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  1. Hello Recently i've running long program containing almost only 3d waterlines on fadal . In my mastercam visualization there were no miastakes , normal 3d paths . In discriminator also everything was good. When i run it on fadal in the middle of path the mill suddenly went from 3d waterline to contouring some large cricle then went back to 3d path. My stepdown was 0.1 mm. Tolerance of path set to 0.025. What can cause these type of problem ?
  2. Hello, I have a problem with creating toolpath for 4th axis containing helix bore. Here is the part. First I need to drill all the holes then to make them bigger i wanted to use helix bore with end mill. With drilling there is no problem(using drill option from multiaxis tab) but when I try to use helix bore there is no way to select good entities. Because this solid is empty inside there is no 2d wireframe of arcs . I tried roll with no success, it generated only splines, same with silhouette boundary. Is there any way to do it with 2d helix bore?

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