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  1. Bbeyer562

    Dynamic OptiRough

    I have never had this happen to me on any control. Did it show in verify?
  2. Bbeyer562

    gnomon settins

    okay planes manager tab click on the gear click on plane gnomon settings …. there you can shut it off
  3. Bbeyer562

    gnomon settins

    pretty sure that's on your planes manager tab at the top it should have some options up at the top I know it took me some digging to figure it out
  4. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    It had something to do with camplete updates not having a safe positioning move in them... the newest update seemed to fix everything and I'm back to where I was last week... It was just so odd. And tracking it down was even harder because I couldn't figure out why these extra crash moves were being put into my code or why... I had a friend at another shop post it in mastercam with his mastercam post and those moves just weren't there..... Kinda wishing we just got the mastercam upgrade for this machine... Or went to the dark side of hypermill.... However now it works again and life isn't so bad
  5. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    I don't program off of center of rotation for any 4th axis or the new five axis machines... Call me crazy but it's much better in my opinion to have zero always set to part zero if possible. Makes moving parts to different machines with different centers of rotation much easier. It also allows my stock sizes to change a bit with no reprogramming by me, furthermore it allows me to put any proven out part or fixture on any available horizontal we have on any side of the tomb and I don't have to change anything. Probing routines and G10 methods of programming are awesome!!
  6. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    Oh yeah I always forget about that!!!!! kind of annoying...… I just fixed it again yay! my IT guy must have done something with my software the other day because the latest update for camplete was not installed anymore. Thanks again guys for all the help
  7. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    alright guys what Am I doing wrong here? the demons are back help.cs4 help.ZIP
  8. Bbeyer562

    Lots of good enhancements

    I bet the multi threading goes even faster now!!! Who cares. I wish they would just spend some time and streamline the software... Also it would be cool if it would tell you why it can't generate the toolpath you're trying. I mean it's got a dynomite button but does anybody ever click on it? Why can't we delete original planes that don't get used? Does circle mill have an entry feed and speed yet that spools up at the bottom of the hole and hoes ham? How about first pass feed rate reduction support on surfacing. I don't care about viewsheets I have no need for them. How about a better printable format for tool lists and assemblies..... I could go on and on.
  9. Bbeyer562

    Best method for closed circular pocket

    Like previously stated ramp that thing and Finnish with comp. If possible I like to get the biggest tool in there I can while leaving a little on the walls then Finnish it up either with a smaller tool that will overlap or the same size tool with comp. Hard to beat a good ramp with modern carbide I'm ramping in at 7 degrees minimum in aluminum.
  10. Bbeyer562

    Arc Filter and tolerance input

    Some solid models come into mastercam worse than others.(I always seem to fight Catia and old auto desk stuff coming in dirty) I turn on my arc filter for all high speed paths and also Finnish contours... 50% usually seems to get the best of both worlds... Especially when you run into parts with arcs that start looking faceted when machined in actual material... I can snag you some pictures of surface Finnish results with and without arc filter on if you want to see what I'm talking about... 100 percent difference even in our okk horizontals with crazy AICC 2 lookahead
  11. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    I think I went wrong in my plane construction I made planes to entity normal off of lines and points made In the hole axis feature of model prep because when drilling holes in a conical wall I didn't know how else to go about getting normal to it (any tips and tricks appreciated) I'll post some stuff up tomorrow of what I was getting....also I have been in contact with Ivan today from camplete. He's been incredibly helpful so far compared to the other people I was dealing with previously. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a part out that's within .003 of nomanal on every feature... The grob is an awesome machine and camplete is a great tool o just have to fully unlock it.
  12. Bbeyer562

    Billet roughing programs

    What kind of machine are you running in?hp wise ?Make sure you crank up your backfeedrates up as mentioned. And you can also pinch down the Micro lift to a thou or so. I also change all transitions to minimum distance not full vertical retract and I output that move to a feedrate of the max the machine can feed I agree Opti rough is better for end Mills but it can be deadly with face Mills too... I have been using one of the newer Mitsubishi adx shells with impressive results... It's a monster of a hog out tool
  13. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    Seimens 840d with grob front end on it... It's a wicked machine. Also my first seimens controller... But I can't see myself running anything else after this. (I actually don't run anything else in the shop anymore, I just program them all) I forgot my dang mouse at work and well mastercam and camplete on the take home computer with no mouse is horrible. I will look into all of this bright and early tomorrow. I see where it's crashing in the code I just don't know why it's trying to travel to that location. If I could just delete that block I would. But I haven't figured that out yet either. The guys at camplete willaube me more helpful tomorrow after their Canada day weekend.
  14. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    I'll look into my tool change position and the other things mentioned it's a real pain in the butt. Right now my only work around has been doing point moves off in space Randomly until it works. I think it's actually in my positioning blocks of code when it goes g64 to 3+2 rotation it sends x and y right to the center of rotation and then pile drives the spindle... But it also does it in between tools like I'll go spot drill at 4 different 3+2 locations then grab my drill and it will crash out again.. This is my first 5 axis venture and I have been using camplete for about a week so I got some stuff to learn.I have done plenty of 4th axis horizontal programming. I did make sure all planes are using the same work offset. I appreciate all the input this far.
  15. Bbeyer562

    Camplete help

    Haha they all do it.. Everytime I try and drill anything off angle. I can whip up a sample program when I get to work in a bit..

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