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  1. I was working on Daniel-brownie-points
  2. holes this small how they ever going to know if it meets gage specs? They gonna go and put a microscope on the part that can barely be reached with a tap extension.. then complain about 'odd surface finish'? It's a common attitude toward roll tapping that i don't fully understand. I'm open to opinions
  3. I kinda had to roll tap some Ti housings for some deep bolt patterns down inside a bore with limited wall clearance. Worked like a charm. Far more confident than a 2mm cut tap. Manual tapping with moly-dee. Manually chasing a burned out regular tapped hole with a roll tap???... note to self: don't be an idiot. snap
  4. thread milling 4mm on a machine you could park a truck on; that'd be kinda funny to see.
  5. Roll tap FTW! er, except when they break. Burning a roll tap still leaves the threads of the tap. Get your dental picks out
  6. you need to pick one plane spatial or cycle 19. machine parameters need to be set for one or the other. Not sure what generation of control upgraded to plane spatial
  7. so, what's your ? seems you have lots of questions in many other posts. I'd suggest you look into this site's training materials and put in an order and save the questions for when you're truly stuck.
  8. maaan, and I thought 2mm threads were crazy small. NOt sure i'd attempt 0-80
  9. mkd

    Stick tool holders - cat 50

    sound like a simple and robust solution. I know a certain macturn with BT40 holders uses an index pin for lathe holders. pretty rare and crazy, they are. I know a guy who bump the chuck and got the BT lathe holder spinning at the same speed,
  10. mkd

    Stick tool holders - cat 50

    hmmm..turning tools on a Cat with no way to accurately index.. what am I missing?
  11. agreed Production/automation focused question: Curious what people think is a better tool life management method for roughing copious amounts of Ti with optipath : 1. use depth control and successive operations with different tools. 2. use inspection interval TIME inside one operation that creates a pullout/M01 Cons: 1. The probelms with depth control is you dont have much control on cutting time and depths get wonky where axial depth is not ideal 2. probably have to manually edit NC file for subsequent tools
  12. mkd

    How to get jobs????

    pretty simple for vendors. They post jobs a given price and you have option to take it or not. No direct cost to vendor. Obviously they skim off the top for their business
  13. mkd

    How to get jobs????

    better off with xometry than
  14. mkd

    need help making a weird slot

    sounds like you might need to switch to a different plane for construction
  15. mkd

    Virtual machine

    are you talking about Machine simulation?

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