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  1. pvtJoker

    VPN help

    I can read all the licensing and see all my active licensing as well
  2. pvtJoker

    VPN help

    Its a nethasp
  3. pvtJoker

    VPN help

    Hey guys i'm currently working from home and have been for a couple weeks now with no problem. Shut my computer down Friday with no problems all day. Yesterday I opened up my mastercam and it acted like it was loading and it just runs the tool around the M like its loading and the it just shuts off. Called my reseller went through some steps with him, he gave me mastercam's # called them. Did everything they suggested still not working. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this before while on a VPN. Installed new drivers for my graphics card cause they both seemed to think it was graphics related. I'm not sure what happened.
  4. pvtJoker


    I can hit alt+t to clear toolpath and it doesn't work as well
  5. Anyone had there MasterCam ALt shortcut keys just stop working. go to use them and it chimes at me. I can hit alt on the page and letters and numbers pop up but when I hit like alt+e it will chime and not work.
  6. pvtJoker


    Thanks that did it
  7. Has anyone had the system orgin crosshairs disappear and cant get them back on. Ive tried F9 and still nothing. Not really sure what is going on but I lost my customized toolbar as well but had a back-up for that. Another employee logged in under his name on my computer and I have had nothing but problems with my MasterCam since.
  8. pvtJoker

    Circular interpolation and Mastercam 2018

    Mazak gets all out of sorts without the I,and J
  9. Man that was it thanks for the help.
  10. Got a question when I select the geometry tab in the toolpath section the chain that is selected pops up and my actual part disappears. Using MasterCam 2019. Just wondering if its a setting in Configuration or somewhere else. Thanks in advance

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