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  1. anyone programming a haas umc 750?

    As C^Millman correctly pointed out, this was created for a Vericut customer, who paid CGTech for the creation. Your local Vericut reseller can provide this, but there will be a cost.
  2. Limit post line characters

    I had the same issue quite a while ago. From memory there wasn't an easy fix (but I could be wrong). I ended up removing the smcpath/spathnc as it was those two causing the line bloat. Maybe your reseller can help you...
  3. Standing vs Sitting Desk

    No fancy desk will fix them..... maybe a flamethrower and some petrol will
  4. Standing vs Sitting Desk

    I ended up getting the sitting/standing desk. Electric powered, and it takes around 15 seconds to go from one height to the other. I tend to sit more than I stand, but it makes a good change during the course of the day to switch between both. I really see no disadvantage to standing, other than having to bend down to get something out of the drawers
  5. Thanks for bringing this up John. I've found it an interesting read too. I'm going to be looking at Wintool later this year or early next year (based on time permitting )
  6. Thanks for the reply. This is a Fanuc controlled C axis lathe, so there is no inverse time feed option. I'm suspecting it is some kind of minimum feedrate error.
  7. Feedrates are modal, so no, it shouldn't matter. But, I will get them to check in the morning
  8. Hi there, I'm doing a test toolpath on a Fanuc 18i C axis lathe. The post has out code as follows, and when it encounters the F.9 error, it returns "No Feed Commanded" X60.62 C32.879 F740.3 X62.509 C35.52 F697.3 X64.545 C38.028 F654.9 X66.722 C40.405 F613.5 X69.036 C42.654 F573.6 X70.334 C43.811 F544.1 X71.66 C44.927 F524.2 X68.036 C44.924 F.9 X64.848 C44.92 X61.66 C44.915 X60.878 C44.857 F67. X60.115 C44.68 F202.3 X59.393 C44.387 F336.7 X58.73 C43.98 F466.8 X58.145 C43.467 F588.4 X55.887 C40.966 F669.8 X53.771 C38.297 F724.3 X51.805 C35.453 F781.4 X49.998 C32.431 F840.4 X48.357 C29.228 F900.3 X46.891 C25.848 F960. X45.61 C22.295 F1017.9 X44.521 C18.583 F1072.2 X43.634 C14.728 F1120.8 X42.955 C10.755 F1161.7 X42.489 C6.692 F1193. X42.243 C2.572 F1213.2 I'm assuming that the post has output the F.9, and the machine is interpreting the feed as too low, and hence the error. Is there a minimum mill feed in the post somewhere that I am missing (I can't find one). The post outputs the correct feedrate units command (G98)
  9. Just contact CGTech's technical support. Their support is rock solid, and they will be able to help you out promptly. If, on the very rare chance, you don't get any response, let me know and I will look at it. Your local CGTech representative should be your first port of call though
  10. Thanks for the clarification Colin. That makes sense.
  11. Why at least six spaces in Colin? I'm curious.
  12. FIle >> open .mdl file

    Hi John, I have models for the HCN4000 in STEP format. A customer of mine has just ordered one of these machines, and the STEP files were supplied to me from Mazak. Actually, Mazak supplied STEP, STL, X_T and IGES format. Send me a message
  13. Stock Flip Questions

    Ain't that the truth

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