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  1. Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    Thanks for the comprehensive explanation Doug. When was G605 made available?
  2. Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    G605 is DFO? We use CALL OO88 but then, they probably updated since then.
  3. Cad/Cam milestone

    That would depend on the location, that's for sure.
  4. MC2019 is released

    It all depends on how you're introduced to it. And it needs to be treated with a clean approach
  5. Actually, if you re-read it, I'm not stirring. I don't particularly care, but because it said "In House" the post was obviously from Inhouse, and as such, they should be able to make the mod, or show you, and as is always suggested here, that contact should be through your reseller. Still, take it how you see it....
  6. MC2019 is released

    Hah, well I'm loving my new digs
  7. Obvious question on my part.... It is an In-House post. Why not ask your reseller, and get them to process the modification through In-House? I'm sure they could action that pretty promptly.
  8. MC2019 is released

    Yes, unfortunately, that is the case. But, we can't justify paying what we pay, for the little that we get (in terms of things other than updates, if you know what I mean) In all honesty, we wont be using 2019 anyway. Heck, I'm barely using 2018
  9. MC2019 is released

    We get 2019 as we just fit under the cutoff... That will be the last version I will have anything to do with. An end of a 25 year run.
  10. Or... have the following: First Operation M0 (Flip Part) VZOFZ=VZOFZ-X (X Being the value you want to shift the zero set) Second Operation VZOFZ=VZOFZ+X (Shift Z Zero set back to original Zero set value) M2 That is how I do it.
  11. Probably a long shot, but would anyone have a CAD model (preferably STEP) of one of these machines?
  12. 11 Axis CNC Machine?!?

    LOL, new user with two posts, and both are in a resurrected thread 13 years old. I just think that is funny
  13. 500mm Horizontals

    I gotta say Okuma. But I love'em . Okuma and T**S**** is a beautiful thing too LOL
  14. CNC Software request

    Ask your reseller? They always say, you should ask your reseller for everything.....
  15. Colin! Colin! Colin! I emailed you about this a while back, but you never replied... I was sad... so sad Hah, anyway, it was milling on the face. It seems that it is a common problem encountered by a lot of people. Most people (including me), just use wireframe geometry, and break the arc into quadrants, which forces the C axis breaks.

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