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  1. danatoem

    Creating letters question

    Just tried Mastercam box font and it gives arcs now?? Seemed like earlier on it was only giving me lines? So anyways problem is solved!
  2. danatoem

    Creating letters question

    so I did try as you suggested Colin and it worked pretty good. Thanks for that suggestion !
  3. danatoem

    Creating letters question

    We are just using a stick font and making a pass on the centerline. I noticed that there is a arial true type font but its not usable for me. I would end up having to do a pocket pass, when a single pass on the centerline is all that's needed for us.
  4. danatoem

    Creating letters question

    This may be more curiosity than anything, and it may have been hashed over before and i'm not seeing it? Im using 2019 and when I hover my mouse over "create letters" in the wireframe area a window appears and says "create alphanumeric characters comprised of lines, arcs, and nurb splines". So when I create letters using generic stick font or box font it gives me only lines and no arcs? Im thinking there is a way to output as the "window" says, arcs? is there a setting I can change to achieve this?
  5. danatoem

    Keeping level manager always visible?

    okay, so I did finally figure this out! And it does work as you say. Thanks for your help!
  6. danatoem

    Keeping level manager always visible?

    I do have the levels manager sitting over on my second screen but it still gets taken over whenever I go to another module? Not quite sure I understand what you mean by "un-parking"?
  7. So I am using 2019 and I like to be able to have my layer level always visible as I am using 2 screens. What currently happens is when I go to drafting or surface creation I loose the level manager to the drafting or surfacing and have to exit out before I see my level display again? Is there a way of doing this?
  8. danatoem

    creating letters in lower case?

    So drafting stick font seems to be working for the upper and lower case! Thanks for your help!
  9. danatoem

    creating letters in lower case?

    So I just used mastercam box font to come up with just "stick" letters to use for engraving. This works pretty good for upper case. I will try some other fonts as you suggested and hopefully find something thanks!
  10. So I'm using the "create letters" mode in 2019 and it seems to not recognize lower case letters? is there a trick to this? I did a search and didn't come up with anything
  11. What happened to the "enable all" button that we had with 2018? Seems to be missing with 2019? You can disable all ( in auto curser) but not enable. This comes in pretty handy sometimes.
  12. danatoem

    Jagged cuts in surface finish project 2019

    alright!!!! that worked like a charm! thanks so much for the help because I would of looked for that a long time before guessing!
  13. having trouble getting a smooth cut when using surface finish project and selecting arcs as boundries to profile? I have tried just about every option under tolerance and smoothing options? any advise on what I'm missing? ( I have pdf attached) JAGGED PROFILE.pdf

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