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    Stock flip in Mill-Turn

    No sub spindle. I was hoping stock flip was an option we didn't have set up. This is what I ended up doing. I couldn't load a second mill-turn machine group so I had to make a new file for side 2. Not the end of the world, just slightly less organized than I'd like it. Thanks guys!
  2. ratwizard

    Stock flip in Mill-Turn

    Is there a way to do something like a lathe stock flip in Mill-Turn? It doesn't show up in the mill-turn section and if I try the lathe version I get a "machine does not support this operation type" error.
  3. ratwizard

    Backing up the quick access toolbar in 2020

    I think one of your posts is why I tried the QAT in the first place, I'm not a big fan of the ribbons and I'd probably put the quick mask and selection bars on the QAT if I could too. It's too much clutter for my eyes. I did get the mastercam.workspace file to work on a computer I didn't have set up already, so at least I have an idea of what was going wrong yesterday. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. ratwizard

    Backing up the quick access toolbar in 2020

    I tried copying "My Mastercam" and that didn't work. And somehow in doing that I got rid of all the stuff I was trying to save in the first place. Very confusing. The only things that won't save across different computers are the quick access toolbar and the tabs I moved to the top of the toolpath manager. The "Shared Mastercam" folder I'm not touching unless I need to. I share computers with a couple other guys and I don't want to mess anyone else's settings up.
  5. ratwizard

    Backing up the quick access toolbar in 2020

    I've got my .config file saved in a folder on our network, it doesn't seem tied to that.
  6. Hi guys. We just upgraded to 2020 and I made a custom quick access toolbar for the first time. I'd was hoping to copy a config file of some sort and get the same layout on a different computer but I can't figure out how. I tried copying and replacing the mastercam.workspace file as shown on https://www.inhousesolutions.com/2016/08/toolbars-resetting-adding-custom-backup-mastercam-2017/ but it's not doing anything. Anyone have any ideas?

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