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  1. cncappsjames

    Work Offset G54, Machine definition Issue

    Select a 3-Axis machine. You should get no 4th Axis Axis Letter In your tool path operations;
  2. cncappsjames

    Benchmark 3.0

    Figured I'd do one last one before I get my new rig in a few weeks.
  3. cncappsjames

    transform toolpaths

    That just sucks.
  4. cncappsjames

    Random Toolchangers

    I joined the forum a month after it started. Regarding tools, pots, etc... I have found that some machine tool builders (MTB's) require tool changes to be M06 Tx calls as opposed to Tx M06 calls. When the M06 is required first it is usually because the machine needs certain variables populated prior to the tool change, which could explain incorrect data. It's all in how the MTB's do their ladder, data tables, and MACRO variables etc... HTH
  5. :bump: for relevence to current discussions...
  6. cncappsjames

    11th Gen Intel Processors

    No, I'm not particularly happy with the Xeon. No "issues" other than it's not as fast as one would expect or hope. For all it's added cost, it's just not worth it. Xeon might be great for other other things, but CAM (at least Mastercam, PowerMill, Inventor HSM, and Fusion360 - which are what I use on a regular basis) it isn't as good for what we do. There's a thread here in eMastercam somewhere that explains why Intel® Core™ iX perform better but I can't seem to locate it.
  7. cncappsjames

    11th Gen Intel Processors

    My new laptop gets here around May 10th or so... The specs are below; Dell Precision 7750 Intel® Core™ i9-10885H @ 5.3GHz 64GB DDR4 2933Mhz RAM (with room for up to 128GB) NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 w/8GB GDDR6 Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD @ 1TB I elected to stay with Dell as I have had very good luck with them so far. This will be my 5th Dell Laptop. I NEED that next day onsite Pro Support since I travel so much and anything can happen anywhere and I can't afford to be without my rig for longer than a day so that ruled out a few other very good laptop builders right out of the gate. I did consider a jump up to 128GB, but I'm trying to save the company some money and RAM hasn't been my bottleneck since jumping to 64GB, so it was a safe move. Worst case, I can add an additional 64GB should I need it in very short order so I think it was the wisest choice for me. I went with the Quadro RTX 4000 as opposed to the RTX 5000 also (again, to save some money). I'm currently running the M5000M 8GB with ZERO video performance issues. Since running Quadro cards, video performance hasn't been an issue at all. This shouldn't be any different. JM2CFWIW
  8. cncappsjames

    Fanuc macro - WHILE

    OR is listed in the FANUC Custom MACRO B section of the Common to Machining Center and Lathe. I have not used it.
  9. cncappsjames

    TCP on an HMC?

    *HON and *HOF... FANUC controlled machines do have the ability to turn on AICC automatically. It's done by parameter. It's NOT reccommended to run in that mode on high end machines for a variety of reasons. Matsuuras (at least in the US) have additional options (NANO Smoothing, Smooth Interpolation, etc...) that cannot be turned on in that manner and are important. I'm fairly certain they are not alone. Spend the time/money to dial a proper post and do it right. It's worth it.
  10. cncappsjames

    TCP on an HMC?

    Believe me, it's not for a lack of effort. Every HMC machine I try to get those options onto them. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.
  11. cncappsjames

    TCP on an HMC?

    TCP on an HMC is the ONLY way to fly.
  12. cncappsjames

    TCP on an HMC?

    I'd spec both though. TWP for Indexing and TCP for simultaneous cutting. JM2CFWIW
  13. cncappsjames

    TCP on an HMC?

    I put some sample code in the other forum @PAnderson
  14. AFAIK you cannot change that text. You can change the cycle type (as it looks like you have). This comes from the Control Definition but can be edited in the Post Processor).
  15. cncappsjames

    Using G41.2

    Ooooooof. Wow. At that point it's not even a matter of just buying the option. It's gotta be tuned. Usually Makino doesn't do that stuff. I'm REALLY surprised.

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