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  1. cncappsjames

    Sandvik Surprise

    I think graphical toolpath editing would be a better next step.
  2. cncappsjames

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    I'm never the smartest guy in the room so I have to rely on brute force to be my superpower.
  3. cncappsjames

    Sandvik Surprise

    Should be an interesting ride... I wonder if Vericut will decide to jump into the Post Processing pool now?
  4. cncappsjames

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    That's a VERY valid AND fair criticism. On the Applications Engineer side, you've got every skill set from "...I know how to turn on a machine and do and teach basic functions..." up through I can take a dysfunctional control , make it perform as expected or better, AND teach someone else how to do it" and everything in between. The VAST majority being in the 1st camp. I found out early on when I worked for Mori there's two basic levels of understanding regarding CNC machines. 1) The "Operator" Level; meaning I understand the control and machine from an operator, programmer and setup standpoint and 2) The Engineer Level; meaning, I have a problem with a function on my machine and I know how to troubleshoot and solve the problem. My personal goal has always been to be on the latter side as opposed to the former side. Me, I'm still learning every day so... at least I'm on the path . I feel like I have a long way to go to be THE MAN. The reality for that level of knowledge and expertise is that it has to kind of be a personal mission type deal. IOW, when a customer or a competitor says "... you can't do that...", or such and such "... is impossible...", you have to want to be the "... oh, yeah... watch this..." kind of guy. There really are FEW that are willing to put in the time and effort to be THAT guy. They are your 6 figure guys. The top end of the talent pool if you will. They are few and far between unfortunately. Because they are so few and far between, it often makes machine tools look unnecessarily bad. JM2CFWIW
  5. cncappsjames

    Cleaner code for helical entry?

    The easiest thing to do then would be to open up one of his projects and see what he did, what post he used, etc...
  6. cncappsjames

    Cleaner code for helical entry?

    Pay less attention to that stuff and more attention running parts. You'll get more done. JM2CFWIW
  7. cncappsjames

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    Understanding the business the way I do, believe it or not, there are legitimate reasons that could be the case where two back to back machines could be configured differently. MC1 is a factory pre-order, configured per the sales order. MC2 on the line was set to be a "stock" machine. Configured in a basic manner. Happens all the time. Dealers and builders shift machine orders all the time for a variety of reasons. Now, "should" a machine tool builder configure all 5-Axis machines the same? That is a legitimate question. A LOT of questions would need to be answered first. JM2CFWIW
  8. cncappsjames

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    There's actually a few parameters that dictate that behavior in various conditions.
  9. cncappsjames

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    I use it strictly for a safe pre-position move. You are absolutely correct in the claim of it not being required. This would fall under the category of a "preference".
  10. cncappsjames

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    TWP is activated independently and before you activate TCP. Usually you do not run them together. TWP is not a rotary type function. It is a 3+2 type function. TCP is the rotary type function. On a FANUC, you would activate things in the following manner; N5T5M06(1/32 Stub LOC Ball E/M - BBT40-MEGAER16-90NL) G49G53Z0.0T6 M08 G131F1(ACTIVATE HIGH SPEED LOOK AHEAD FOR MATSUURA) (Flow ISO-TC39SC2-N2185 Feature - Side 1) S20000M03 M132(UNCLAMP A AND C AXES) G00G90G54A-29.755C-147.24 G54.4 P1(ACTIVATE WSEC) G68.2 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 I-147.24 J-29.755 K0.0(ACTIVATE TWP) G53.1(ACTIVATE SPINDLE DIRECTION) X0.5398Y0.4636 G69(CANCEL TWP) G43.4Z0.5H#517(ACTIVATE TWP) X0.0994Y-1.152Z0.8547 G130(CANCEL HIGH SPEED MODE) G00G90G49(CANCEL TCP) G53Z0.0(MACHINE HOME Z-AXIS) G54.4 P0(CANCEL WSEC)
  11. cncappsjames

    New Machine - Porta

    Definitely a HIGH production machine. I don't see a whole lot of that kind of work. Maybe 1-2 a year.
  12. cncappsjames

    Renishaw Probing Add-on

    Only true if you haven't run the vector calibration cycle and if you don't use vectored probing cycles. We always do the vector calibration and use the vector cycles when appropriate.
  13. cncappsjames

    Renishaw Probing Add-on

    My guess is the latter. Everyone wants the Easy Button. Machine Tool probing has lagged behind CMM measurement honestly. Hoping they will up that game. Productivity+..... meh. IMHO it's not as powerful as Inspection Plus. Productivity+ is just capturing skip signal trigger points and doing something. Inspection Plus OTOH every probe cycle gives you the following info (or at least info related to the cycle in question); #135 X Position #136 Y Position #137 Z Position #138 Feature Size #139 Surface Angle #140 X Error #141 Y Error #142 Z Error #143 Size Error #144 Angle Error #145 True Position Error #146 Metal #147 Direction Indication #148 Out Of Tolerance Flag (1~7) #149 Probe Error Flag (0~2) Inspection plus can a little more laborious as you're manually writing the cycles, but the reality is there are only like 13 cyles in total with 6 being used probably 90% of the time, and 3 of those 6 are probably used 90% of the 90%. Single Surface, Bore/Boss and Web Pocket being the most commonly used cycles. Call the probe to the spindle Activate your work offset and tool length offset You turn on the probe You move it into measurement position using the protected cycle You measure the feature You move it away using the protected move You turn off the probe You send Z home. That's your cycle. Obviously they can get infinitely more complicated based on what the desired goal is; I've done simple XYZ offset setting up to full blown part inspections with formatted DPRINT output for SPC purposes and a lot in between. I've just never really been that impressed with Productivity+. Guess I'm just old school that way.
  14. @Leon82, do you have to documentation for the function?
  15. cncappsjames


    I'd be willing to bet Video Card issues is the single most plentiful issue since the forum got started 20 years ago. No joke. @Velerona if you want to roll the dice, go right ahead, however, when you have issues, you'll be promptly told "we told you so". You'll get offended, then probably leave. This forum membership is littered with hundreds if not thousands of users that were warned. No exaggeration. They didn't heed the advise and didn't like getting scolded for it, then REALLY didn't like getting told there was no fix for their issue and reminded they were warned. Please, we beg of you, do yourself a favor and spend a few hundred more bucks and get a CAD/CAM card. No need to spend thousands, but be smart. JM2CFWIW

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