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  1. 3DGee

    Best Laptop for CAD/CAM

    I just got a dell precision 7740 32gb of ram, with a radeon pro wx 8gb , intel xeon . it works great . you can build one on dell.com
  2. I need a post for our makino , if anyone had one it would be highly appreciated .
  3. Does anyone know why mastercam wont work unless it has a good internet connection? if i dont have a connection it works for about 5 minuets and then freezes . Thanks.
  4. Hi did you ever find out what the problem was with mastercam not running unless there was an internet connection? im having the same issue.
  5. 3DGee

    mc2018 freezing

    I’ve been having the same exact problem with mastercam . It runs for a few minuets and then freezes . Has anyone found the solution? So far I’ve tried to turn off automatic updates and feedback . Neither have worked . Thanks .

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