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  1. semantics, but the statement is correct. i'd prefer to say B axis rotates 'about' Y axis ..
  2. mkd

    5 Axis calibration

    I'd first separate issues between machine calibration and futzing with the post. If you can rotate to multiple compound angles and the ball is where it is predicted to be, within the desired accuracy, only them move on to the post processor. have no idea what kind of 5ax calibration routine is available in Mach3. A colleague made one by probing the corner of a just-cut part and it works amazing. another way, rather than messing with those post settings is to create a point in CAM that represents the COR, and have that as all your coordinate system;s origin,
  3. mkd

    why does raster rise and fall next to walls?

    wonder if surfacing-over the hole would help?
  4. use scallop instead of surface finish contour?
  5. picture would be great.
  6. mkd

    New Mikron

    Howz it going with the new mill?
  7. mkd

    Camplete help

    everyday is school day! thanks
  8. mkd

    Mazak questions

    Heidenhain has a cycle 292 Q560=1 for interpolation turning that can be executed on a 5th axis plane. And they have a high accuracy mode for such. Q560=0 for a ball endmill. both run off the same 2D profile and same basic canned cycle.
  9. mkd

    Camplete help

    a.k.a. "shorty"
  10. mkd

    5 axis positive rotation

    your post should be setup for a specific cnc control/ machine. if you're posting to a different controller, you should have a separate post/mach. def. configured. anyhow I don't know how to customize a post to use positive approach, off the top of my head. Maybe one of the post gurus will chime in.
  11. mkd

    Tool break monitor

    One of their popular hsk40 spindles goes to 42,000RPM and that's a 100% duty cycle. "HSM500 graphite" machine has all the bells a whistles for extracting dust. More rpm available with smaller spindles, if needed.

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