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  1. Ive tried the flowline with no success either, also adjusted my z levels when trying to use the finish parallel toolpath. Not sure if I have bad data or if it's just my lack of exp. I uploaded a picture of how the flowline is looking for me, also attached a file. IV BLOCK FL.mcx-9
  2. Will do, still new to the 3D Toolpaths. Trying my best to teach myself and make it happen the best I can. thank you!
  3. Unsure of where I am wrong here, I cant get the toolpath to follow the boundary,the radius is .0787, I selected a .125 ballnose, now it is acting as if the cutter is too big. New to 3D toolpaths so any help is appreciated! Mastercam file attached Thank You BLOCK.mcx-9
  4. Not really sure what to ask but Is there a way to rotate the model to the 32.5 degrees? I have to mill a slot on a 32.5 degree angle, and need to orientate the model before choosing a new WCS, when I go to rotate it only wants to rotate off the X axis.. using a 3 axis haas mill running mastercam x9. Still fairly green to programming and have been teaching myself off videos< and the forum. thanks WELP NEVER MIND. IM A DUMMY. I FIGURED IT OUT. THANK YOU.

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