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  1. ajmer

    Active display tool

    go to the tool manager and right click on the tool set display tool
  2. ajmer

    2D Dynamic entry point

    you could use ref points take a look at this file its 2022 https://www.screencast.com/t/T7OaA8Gyaz ihs.mcam
  3. Maybe try defining your tool as a taper mill it should then program from the tip dia
  4. ajmer

    Optirest toolpath showing collisions

    it must be a dog leg verify issue change linking to this and it will not happen or change control def to this depending on what your machine actually does
  5. ajmer

    Match C/T Plane to WCS

    its in the plane manager
  6. ajmer

    Weird arc slot

    you could try and run the arc3d chook on your initial toolpath it does create some helixes but not all
  7. Try changing this to a smaller number
  8. ajmer

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Intro - 20-MAR-2021

    Is the link in this thread? I couldn't see it
  9. ajmer

    Turn off shaded square?

    or right click on that shaded area and you get options as well
  10. ajmer

    Surface Rough Pocket

    Check the entry helix tab Could be that the helix is too big to fit into that area..there is an option to plunge or skip pocket if helix won't fit..try making the helix values smaller. Also check XY clearance. Make that number smaller
  11. ajmer

    Machine config error with verify

    make sure the version of the files matches your mastercam version
  12. ajmer

    Backplot Stopped Working

    try this go to regedit and delete this folder it will rebuild when you restart Mastercam
  13. ajmer

    Analyze chain

    One thing i have done to isolate open chains is set the options in the chaining dialog box to be open chains only and put a window around the selection and it will only pick open and or closed chains maybe helpful here
  14. i noticed that your autocursor ribbon bar is not there. is it on another monitor?
  15. I would just change. *sgcode to "G00"

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