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  1. Thanks for posting that up. Helped in a discussion today.
  2. mkd


    Friend just sent me a video of cutting inconel with ceramics. 15+ minutes of life.
  3. Keep in mind the brunt of the cutting forces are axial for the insert/holder, so revolutionary..indeed.
  4. Esprit has a turning module for that. Touted as having great insert life since one spot (or tip) doesn't take all the wear. Seems revolutionary for Inconel, maybe?
  5. mkd

    Jump over bolt

    If your part had 3d geometry for surface toolpaths there are way for avoidance. since your part has line entities, it's super easy to chain your way around. don't spend $100 on a $1 dollar issue
  6. mkd

    Jump over bolt

    keep focusing on what you think it should be instead of what is, will just make your life difficult. I'm guilty of that too. ask anyone here. I could have it done faster than reading and responding to this. Leon and I have given you super fast solutions. It's your choice if you don't want the help. If you want help wrapping your head around chaining, let us know.
  7. mkd

    Jump over bolt

    not sure what the problem is 'programming manually'. Seems that could be knocked out in under 10 minutes. FWIW, you can use the screw head models as fixture' models in verify to double check. No sure how reliable dog-leg rapid verification is in MC.
  8. I've worked on older fanuc boring mills where SOP was to set G92 zero point for x and y plus Z0 for tool tip. switching over to TLOS and fixture offset was a comedy of errors due to the global and unseen G92 shift messing with everything. G10 g90 literally sets the offset G10 g91 shifts it. Study up on G10, it can write to all kinds stuff on a fanuc.
  9. mkd

    Mitsubishi tapping codes...

    sorry I don't have the answer but what's the manual say? I'd try to call Akira's applications dep't
  10. mkd

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    FWIW Brother doesn't ship full 5 axis to the US, as far as i know. Correct me if wrong, but I was under the impression they are strictly 4+1. If this is still the case you are not being done a disservice by being offered the 5xis drill module Robodrill = full 5
  11. another way I used to do it: M97 P47 L9 (9 parts in linear array) . . M30 N47 cut cut G10 L2 P1 G91 X2.1234 (shift part spacing) M99
  12. never used G52. Mixing that and G92 is a recipe for disaster for mere mortals, in my opinion. Mix G52, G54 AND G92 methods all together and you have a 1000% chance of calamity, in my mortal opinion. hand that off to another experienced operator... :shudder: I'd use G54 with G54 G10 L2 P1 G90 X10.1234 Y11.1234 Z-5.1234 (set table location of first part or zero) call sub G10 L2 P1 G91 Y4 (shifts incrementally) call sub G10 L2 P1 G90 Y0 (resets shift to zero IIRC) G10 L2 P1 G91 X8 call sub
  13. mkd

    Jump over bolt

    thanks for the picture. The specific problem would be the jump between words where dog leg rapids can bite you (actually the screw lol). The easiest solution would be to have an operation for each word where the clearance plane (or better a REF Z location) is above the head and the rest of the retracts are low. Some Module-works surfacing toolpaths have holder collision detection and avoidance. There maybe a way to fake a toolholder an trick it into functioning... but that's some work.
  14. mkd

    Barrel Cutters for curved surfaces

    hahha omg. T7 from that list and BINGO! It works!!! thanks buddy edit: so for blade and fillet finishing, only balls are supported in Blade Expert?
  15. Sounds like HF chatter to me. Maybe the mass of grease has some damping properties? 400ipm is moving pretty dang good. I've done 500ipm with 5000RPM. slow RPM down?

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