like center drills if you change to a ball mill it works right away
  4. ajmer

    Size matters :-)

    First thing to try is deleting the workspace file. Close mastercam and go here It will be in my documents/my mcam 2018/config folder Then delete the workspace file Restart mastercam That might not be the exact path but point you in the right direction anyway
  5. not sure why it's doing that but to get by use the regular lead/in/out settings tangent 100% to get this result
  6. ajmer


    try right clicking and then push this button
  7. ajmer

    Small file eating Ram

    it did eat a lot of ram but when i changed to the way i mentioned above it didnt
  8. ajmer

    Small file eating Ram

    not sure if this is the issue but i created a pmesh from the last stock model in operation 1 then i created a stock model from that in the 2nd machine group then it seemed to work not too slowly the other thing is that you dont have to have 2 machine groups for this especially if it is the same machine
  9. here are the files converted for you Lower_Guidingblock_deadsolid.stp Stainless pipe.dwg Upper guidingblock deadsolid.stp
  10. ajmer

    No B axis output.

    yes there is look in the misc values change this to a 1
  11. ajmer

    No B axis output.

    open the pst file look for this section pwrtt$ # Write tool table, scans entire file, null tools are negative if rotaxis$ > 0 | rotary_type$ > 0 | mill5$ <> 0, [ sav_rot_on_x = rot_on_x output_z = no$ ] if vmc = 0 & tlplnno$ <> 2, sav_rot_on_x = rot_on_x if vmc = 1 & tlplnno$ > 1, sav_rot_on_x = rot_on_x #sav_rot_on_x = rot_on_x #Uncomment this line to output rotary axis value even when it's not used t$ = wbuf(4,wc4) #Buffers out tool number values if tool_table = 1, ptooltable if tool_table = 2, ppredtool if tool_table = 3, pmetatool if t$ >= zero, tcnt = tcnt + one ptravel pwritbuf5 remove the # from this line above #sav_rot_on_x = rot_on_x #Uncomment this line to output rotary axis value even when it's not used save the file and repost
  12. ajmer

    saving operations

    there is a spot calculator built into mastercam that will tell you how deep to go based on the diameter and angle of the tool aswell
  13. ajmer

    Setting default holders for a machine

    you have to have that saved in the control definition
  14. ajmer

    Backplot peck animation

    I found I had to restart mastercam in order for that setting to actually work.
  15. ajmer

    Backplot peck animation

    its in configuration

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