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  1. Mick

    New to mill-turn

    That is kind of interesting, and if I can offer my 2c worth. Don't be put off using another application to program a machine. More often than not, it is the best tool for the job that needs to be used. I've got no experience with Esprit, but I know of a couple users who use it solely for their Mill-Turns, and they've had nothing but success with it, right out of the box. I know this is a MC board, (with some of the best support minded people out there helping), but at the end of the day, while the machine is sitting idle, it isn't making money, and as Gecko779 mentioned, MC is playing catchup to Esprit and the other Mill-Turn heavies
  2. I'm late to the party too, but my 5c worth... I'm currently running some drilling of 316, 6.5mm diameter. I'm using Sandvik Coromant 861.1 drills. Well, I'm still on the first drill it has currently drilled a total of 9 metres
  3. Mick


    Hah, I can vouch for jparis. He sat behind me in a 2009 resellers training course at the mist shrouded mountain top fortress headquarters in Tolland, CT, back in the day when things were rosy. I remember him bringing up the non existent M/T module, and how late it was. His timing was perfect because the MT guy was sitting in on the same course. There were a few red faces LOL
  4. Pfft, young'un. My first Mastercam license was a green Activator/M parallel port Hasp, running on DOS 6.0 Hasps, USB Dongles... I've run a ton of different CAD/CAM applications over the past few years, and the only one that uses a dongle is MC. Some applications I use have been running license files/servers for over twenty years, Dongles are old technology, especially with the license borrowing functionality available. Plus, not having a USB dongle frees up a port so you can plug in your USB cup warmer, desk fan, or foam rocket launcher
  5. Mick

    Y-Axis parting in MT Environment

    I've tested Y axis parting on an Okuma U3000 (not using Mastercam though). This method of parting works really well, but unfortunately, there is no CSS on the Y axis, without an Okuma software hack.
  6. Mick

    Reading angle of a plane

    I don't believe it is appropriate, as this is a Mastercam forum, and not a forum
  7. Mick

    Reading angle of a plane

    Not to mention, you can just choose analyse angle and click on the plane and it will tell you. *cough*
  8. Mick

    Machsim MCAM2020

    I can understand that. As you know, I use software that has full kinematic simulation, that works very very well. But, it isn't full gcode simulation, and Vericut has a bunch of extra functions, that are great as well. I use the reporting regularly, and that some of my customers use it to determine areas for look for productivity improvements.
  9. That's what I'm trying to find out Greg I'm sure it does have both.
  10. Hi All, Does anyone out there have one of these machines? I am after a programming manual, so I can see the format for things such as drill cycles, DWO/Planes for 3+2 and TCPC for 5 axis machining, along with general programme formats. Even sample code would be handy. I need this to do some post processor customisation, and the machine tool company is dragging their feet supplying the necessary information. Cheers, Mike
  11. Mick

    In House IKE Post Processors

    I've had the luxury of kinematic awareness for a few years now *cough*. It makes a big difference to the programming workflow
  12. Mick


    Interesting topic
  13. Mick

    Duel Hasps

    I did read it correctly. One might get told there is a discount, when bundling on a USB hasp, but there isn't... in at least this region Jaws does come calling, but some sharks have a bigger bite than the rest of them
  14. Mick

    Duel Hasps

    A discount? LOL, maybe for you guys over there Down here, moving to a NetHasp means getting a visit from Jaws... cue Cellos...
  15. It isn't a Prime Module, it is just a function within the rough turning. Basically controlling the entry. The finishing is multi directional. I did have a play around with the Mastercam prime module a while back, to see what all the fuss was about. As for the Sandvik Product (The Prime Code Generator), I've been looking at getting a license to test it. I work closely with the local Sandvik representative (they gave me the tool for this test).

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