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  1. Ok, you're probably up to date on code formatting. Touch panel machines built after 12/21 can do multiple non overlapping m-codes on the same line, and have a few other pretty awesome functions. Depending on a number of programming paths, plane changes and canned cycles, I've seen 20% reduction in cycle time old vs. new. Sometimes more. Matsuura does have a software update available for the 5-Axis machines built prior to that date. It's not free - I have absolutely no idea of the cost so don;t ask. I don;t even know the ballpark number unfortunately. I do know FANUC and the Matsuura factory needs to get involved which is why it costs. Me, I'm trained to do the Matsuura side software update (I believe I'm the only non-factory guy in the US that can do it) but FANUC needs to come out and update the CNC System Series and Edition software. See below for the machine's requirements top be eligible for an update. In order for any 5-Axis Matsuura to receive this update it must have the following; FANUC-31i-B5 Control Panel-i or iHMI interface FANUC System Software Series G423 or greater FANUC System Software Edition 49.0 or greater Software from Matsuura Software installation from Matsuura (or a factory trained engineer). If items 1 or 2 are not true, then the machine cannot get the update period. If items 3 and 4 are not true, the machine dealer must issue a request to Matsuura USA, Matsuura USA must issue the request to FANUC to update the System Software to the minimum required for the update and Matsuura USA must issue the software request to Matsuura Japan. There would be a charge for the FANUC trip, how much depends on location; the 3 tiers for travel are less Than 4 hours, 4-8 hours, and 8-12 hours. Not sure what Matsuura is charging for the updates. Probably depends on proximity to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  2. Probably not too far off. This is my latest 3+2 format (for 5-AXis machines built after 12/2021 or machines with the Cycle Time Reduction spec software upgrade); #996=0.75(CAM TOOL DIA.) N2T2M06(0.75 in squareend assembly) G00G17G40G80G90G94G98M132 G49G53P1Z0.0T1M08 N30001S11460M203(OPERATION COMMENT HERE) G05.1Q1 G00G90G54B-90.0C-180.0 G54.4 P2 G68.2 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 I-90.0 J-90.0 K-90.0 G53.1 X-0.053Y2.0834 G00G43Z0.702H#517S11460M03 G05.1Q3X0Y0Z0 G00Z-0.2979 G01G41X0.2652Y1.7652D#517F120.0 ... G01G40X0.0601Y2.1824 G00Z0.702 G05.1Q0 G00G49G90G53P1Z0.0M229M205 G69 G54.4 P0 G130 (INSERT TOOL BREAKAGE CYCLE HERE IF DESIRED) M05 M09 G00G17G40G49G80G90G94G98 M01 5-Axis w/3DCC; ( *) #996=0.0313(CAM TOOL DIA.) N5T5M06(Tapered tool assembly) G00G17G40G80G90G94G98 G49G53P1Z0.0T6 N50020S12000M203M132(Flow ISO-TC39SC2-N2185 Feature - Side 1) G05.1Q1 G131F1 G00G90G54B-29.755C122.76 G54.4 P2 G68.2 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 I212.76 J-29.755 K-90.0 G53.1 X-0.4636Y0.5398 G69 G43.8Z1.2495H#517D#517S12000M03 X0.0994Y-1.152Z0.8547,L2I0.5411164J-0.840937K0.004251 X-0.102Y-0.839Z0.2035,L2I0.5411164J-0.840937K0.004251 X-0.1423Y-0.7764Z0.0733,L2I0.5411164J-0.840937K0.004251 G01X-0.1611Y-0.7472Z0.0125F9.0,L2I0.5411164J-0.840937K0.004251 ... X0.1438Y-0.1655B-22.642C-293.154,L2I-0.3899529J-0.9118848K0.1280734 G00X0.1048Y-0.2567Z-0.1284,L2I-0.3899529J-0.9118848K0.1280734 G05.1Q0 G00G90G49 G49G53P1Z0.0 G54.4 P0 G130 M05 G00G17G40G49G80G90G94G98M229 M01 5-Axis w/CC ( *) #996=0.1875(CAM TOOL DIA.) N4T4M06(Tapered tool assembly) G00G17G40G80G90G94G98 G49G53P1Z0.0T5 N50018S12000M203M132(5-Axis Swarf Side Rough +.005 on wall) G05.1Q1 G00G90G54B-1.016C-5.894 G54.4 P2 G68.2 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 I84.106 J-1.016 K-90.0 G53.1 X0.039Y0.1389 G69 G43.4L1P3Z0.8589H#517S12000M03 G131F1 X0.0379Y0.1358Z0.8602 X0.0511Y0.1344Z0.1103 X0.0537Y0.1341Z-0.0396 G01G41.2X0.0549Y0.134Z-0.1076D#517F90.0 ... G40X0.0476Y0.1333Z-0.1088 G00X0.0356Y0.1512Z0.859 G05.1Q0 G00G90G49 G49G53P1Z0.0 G54.4 P0 G130 M05 G00G17G40G49G80G90G94G98M229 M01
  3. Could be worse... could have had to identify as a Gender Changer.
  4. What's the manufacture date of your machine @SuperHoneyBadger?
  5. We have a lot of customers that do very well with their Haas machines. They understand what the machine is and what it isn't and work around it.
  6. You bought a completely different class of machine, it SHOULD have been an amazing difference. Yours is not a typical experience. If you would have bought a Matsuura you would have never even looked at a Mori so there's that.
  7. The opinion probably came from the early days (pre- [b]i[/b] Series Controls) when because the function was called "look ahead" and there were not any levels attached to it. It was either on or off. So, it was thought there was no benefit to a "look ahead" for positioning type tool-paths because it was just going from A to B and it wasn't performing any contouring type motion. But with modes and levels, you gain some functions.
  8. Yes you can. It is kind of an Urban Legend that you can't or shouldn't. I have been doing it for years. On a Matsuura we don't have any trouble rigid tapping with the mode(s) active. For other manufacturers I would consult their Applications Engineers for guidance.
  9. Updated for 30i Series Controls on a Matsuura 5-Axis Machine w/ FANUC 31i-B5 Control (date of test 12/1/2023) Test - mix of G81, G83, and G84 cycles (3:24 - W/ NO HIGH SPEED MODES) (3:11 - W/ G05.1Q1, G05.1Q3, AND G131 D1) (3:07 - W/ ONLY G05.1Q1) (3:06 - W/ G05.1Q1 AND G131 D1) (3:06 - W/ ONLY G131 D1) G131D1 is specific to Matsuura machines and assigns acc/dec values to the appropriate parameters. The D is used for positioning type cutting as opposed to contouring type cutting. So we can definitively say that it IS indeed faster to run your canned cycles with at least FANUC's G05.1Q1 mode active. Hopefully we can finally put that myth to bed.
  10. When in doubt, blame the new guy. Works every time... unless your shop practices "Extreme Ownership", then it's the leader's fault for not making sure everyone was adequately trained.
  11. Bored machinists on night shift and magnesium. Sounds terrible. What's the address? Asking for a friend.
  12. Tantalum... yum. I had to sandwich that stuff to keep it from flaking. What a PITA it is. And HEAVY AF!
  13. That's because the simulation cannot take into account acc/dec which is different for every machine and different axes. Run a sample canned cycle in the machine(s) in question, figure out what the factor is and add that in to the cycle time.
  14. I've only ever run it dry or with cutting oil and NEVER unattended. If at all possible I highly suggest cutting oil as opposed to coolant. Cutting it with water-based coolant creates hydrogen gas which can be explosive in enclosed areas. Class D Fire extinguisher and sand on hand FTW JM2CFWIW

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