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  1. Okay so It imports mill toolpaths just fine but not Wire EDM operations?? Anyone have a clue as to why this is? If I try to import it with a mill group as my active machine it gives an error, so I know it's trying to import. But when I have my EDM group active it just refreshes the operations manager.
  2. Thanks guys, it's working great now. You were right, just needed to define the Import options.
  3. Thanks Mick, lots of great examples on the website I've downloaded. Still having some trouble with this one though.
  4. Trying to create a Net-HOOK that imports operations (preferably all toolpaths from a single file) - but so far no luck. Example: OperationsManager.ImportAllOperations(@"C:\\users\me\file\file.mcam",1); Filepath ^ ^ID Says 'no overload for method ImportAllOperations, takes 2 arguments'. I apologize, I'm new to Net-Hook development.
  5. DeerSausage

    Resources error?

    Awesome, it's working now. I basically just made it look exactly like yours. Learning new things every day. Thanks for all the help, peter!
  6. DeerSausage

    Resources error?

    Yes sir, that's what it was. Thanks Jeff. I will make an account and see what I can learn there.
  7. DeerSausage

    Resources error?

    Yes, as long as the file is in my chooks folder it gives me that error every time even though Mastercam will run the hook from "Run Add-ins". Do you know if there's any video tutorials on Mastercam hooks or are the files on the Mastercam site + forums my only resource?
  8. DeerSausage

    No VBhelp file?

    Thanks Jeff, I'm looking into it right now.
  9. DeerSausage

    Change optirough stepover percentage at varying depths?

    Lol, we might never see it then. Thanks for the reply. It would definitely be a nice touch.
  10. DeerSausage

    No VBhelp file?

    Glad I could get you scratching your head on this one! Have a good day.
  11. Is there any possible way to have an optirough toolpath adjust it's stepover percentage based on the depth it's cutting? (ie. 1" depth = 15% stepover, .500" = 30% stepover, etc..) I realize this can be done with multiple dynamic toolpaths, just thought I'd ask.
  12. DeerSausage

    No VBhelp file?

    Hello - trying to integrate visual basic programming with Mastercam but I don't have any files under my 'help' folder (or anywhere for that matter). Could someone post their vbhelp.doc for me to take a look at? Thanks.

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