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    Verificaton Code

    It lights up. I have a full suite of lathe and mill 2019 and 2020 at the office. I pay every year for maintenance. Reseller isn't open on the weekend. I think I'll uninstall everything and start over.

    Verificaton Code

    I take my hasp to and from work all the time. Been doing this for a while. Mastercam wants a verification code now. Haven't had this issue before. Been running 2019. I just loaded 2021 to see if that would make a difference. No dice. It reads the hasp correctly.

    Hasp Not Found

    I went in and uninstalled everything thing Mastercam or Mastercam related I could find. Any type of MC hasp driver related. EVERYTHING I could find. I tried a fresh install from of 2019 and it finally went well. Now just the updates and patches and I'm there. What a damn fight.

    Hasp Not Found

    HaspX finds the hasp. I have checked Windows firewall and the antivirus apps and from what I can tell everything for MC is allowed. All the drivers are up to date as far as I can tell. I am really stumped on this one. I have ran all the utilities I can get my hands on. I did notice the Aladdin license manager won't launch. I'm running an ASUS ROG laptop with Windows 7 because 10 refuses to run on it. I'm going to try and run it on a Dell laptop and see what happens, but it is WAY slower than the ROG. I'm about at the point of saying [email protected]#k it.

    Hasp Not Found

    I run MlC at work and want to run it at home on a laptop with Windows 7. My reseller says that is in accordance with the licensing. I don't use a net hasp. Just the dongle. I am running 2019 at work. I CANNOT get MC to run on this laptop. It is a gamer laptop and super fast so it is the best choice for what I have here at home. I have tried the Alladin stuff, all the licensing stuff in MC and I cannot get MC to find the hasp. I have the permanent sim code from the reseller. I am getting pissed off that this is not working. I send emails to the reseller and I get about two responses and then don't hear from the again that day. How do I get this to work.

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