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  1. mkd

    Tool break monitor

    So? It can still be EDM'd with sinker or an EDM drilling machine. Not sure about laser. Mikron also offers a vision system for checking tools.
  2. mkd

    Tool break monitor

    why would you try to drill that rather than Laser or EDM
  3. mkd

    Tool break monitor

    theoretically a ceramic bearing'd mill could test conduction: yes/no. I don't know any MFG;r that does it off hand. Blum laser would be my next sugguestion
  4. mkd

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    Important not to get THAT one confused.
  5. mkd

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    At the moment
  6. mkd

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    No i never purchased it personally. If I ever did contract programming it would be #2 on the buy list. Got a free license ATM. Northwoods: I liked how you could post comments in the NC code that would build the tool list. If cimco had a better tool library function, that would be great.
  7. mkd

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    I NEVER touch code expert. first thing i do is switch to Cimco on new installs for the backplotting. i guess it's my loss on the post editing side. would be cool if code expert could port over the backplotting form Cimco/NCplot/northwoods
  8. mkd

    5 axis positive rotation

    g60 on a fanuc. could be hardcoded into the post. would be helpful to have more info on type of machine and control
  9. Tool libraries and operation defaults are a couple biggies. there are different schools of thought on tool libraries. One is to have a library for every material with requisite speed and feed starting point input
  10. mkd

    How to get jobs????

    You may have to do a test part, if they are still doing it. Solid company as far as I can tell. I gotta send them an invoice one of these days.
  11. mkd

    Haas blew up again

    You may consider switching to Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil instead of vactra2 (thought i saw that in some Haas document). just comparing colors should be telling. Vactra eventually plugs the restrictors. Some oils specs are so stringent they cant be shipped in metal barrels due to leaching. My original 2002 spindle is whittling Titanium ATM
  12. mkd

    How to get jobs????

    Yes. PM me and I'll give you me address for the check.
  13. mkd


    The rubber belts and cogged wheels in their table top trunnions, you wouldn't put on your bicycle. Seriously tiny. The UMC's have either a worm drive (:shudder:) or a pretty decent cam-drive (or whatever we call 'em) on the SS models. The gear cannot rotate the worm gear so you'd have mechanical damage. Not sure about the cam drive. I believe the big Okumas use a bevel gear. I'd guess a crash would push the pinion and the servo, thus not do direct physical harm.
  14. mkd


    the problem with mechanical drives is that spot on the gear may never be the same. Not so on a direct drive machine. You could call out a tech with a granite square and whatnot. Might want to run a laser calibration on the rotaries to check for bad spots. Another $150k on purchase price can get you premium brand's direct drives. add another 50k to that and you could have a whole pallet system. Double the price for one machine? there are no free lunches. i don't know how well the Haas calibration routine works on the UMC. I've heard it's pretty bad on a VF trunnion setup. No matter how good it is it's not going to correct geometry errors, only make the best of them.
  15. I've received really good support from Gosiger in CA on an old Macturn that refuses to die. Really can't go wrong with okuma IMHO. do you need a Lathe first and foremost or would a five axis mill with turning be better? ...the old "are you making axles or wheels" question.. Replacing an old engine lathe..never mind. i think zoober had some issues with after lunch diameter inconsistency with Naks. Since Selway doesn't sell them anymore, they'd be off my short list.

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