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  1. Thanks JP MasterCam9 was from 2000 / 2001 hu? Wow that was when I was still using a program called Esprit . Except I never got much cjance to use Esprit 2000 ours was from around 1996 1997. SO how do we pronounce what I waas learning back in 2016 @ the local trade school. it was MasterCam X9 would we say "MasterCam 19"?
  2. Hello, I am the occasional user of a version of MasterCam 9. I have extensive CNC programming history in past years. I took a MasterCam X9 class when I found myself out of work in 2016. That seems VERY much more modern and advanced than the MasterCam9 we have at work. I enjoy using this MasterCam9 whenever I am allowed to program here and would like to re-hone my programming skills which enabled me to earn a living as a WEDM and Vertical mill programmer from 1982 until 2002. Subsequently I took a job in a production & engineering tech position with a major medical manufacturer which ended my programming experience. How old is this MasterCam 9 and where can I get a manual or ANY type of instructions to learn how to use it? I have the PDF tutorials from My MasterCamX9 class but thy seem in no way related to the MasterCam9 at work. How old are each of these Master Cam versions? I am running Manual lathes and retrofitted Vertical Milling machines. Thank you for any insight you can help me with in advance. Sincerely HerodeCBR.

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