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  1. cncappsjames

    Hardware questions for Mastercam

    HASP problems... So, any tips on a new install when Mastercam refuses to see a HASP? CAMplete's HASP was found with no issues and they use Sentinel as well.
  2. cncappsjames

    Hardware questions for Mastercam

    Just dropped the new CPU in the computer. Getting ready to install MC on it as soon as the installer transfers to the USB stick. Prolly gonna put CAMplete on it too. I mean if we're testing, we may as well TEST right?
  3. cncappsjames

    Hardware questions for Mastercam

    I can't even do CAD without my 3D Connexion device. I mean I guess I could but I would be far less efficient. I just put an MSI NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI w/ 4GB in my kid's gaming rig. I'll install Mastercam on it Thursday (new i7 chip comes then... right now it's only an i3) and we'll see what happens. Running a rig with an NVMe drive instead of an HDD, plus 32GB of RAM will help with performance.
  4. cncappsjames

    5ax DWO on Heidenhain TNC530i

    @mkd, You have some insight here? Man... something ain't right. Reposting because of a tool length change... that's OLD school. I'd take a serious look at how programming is doing things. I'm no Heid/Siemens expert, but that just seems WAY off. I've got probably at least a half-dozen customers with Siemens and/or Heidenhein and they program all their machines the same way and NONE require a repost for a tool length change. EVER. Even on their Head/Head type machines.
  5. cncappsjames

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    Yep, and ATI is STILL dog crap on the OpenGL support. And IT fools are still buyin' 'em. Some people NEVER learn. Of course, "if it works for gaming, it MUST work for CAD/CAM/CAE... "
  6. cncappsjames

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    I think I joined in either April or May of 2000. Member 53 or 58. I can't recall exactly. I just know It was a LONG time ago, and a LOT of posts ago. Yes, Windows NT 4.0 and Matrox cards ruled the roost BITD. That was my favorite combo. Rock solid. Zero issues.
  7. cncappsjames

    Zero Point System

    Schunk Vero-S is what we're using on our Trinity Automation Systems. Another manufacturer's stuff just wasn't cutting it accuracy-wise on pallet to pallet accuracy and repeatability. When every micron matters, there's between 4 and 6 manufacturers up to the task.
  8. cncappsjames

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Standards... I wish the Heidenheins, Fidias, Siemens, Mazatroll, Okuma, etc... all conformed to FANUC. They should. I mean, FANUC does own over 2/3 of the motion control industry. :
  9. cncappsjames

    Camplete Setup

    You can set a default WOrk Offset or you can override the incoming work offsets, or, as it is set now, you are responsible. CLose all sessions of CAMplete. Re-Open CAMplete. No project. Go to the Manage tab, go to the tools ribbon, then go to Options. Select the File Types Tab on the left. In the additional Options section section set the following preferences; NCI - Apply Tool CS To Datums (activate this) NCI - Datum Index - Datum To Use. (You can set this to any number you want. 0 = G54, 1 = G55, 3 = G56, 6 = G54.1P1, 7 = G54.1 P2, etc... - I have mine set to 1) NCI - Datum Index - Override Values (if you activate this, then you lose control in Mastercam - I have this deactivated) NCI - Default Datum - Default Value (You can set this to any number you want. 0 = G54, 1 = G55, 3 = G56, 6 = G54.1P1, 7 = G54.1 P2, etc... - I have this set to 1) NCI - Default Datum - Use Default Value when Datum Is 0 in NCI (if you activate this, then you lose control in Mastercam) NCI - Use Cached Datums (activate this) In the Advanced Properties I have Treat WCS Datums As Multiple Fixtures activated, and Read Datum Index From NCI activated. Click Close. Click Machines in the Resources Ribbon. Select your machine. Click the Edit Button. In the Program CS tab, you'll see a CAM Index Column. By default they are all -1. Set G54 to 0, G55 to 1, G56 to 2, G57 to 3, etc... down as many as you want to set. Click OK. Click Close. Exit CAMplete. You should be good to go after that.
  10. cncappsjames

    Building holders in standalone tool manager

    But, but, but... less mouse clicks.
  11. cncappsjames

    machine simulations

    @TERRYH, what about your tool definition? If you don't have sufficient cutting length you'll get a collision (at least in CAMplete, Vericut, ICAM, etc...). Usually the "collsion" will show on the line even if the collision doesn't happen until the end of the move. The whole move is a collsion.
  12. cncappsjames


    Any particular reason you're translating your parts and not leaving them in aircraft coordinates?
  13. cncappsjames

    TCP- Tying Workshift To C Axis

    :cough: CAMplete :cough: Making up for CAM software shortcomings since the late 90's/early 2,000's.
  14. cncappsjames

    machine simulations

    Hole bottoms angled or flat?
  15. cncappsjames

    machine simulations

    In my collision checking software ( @CAMplete Solutions Inc. TruePath), drilling operations that can be problematic are where the holes are only modeled to full depth as opposed to tip depth, or, if the hole bottom has an angle, it differs from the tip angle of your tool. Tapping can also be problematic if the holes are modeled to the minor diameter. Just a few thoughts.

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