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  1. With you guiding them Doug, they will do well!
  2. Mick

    Lots of good enhancements

    Those three things matter to the Autodesk hipsters who latch on to a buzzword, and use it as much as they sip their double shot espressos. The latest one I am hearing is "disruptive". LOL I'm not a fan of Mastercam nowadays (more political than functional, though the interface and some of functions are bleh), and we went off maintenance last year, so no 2020 for us.
  3. Heh, well, I get clean code to 2 - 5 axis and Mill-Turns, but yes, I agree with you. I spent a bunch of time with UG, and to be honest, I was underwhelmed with the post processing. The lack of users comment, yes, is a common response, and to a certain degree it is true. However, sometimes "I'll use that app because everyone else uses it" isn't the best reason. Anyway, I was just pointing out the "relatively new" thing. It is a common misconception. (Like "Mastercam is good at everything" )
  4. It's not relatively new, its just new to a lot of people in these here parts :)
  5. *Cough*, Mike is everywhere LOL I'm betting you're using a kinematic model that looks very similar to mine. I also have a beautifully dialled Vericut machine and control as well. We'll touch base on the dark side By the way, I have the utmost respect for some of the contributors in this thread, and Chris Kozell at CNC Software. I even had a couple of drinks with him when he was down here
  6. Eh? Are you Canadian? The issue I see, is that the Hasp is the old white parallel port Hasp. They have V6 installed, but it comes up with "SIM not found", which points to a driver, or lack thereof, issue. I'm going to have to visit them to take a look myself I think. A white paralle port Hasp is taking me right back, though I do remember the green Activator/M sim
  7. Thanks for the replies. These guys are somewhat stubborn with technology (that is an understatement ). I agree, V6 is going back a long way, (remember *.ge3 files? They were told (by someone, not sure who...) that V6 would run on Windows 7. My response was "I believe it wont". I'll break the news to them.
  8. Does anyone here have a Mastercam Version - Windows version compatibility list? I have had an enquiry from someone trying to run Mastercam V6 (not X6... but V6...ancient!) on Windows 7. I dont think this is possible, but I need to check.
  9. Mick

    Mcam 2018 Mouse Wheel Issue

    Good to know that. Even though the only application that I would need to check that option would be Mastercam
  10. Thanks Doug. I needed to confirm this. as I had someone query it
  11. Hi Greg, Sorry for the late reply (I thought no one out there could help, and that this thread was on its way out ) When using TCPC on the U series, does the tool *have* to be called with the TD=01**** command, even if the B axis is positioned using G52 BA=0 previously? For example, the tool is used at B45 first, then is to be used at B0 using TCPC. If the tool isn't first repositioned using TD=01**** prior to TCPC, should an alarm occur?
  12. Mick

    mind blown

  13. I forgot about that tool. I remember seeing the video.
  14. Does anyone have an Okuma U3000/P300S with 5 axis machining (notably TCPC) as an option? If so, I have a couple of questions about TCPC on this machine, and its behaviour.
  15. I'm sure there is an axis designation for it on our U3000, though I'm pretty sure it is inaccessible for general coding. The spindle axis of rotation is about the X axis, so theoretically it would be an A axis (interestingly, both my Vericut and TopSolid U3000 models have the tool index spindle designated as A, but I guess it has to be called something ), but A isn't used on the machine. The index commands for the U3000 are pretty different to just a simple A. From memory, if the machine is optioned (ours is), you can have up to 12 indexes of the tool spindle, but I'm pretty sure that they are fixed angles.

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