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  1. TROST

    Cleaning tool holders

    Used to wipe down with ISO and lightly scotch bright if needed (white or light grey scotch bright, very little abrasive) then lightly oil. ACF-50 is awesome for corrosion and rust prevention. A friend who works on airplanes recommended this stuff and it works great.
  2. TROST

    scroll wheel on mouse

    Thanks ill check that setting if I have this problem again.
  3. TROST

    scroll wheel on mouse

    Restarted computer and seems to be fixed. Still wanted to see if anyone knew what setting I may have changed. Ctrl was not stuck as far as I know bit its working as mentioned when pressing control now. Could have been stuck and popped back up as I did my restart. Thanks for the help!
  4. TROST

    scroll wheel on mouse

    Also I'm using mastercam2018
  5. TROST

    scroll wheel on mouse

    Hello all, some how I have locked my rotation when pressing the scroll wheel to just one axis. Normally this is a dynamic movement that allows me to move the screen/model in any direction. I have included a screen shot of the icon that pops ups as soon as I depress the scroll wheel. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm very new to this program. thanks

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