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  1. Thanks Tom. I'll see if this fixes the problem.
  2. A customer of mine has encountered an error after an update to Microsoft ,NET 4.7 libraries. When they start 2018, they get the attached error (second image), and when they go to create a toolpath they get the error in the first image. Has anyone encountered this, and do they have a fix?
  3. Vericut question

    I would suggest emailing support@cgtech.com with a description of your issue. Their tech support department is one of the best I have ever encountered, and they'll respond promptly. Given the diverse range of hardware/software combinations out there, it wouldn't be surprising if you may have encountered a bug.
  4. Update Without Linking Account?

    We get nothing. Other than the mousepad (one mouse pad, even though we have two licenses....) I guess you don't need to hand out mousepads if you don't know anything about the product?
  5. Update Without Linking Account?

    Does your dealer not send you media out nowadays? Ours does. Its just a USB with the software on it. Actually, that, and our maintenance invoice, is the only interaction we have with him.
  6. Being that I am not a Fanuc guru, I'm not sure. I'm only going by what they asked I'm just trying to help where I can. I believe it is similar to a grid shift type thing.
  7. One of my bigger customers has modified the pallet change position (very) slightly on their Mori Seiki horizontal mill (Fanuc 16m control). As a result, the data sheet needs to be updated. They can bring up the data sheet, but it is all in binary, and it returns the error "EX725 - X Z Data Setting Error" They can access and modify the data sheet on the later Fanuc controls on their Mori Seiki Mill/Turns, but not on this 16m control. Does anyone know the procedure for this, or if it can be done (or requires a Fanuc technician?). They're a pretty savvy maintenance department, but this one has them a little perplexed.
  8. TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Are you talking maintenance people who can repair broken Haas's because some hipster was told by his awesome "software distribution artisan" that the eyecandy simulation in his cloud based software did TCP fine? Then, yeah, I agree...
  9. TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Nail on the head there Ron. I'm seeing a bunch of fresh startup companies, lured by coffee slurping fixie hipsters (CNC Machining is cool! Boom! 5 Axis is easy!) selling Cloud Based and Subscription only software (you can guess the company), notably with "strategic" Haas partnerships. Five or more years later, they'll be bent over paying ransoms to keep their software running. As you say,
  10. TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Same with STEP. We've progressed a long way, haven't we...
  11. Okuma 6300 5x trunnion with the turn option

    I don't do anything Mastercam with them, obviously because of the clusterf*** that happened. Not your doing or my doing that's for sure. They're a Cimco customer of mine. The post has worked for them, though it has needed some further tweaking. I'm not prepared to help though, as I am done with all the dealer politics and backstabbing I'm sure the current release version of the post is tweaked better though.
  12. Okuma MU-10000H

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Gcodes machine, and also one at the Okuma Aerospace center in Charlotte. They sure are impressive and capable machines.
  13. Okuma 6300 5x trunnion with the turn option

    I have a local customer with a MU6300VA-L using the Postability post. I believe they’ve had relatively good success with it (as far as the software can handle it), and you’re in good hands with Dave at Postability.
  14. anyone programming a haas umc 750?

    As C^Millman correctly pointed out, this was created for a Vericut customer, who paid CGTech for the creation. Your local Vericut reseller can provide this, but there will be a cost.

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