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  2. Do you know if this is activated using a m code? or is it a setting in the machine paramaters ? thanks for the reply .
  3. hey guys i was wondering if i could get a little help . i am using a brother S1000 its a 3+2 and i have been programming it from center line of rotation but i recently saw a haas video on youtube showing you how to use dynamic work offsets using g54.1 i have been looking around online to see if that works with fanuc controls or if its only a haas thing. the video seemed pretty cool and im newer to programming 5 axis and i wanted to know if anyone knew if this worked with my control and or machine . thanks!
  4. 3DGee

    Computer specs for running mastercam

    I went with a laptop because I program at work and home for other shops . I agree a desktop would be the way to go . The laptop was $3,600 .
  5. 3DGee

    Computer specs for running mastercam

    I kept hearing that Nvidia quadro was the the way to go and I’m sure it works good but it’s very pricey . I ended up going with a AMD Radeon 7130WX 8gb for my graphics card , windows 10 pro 64bit , 32 gb of RAM , Intel Xeon 8 core processor 3.2 ghz with a turbo boost 5ghz . I put all this in a Dell 7740 precision laptop . It works very well with mastercam and solid works . I hope this was helpful to anyone trying to figure out what to buy . You can put your own laptop together on www.dell.com .
  6. I wanted to start a topic on computer specs and people’s set ups that run mastercam and how they work for them . I had a lot of questions when I was building my laptop and I’m sure a lot of people do .
  7. There it is . Hahaha I knew it was right in front of my face . Thank you very much . I’ve been looking for that for a while .
  8. Hi I’m trying to learn Mastercam 2018 and I am trying optirough and I don’t see where stock to leave is . I’m sure it’s in there I just don’t see it Any help would be highly appreciated . Thanks .
  9. 3DGee

    Best Laptop for CAD/CAM

    I just got a dell precision 7740 32gb of ram, with a radeon pro wx 8gb , intel xeon . it works great . you can build one on dell.com
  10. I need a post for our makino , if anyone had one it would be highly appreciated .
  11. Does anyone know why mastercam wont work unless it has a good internet connection? if i dont have a connection it works for about 5 minuets and then freezes . Thanks.
  12. Hi did you ever find out what the problem was with mastercam not running unless there was an internet connection? im having the same issue.
  13. 3DGee

    mc2018 freezing

    I’ve been having the same exact problem with mastercam . It runs for a few minuets and then freezes . Has anyone found the solution? So far I’ve tried to turn off automatic updates and feedback . Neither have worked . Thanks .

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