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  1. Hi John, I have models for the HCN4000 in STEP format. A customer of mine has just ordered one of these machines, and the STEP files were supplied to me from Mazak. Actually, Mazak supplied STEP, STL, X_T and IGES format. Send me a message
  2. Ain't that the truth
  3. Ok, I'm going to be interested to hear how you get on with the implementation and interfacing. Please, let me know how it is working out
  4. Thanks Daniel, I'll email today sometime I did do a search and read through some of the threads, which was very helpful.
  5. Thanks Doug. I appreciate this!
  6. Tool management software. www.wintool.com It interfaces with a lot of CAM systems.
  7. I'm curious, is anyone here using WinTool? If so, how do you find it? And are you interfacing it with any other CAM software? I'm after some feedback on this product.
  8. I've done a bunch of parts catcher logic in posts. You should have rung me
  9. From memory the Okuma horizontals don't or didn't use OO88. I'm sure it was something like OG367 or something to that effect. Im not sure if it is an option, or standard. Unfortunately, we don't have any horizontals. Only 2 axis lathes, 4 and 5 axis verticals, a B400W and a U3000. so I can't confirm.
  10. I use Fixture Offset (Call OO88) on our MU500. It works perfectly. Talk to your Okuma dealer, or Okuma USA. They should be able to help you.
  11. Really? All my experience with Haas and models has been stellar. They've been really forthcoming. Mori Seiki? they were terrible. And charge like a wounded bull. It was close to five figures for one model set (we politely declined) I actually thought DavidB meant a Mastercam Machsim file. Not just the solid models.
  12. I'd talk to Greg your reseller about it. I'm sure Mastercam have a UMC750 machsim model that is dialled. The UMC750 is probably the most common machine available out there for simulation models in any software.
  13. Can anyone here, that is using Adveon, connect to the Adveon server at the moment?
  14. Ok, I tried to install Coroplus. The install is sooooooooo slow to download. Hi ho, hi ho, its back to Adveon I go LOL
  15. You still print?

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