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  1. take a look at this curve 5 axis many differnet ways to do it this is the easist curve.mcam
  2. Make sure u are in 3d mode..if not it will create 2d flat geometry at a specific z level and u may not notice it.
  3. create a new plane at the angle that you want the C axis to rotate to make the Z point out of the part the X point to the feature then do you toolpath this will force the angle to rotate to "C0" and machine with the X and y without hitting limits hope this helps
  4. Sorry I didn't see that part of the question. No way to center the results that I am aware of
  5. look here for both toolpath nesting and geometry nesting
  6. If I remember the post has a switch Break reposition motion or something like that
  7. try this https://kb.mastercam.com/Knowledgebase/50654/Mastercam-crashes-shortly-after-opening-a-SOLIDWORKS-file?Keywords=solidworks Temporary workaround: Close Mastercam and SOLIDWORKS if open. Right-click on the shortcut for the latest version of SOLIDWORKS installed on the system and select Properties. Make note of the installation's target path. Click Cancel to exit the Properties dialog. Using File Explorer, browse to the installation location. In that folder locate the following file: sldpropertyhandler.DLL Rename this file to: sldpropertyhandler.DLLOLD Now go ahead and open SOLIDWORKS files in Mastercam.
  8. ok i just tried it and you are correct it doesnt follow if you move the origin if you don't move the origin it follows looks like it is fixed in 2022
  9. there is an associate planes options when you create the plane
  10. make sure stock is not on by default in the operation
  11. maybe add this at the beginning of the post in the far left column no spaces on a line by itself this worked in mpfan not sure for a heidenhain feed = fr_pos$ * 10
  12. yeah i cannot get it to work either even with a fresh config file and restarting mastercam wierd one for [email protected] recreating the rectangle and it worked
  13. good luck Aaron, will miss your input and detailed explanations. best of luck
  14. go to the tool manager and right click on the tool set display tool
  15. you could use ref points take a look at this file its 2022 https://www.screencast.com/t/T7OaA8Gyaz ihs.mcam
  16. Maybe try defining your tool as a taper mill it should then program from the tip dia
  17. it must be a dog leg verify issue change linking to this and it will not happen or change control def to this depending on what your machine actually does
  18. you could try and run the arc3d chook on your initial toolpath it does create some helixes but not all
  19. Try changing this to a smaller number
  20. or right click on that shaded area and you get options as well
  21. Check the entry helix tab Could be that the helix is too big to fit into that area..there is an option to plunge or skip pocket if helix won't fit..try making the helix values smaller. Also check XY clearance. Make that number smaller

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