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  1. cncappsjames

    convert to inches

    ... or in any field you can type in "mm" to your data. Ex. I deed to draw a 7.23mm circle. I would type in 7.23mm in the diameter and Mastercam will automatically convert it.
  2. cncappsjames


    CAMplete isn't a programming system. It's Post Processor, Collision Checking and Simulation software package. I use it almost daily as well. It is a tool that is critical to utilizing and training 5-Axis equipment. .
  3. cncappsjames

    Crashing when adding Manufacturer name

    I ran into this problem. I submitted it to QC and they said they could not replicate it. For me, it was happening when I tabbed between the Name and Description fields when there was existing data with characters in the field.
  4. Odd that Memory Card wants to go... sort of. On some machines you can't transfer a program from USB to Dataserver, yet you can transfer from Memory Card. Did you put a Memory Card in the slot before testing? Dataserver typically uses FTP. Yours seems like an odd bird. In Section 4.8 of the FANUC Parameter Manual, (covers parameters 901 through 930).
  5. Check parameters #20 (should already be 17), #21, #22, and# 23. They should all be 17.
  6. cncappsjames

    Verify movement

    And...... when all fails on a FANUC controlled machine, set the parameter to arrrive simultaneously because dog leg is dog crap; FANUC 0i, 16i, 18i, 21i, 30i, 31i, and 32i Series controls #1401.1 = 1 - Positioning is performed with linear interpolation so that the tool moves in a straight line.
  7. cncappsjames

    Edge break at end and beginning without geometry creation

    He must not have liked that useful solution.
  8. cncappsjames

    a good "regular" mouse

    I use an MX Master. I've got big hands and 90% of the mice in the market just suck and make my hand cramp after a short time of use.
  9. cncappsjames

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    It's not a g-code simulator like an ICAM, NC Simul CAMplete or Vericut. It doesn't "know" you need this or that to do a tool change. It only knows to do the toolchange and outputs whatever the post says to.
  10. cncappsjames

    Face "V" groove on mill

    Yeah, Mill Level 1 has the wire frame toolpaths. Early in my career I (V3.0 days) the wireframe paths saved my bacon because surface tool paths were pretty primitive at the time... and SLOW to process. I still use 2D Swept a fair amount. 2D swept is a great way to cheat top surface corner radii if you don't have a corner rounding end mill.
  11. cncappsjames

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    I saw this and figured that's what he's got...
  12. cncappsjames

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    Post issues ≠ software issues. Get with @Postability and the issues will go away, it really is as simple as that. Especially for a FANUC controlled machine.
  13. cncappsjames

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    I'd work with Postability. There is no reason those features described should not post out the way you would expect. There's probably some Misc. Int./Reals that need to be set.
  14. cncappsjames

    2D Contour Compensation Selection

    Use Ethernet and it won't take that long...

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