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  1. facebook for emastercam??

    1. kinglouie V

      kinglouie V

      wow this is going to take some getting used to.

  2. Well hello everyone. New format has me confused as xxxx. I miss you all and wish you all the best. Yes, even you connormac! :)

  3. kinglouie V

    Solidworks mastercam direct

    configuration - converters - 'check' import solidworks solids history... (not SW direct, just file open SW file type)
  4. kinglouie V

    X+ (support Lathe and CSS)

    lang.dll shows unknown file type. what to do? I can't find those instructions and I'm feeling real stupid now..
  5. kinglouie V

    facets, facets everywhere

    get rid of that linearize helix crap or set the tolerance to something much lower than you have it.
  6. kinglouie V

    X3 MU1 IS A JOKE

    oh man, you're kidding right? all THAT cause your boss won't send you to a simple basic MC class? /headshake/
  7. kinglouie V

    Cutting Copper?

    vegetable oil.... and watch out for stress relieving cuts. Otherwise twist and bend (warp).
  8. kinglouie V

    sticky situation

    happens to everyone at one time or another. Clean out the taper in the spindle and clean the taper on the holder. then spray some of that holder lube on it. I can't remember what is in it but your tool rep should be able to handle this.
  9. kinglouie V

    ftp site

    quote: Should I change it to "Citizen"? how 'bout 'departed'?
  10. kinglouie V

    MCX2 on Discovery Channel

    has anyone found this show on discovery on demand yet? fancast?
  11. kinglouie V

    Stock recognition milling X3

    if you are using solids you may be able to use the 2d HST tool path called 'core mill'. requires two chains. basically the stock boundary and the solid edge chain. there is a video showing it somewhere in the what's new documentation in X3. this is not multiax though. I wonder if you could then utilize the 3 to 5 axis convert? HTH
  12. kinglouie V

    HASP damage/theft?

    price is $100 now.
  13. kinglouie V

    X3 Create line parallel wrong direction

    how about offset? works here.
  14. kinglouie V

    Different post-processor result

    V9 is a big blur~~~~~ right click rename all ops same .nc file name? then it all might post at once?
  15. kinglouie V

    nethasp problem

    Doesn't hurt to point them in the right direction.

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