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  1. mkd


    now that I got 2020 loaded, id say use dynamic optirough after your #8 stock model. It'll take into account remaining stock if you point to it. you already have a plane established. After that just 2.5 and 3x paths on your plane.
  2. Have you tried to click 'force tool change' in the second toolpath?
  3. mkd

    HELP!! we would be remiss if we didn't mention the training materials offered here.
  4. mkd

    Rotary Machining

    well don't look too close at what i did, 'cause it's not correct yet. lol. Backplot should follow thee 3d part. **Always try to break the 2D contours from having long unbroken sections. Ask me how i know this from doing this with pockets that would run over 180°. Post output will freakout even when simulation looks perfect.**
  5. mkd

    Rotary Machining

    unroll the wireframe with the 4.185 dia. Will have to play with the angle positioning (in 90 degree increments) 2d contour with axis sub
  6. mkd


    yup. not sure what you're trying to accomplish with the 50% thing
  7. mkd

    5 axis programming

    <trying> getting software to correct for major machine geometry issues is not a road i'd like to go down. high-end machines have Kinematic files that contain basic info on pivot points and whatnot. They also have comp tables to fudge the numbers like what your are seeing. These are generally not more the .001" adjustments for backlash. You would be far better off getting the machine geometry corrected mechanically and have the tables handle the small stuff, IMHO.
  8. curious a little on your idea here. I'd guess the EDM speed wouldn't be terribly effected if it burnt from solid or had it pre drilled. I'm assuming you know more than me.
  9. Actual quick answer: CAMplete
  10. what's it do without the G5.1?
  11. mkd

    Hitachi Seiki with 10M controller

    Hitachis of that era i ran were floating holders only. Which means squat; just depends on the options
  12. Heidenhain does this by default. You can edit-in a secondary feedrate directedly after TCMP code that'll limit this max speed.
  13. mkd

    Mazak Multiplex

    get Cimco backplotter. worth it's weight in gold for lathe code. SERIOUSLY
  14. Yes, well that's why good sales guys are important. Gotta get the right blend of options. High accuracy models have slower rapids etc. I've never got more than .0002" tool-setting discrepancy on some of their lower-end machines. Meaning fire up the machine, set the tool in the laser, run 48hp spindle at 18,000 rpm for 45+ min then retest. I'd say you might to take a second look but i can see that'll be like asking a Democrat to vote for Trump.
  15. I don't think that is an objective statement, as the competition is a close second to Mikron. 5x faster rapids than this yasda . yes not a typo. non-cast iron construction. 100 nano meter resolution 120/220/300 tools? no problem parallelized robot automation under one roof? no problem.

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