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  1. Eason K

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    The spindle problem was just made accidentally by human operation error. The spindle was on Mitsui instead of Matsuura.
  2. Eason K

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Hi All, Thanks for the feedback. Actually we're testing this part currently by using Mitsui but the accuracy is unstable. ( p.s. i am not sure if the unstable accuracy is caused because the spindle collided before or the machine Mitsui itself ) Right now, since we need to take care on the workload as well as the testing of this part, so that's why we're evaluating a new machine. We're running production parts for aerospace already but we don't actually have enough machines. Our next step might be to go ask client if they can relax on the tolerance as the first thing. Then, we need to purchase a machine ASAP to share the workload. Just wanted to check if you would think Matsuura is a good option to be considered? Also, just out of simple curiosity, usually when you guys encounter tight tolerance from clients, you would also check with clients if there's space or room to relax the tolerance or you would normally do the hard way to make it happen?
  3. Eason K

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Hi all, Thanks for all the responses, it's really appreciated. We want Yasda but it is too expensive for us so we cannot afford this machine. The milling option we would like to proceed is to mill the part in 5 axis in one operation since we hope to reduce any risk of tolerance that might be caused by human behaviors during multi operations. Our current tool is OSG drill and Okasaki reamer. It seems that if we use these two machine Matsuura and Mitsui we cannot achieve the current 0.0005" tolerance..... Just curious, if we ask our client to change the tolerance to 0.002", would you think these two machine Matsuura or Mitsui might be possible to achieve this 0.002" tolerance? Would you recommend Matsuura or Mitsui , and why you see this way? Bigs thanks, expect to hear your thoughts.
  4. Hi All, We're a machine shop running for aerospace parts. We would like to purchase a new 5 axis CNC machine. Our shop is looking for two options, one is Matsuura MX850 and the other is Mitsui Vertex 75X II. Right now, our current orders in Aerospace industry is made from material Stainless Steel PH13-8 and Aluminim Alloy. Most parts size are in range of 100mm to 500mm. The tolerance requirement is true position 0.0005'' and perpendicularity 0.0005". The challenge is that we need to keep the true position on two surface after turning the table on a 5 axis CNC. Please let me know your recommendation whether to choose Matsuura MX850 or Mitsui Vertex 75X II ? Secondly, if to recommend other machine other than above two, which one would you suggest? Makino D500 or DMG DMU50 orOkuma MU-6300V? Thank you.

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