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  1. Guess you don't need to be too Bright to run a CMM J/K
  2. Mcosmos. cutting edge software direct from 1991
  3. mkd

    stepdown changing with cutter diameter

    Bug or Feature? I"d call it a bug, since forever.
  4. hi david, here is a more complete answer than provided on Facebook I haven't tested it on the control as i just threw it together upon seeing your post here. it's a good start on a basic structure. QS1 does, in fact, increment by 1 every cycle running in simulator. 0 BEGIN PGM serial-numer INCH 1 FN 11: IF +QR2 GT +Q1 GOTO LBL "ENGRAVE" 2 QR1 = 1 ;STARTING NUMBER 3 QR2 = QR1 4 LBL "ENGRAVE" 5 QS1 = TOCHAR( DAT+QR2 DECIMALS0 ) 6 ; 7 STOP ; PRESS Q AND CHECK QS1 8 ; 9 CYCL DEF 225 ENGRAVING ~ QS500= QS1 ;ENGRAVING TEXT ~ Q513=+0.5 ;CHARACTER HEIGHT ~ Q514=+0 ;SPACE FACTOR ~ Q515=+0 ;FONT ~ Q516=+0 ;TEXT ARRANGEMENT ~ Q374=+0 ;ANGLE OF ROTATION ~ Q517=+2 ;CIRCLE RADIUS ~ Q207=+200 ;FEED RATE FOR MILLNG ~ Q201=-0.08 ;DEPTH ~ Q206=+60 ;FEED RATE FOR PLNGNG ~ Q200=+0.08 ;SET-UP CLEARANCE ~ Q203=+0 ;SURFACE COORDINATE ~ Q204=+2 ;2ND SET-UP CLEARANCE 10 QR2 = QR1 + 1 11 END PGM serial-numer INCH
  5. mkd


    'project' is the standard answer for 3 axis.
  6. mkd

    P20 tips

    why not just order 4140, then?
  7. mkd

    P20 tips

    .500 em 4500 rpm 140ipm 10% stepover. airblast. cutter lasts forever. I thought P20 is Prehardened by definition....
  8. i'd presume everyone agrees that it's common knowledge that a FUNUC control is pretty much guaranteed to outlive the machine tool, itself. Both in terms of durability, stability and legacy support. MACRO B is pretty unrivaled by the Bavarians.
  9. Brothers are kinda expensive for what they are, IMHO. Congrats on continued epic success. CAMplete don't care. Hit the post button, and the program appears in the HH controller. I sh!t you not. drilling some .008" holes on the Cadillac Mill X 400u (linear motors and DD) . Spindle just looks to be vibrating. Night and day difference to competitor machines.
  10. mkd


    yeah they don't even draw you pictures
  11. mkd


    HH don't need a vector format for this but it is preferred.
  12. mkd


    Throw in a Heidenhain to really get your head spinning. Plane Spatial is equivalent to G68.2 with the the added twist of Plane Relative to get the G54.4 work piece correction factor accounted for. Just to be completely nutty, If you have an A/B machine and a B/C machine in the same shop, Heidy don't care. Program with any two angles specified SPA SPB SPC and kinematics will figure out the rest. In other words, and A/B post will work for a B/C machine.
  13. Welcome to the forum. You got some heavy-hitters helping.
  14. Yeah a neighbor shop bought one of there nice looking table top deals. ( The cantalevered one) . He's pretty pissed at the install. It doesn't home correctly, can barely cut aluminum and is inaccurate. Oh and slow too.
  15. That was getting close to the max distance from the pivot. IIRC the block is 11 x 6 x 6. Yes that is the approximate cutter part number. 2" dia. That was 15,[email protected] Barely any spindle load. Mill has 48hp. I've interpolated holes every 90 degrees about C (B90) on another batch of parts running randomly throughout a few days. Height gage measurements of the hole from a rectangle cut at B0 didn't vary more than .0005". Warm-ups and calibration would be even better. This is a great entry into real 5 axis mills. And yes I'm biased.

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