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  1. Patrik Warren

    Tool Manager crashes in 2018

    Hi Radical1, The option to turn off the Hardware acceleration is now located in the Mastercam Launcher (found in the installation folder in the Mastercam folder from the Windows Start menu). Here is a screenshot: Hope this helps. Patrik
  2. Patrik Warren

    Can't rename toolpath file

    I can't even see the box to make the changes.
  3. Patrik Warren

    Can't rename toolpath file

    We will always try to write it local, because we have issues with the network as well.
  4. Patrik Warren

    Can't rename toolpath file

    No, it's not 64 bit.
  5. Patrik Warren

    Can't rename toolpath file

    No, it's Mill level 3. Mill only. The work around I have found so far, is edit selected operations, edit common parameters, then change nc file name from here.
  6. Patrik Warren

    Can't rename toolpath file

    We have several seats of Mastercam. X3 on all of them, but one computer will not allow the toolpath to be renamed, (Edit selected operations, Change nc file name). Clicking this does nothing on this one computer. Have tried re-installing, repairing and everything else I can think of. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, Patrik
  7. Patrik Warren

    Mastercam Art

    Dang, me neither. Thanks
  8. Patrik Warren

    Mastercam Art

    Does anyone know how to re-define the containment boundaries in the Mastercam Art toolpaths? Once I select a boundary, I can't seem to re-select a different boundary or add to it and regenerate the toolpath. Thanks for the help, Patrik
  9. Patrik Warren


    Still would like to know if there is any way to scale a toolpath in X2. Sometimes, because of the complexity of the geometry, scaling it, re-selecting the geometry you need and then regenerating it can be a real hassle. If you can scale the toolpath itself, it takes care of all of these problems. So if anyone knows of a way to scale a toolpath in X2, I would love to know. Thanks, Patrik
  10. Patrik Warren


    Ok, so how do you scale a toolpath in x2?
  11. Patrik Warren


    What I want is to scale toolpaths, not geometry. With the editnci chook, you had that ability. I can't find where to scale a toolpath in X2. Thanks, Patrik
  12. Patrik Warren


    Does editnci still exist in X2? I want to scale a toolpath. Transform toolpath doesn't have a scale option that I can see. Thanks, Patrik
  13. Patrik Warren

    Offset Contour - linearization tolerance

    Try the system tolerances in the configuration.
  14. Patrik Warren

    fillets on polygons

    You should still be able to set your fillet preferences from the polygon command. It's a pain in the butt to have to not be able to change it here.
  15. Patrik Warren

    fillets on polygons

    hmmm.....I shut Mastercam down, then opened it up again and it works. Go figure?. Sorry guys, but thanks for the response anyway.

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